T.O. tells Dr. Phil he squandered $80 million, can’t see his kids


Terrell Owens is the guest on today’s episode of Dr. Phil, and it doesn’t sound like life is going well for the former NFL wide receiver.

Although Owens has made $80 million, he told Dr. Phil that he has squandered most of it, and Owens is joined on Dr. Phil’s couch by three women who have had children with Owens and say he hasn’t made his child-support payments. Owens says he can’t visit his kids, who live in different cities, because his travel schedule is too demanding.

After the taping of the show, Dr. Phil said that while Owens insists he’s a good guy who has been misunderstood, the mothers of his children don’t seem to see it that way.

“He wants to tell people he’s not the person the media has depicted him of being,” Dr. Phil said. “I’m not sure he made a lot of progress with these women.”

Owens says he’s not done in the NFL and is ready to play this season. He last played in 2010, when he caught 72 passes for 983 yards and nine touchdowns for the Bengals.

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  1. If he would have played those last 2 games and had over 1000 yards and 10 tds, he would get signed. But because he finished under 1000 and under 10 tds, he is seen as a liability. I would give him a chance. He was quiet in Buffalo and Cincinnati and still remained productive. You are telling me there is no team in need of his help?

  2. Many years ago when Dr. Phil broke off from Oprah his show had a degree of sophistication in regards to his guests but then went the route of such esteemed talk shows as Ricki Lake and Jenny Jones. Trash TV.

  3. His travel schedule is too demanding? From what? I thought he only agreed to play home games with his minor league football team.

  4. 72 passes for 983 yards and nine touchdowns for the Bengals.
    How many can say their last season in the NFL was that good?

  5. It doesnt matter how much money these guys make, or what % of the revenue they get on the next CBA, these guys need MANDATORY financial advisors along with agents when they come into the league. Its gotten to the point where they needed to be trwated like 12 year olds and they have to be protected from theirselves. There should be NO REASON for 75% of NFL players going broke after leaving the game.

    On another note, he should have said spending time with his 3 children is the reason he can’t travel as much… Not the other way around…

  6. He has no time to visit all of the children he created, yet he has time to film stupid reality shows and blow 80 MILLION DOLLARS with nothing to show for it? What a pathetic excuse for a father, and human being in general. I feel bad for his innocent children.

  7. I’d like to know how exactly he squandered that much money. I know Brunell is in the same situation, but his story (making poor investments in commercial real estate) is at least explainable. What did T.O. waste his money on?

  8. How the hell do you “squander” $80 million? Next question. What a dope! Everybody has known for years who he is, but someone needs to ask the question of all these woman: TO is the guy you wanted to father your children? What could they possibly have been thinking other than an enduring payday? How’s that working out?

    Like it says in the Bible: “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

  9. Wow… I could not foresee ANY OF THIS with someone like T.O.! I’m shocked… SHOCKED!!

  10. Sorry Dr. Phil…….

    But this is one time when the media was 100% right.

    T.O. IS THE GUY that has been portrayed in the media and now he’s having to deal with a little thing called “karma”……..

    Boo-hoo…….as another poster put it……ye reap, as ye sow…….

  11. TO was the ultimate entertainer in the NFL for years. He still has the talent to play for another 1-2 years…but his attitude scares GM’s and head coaches.
    I feel kind of bad for the guy…all his money gone and can’t see his kids…I don’t care who you are…THAT SUCKS!
    Sure he had the kids and should take care of them…but do you honestly think those women ‘loved’ him…or were they out for a piece of his pie while he was out for a piece of their pie?

  12. sterilizecromartie says:
    May 8, 2012 10:08 AM
    I’d like to know how exactly he squandered that much money. I know Brunell is in the same situation, but his story (making poor investments in commercial real estate) is at least explainable. What did T.O. waste his money on?

    Boats and hoes

  13. Squandered $80 million.
    Squandered $80 million.

    Bet he wished he’d laundered $80 million instead. Far less embarrassing.
    I got zero sympathy for this guy’s self-inflicted plight.

  14. Dear T.O.
    Being the sperm donor at the moment of conception does not make you a father. If there is a common thread with your career and life in general it is that you have never wanted to “man up” and take responsibility for your actions.

    Any true father has to feel some grief for these poor kids whose “dad” has squandered so much money that he can’t care for them and now is so preoccupied with trying to reclaim some fame that he can’t spare the time to even say hello.

  15. Remember the T.O. Show when he went in the store and paid like 100k for diamond earrings? But, the guy dodges paying for his kids, lost all respect for him.

  16. 80 million squandered. He spent it on women, wine, clothes, clubs, bling and song. The rest he wasted.

  17. How do you blow 80 mil and not take care of your kids? Let this be a lesson to pro athletes who want to slam whatever chick comes their way, be prepared to pony up the dough after you do the deed. Better yet, just be a man and take care of your responsibilities.

  18. 13 years in the nfl for 80 million and only 15 years to blow it. Priceless! Not a dry eye in the house.

  19. @jkearse2005

    That 100k earring incident was the first thing I thought of, too. Why does God bless only the borderline retarded with such physical gifts???

  20. Sad commentary — both T.O. and Dr. Phil.

    So much ability. So little to show for it.

  21. TO… When everyone around you seems ‘crazy’ you probably would benefit from looking in the mirror.

    That advice was probably worth $80 million, but you read it far too late.

  22. Are we supposed to feel sorry for this guy? Mis managed financials and family priorities? He has $ to travel, but not see his kids? What a douche!
    Hey Terrell, if you need a job, Taco Bell might be hiring. Maybe TO and Octomon can take some fiscal management classes together.

  23. If he can’t pay for his kids now, what are the chances in 5 yrs when nobody remembers his name? He and Warren Sapp (has anybody ever had a more appropriate name?) and Cromartie ought to reach out to the rookie dope, Janoris Jenkins, and offer to give him free life advice. Oh, wait a minute, he’s the only one that hasn’t blown through his money since he hasn’t signed yet. Oh, the irony of it all.

  24. How do you feel for a guy who tried to ruin how many players with his mouth and actions. HELLO if you want to see your kids you will find away. Travel more important than your kids. OH YEA lets all show some tears for this guy.

  25. hahahahahahahaha. his travel schedule is too demanding?????? he hasnt played in quite a while.
    MOST of his 80 mill is gone???? you deserve what you get mr. owens

  26. How do you squander $80M? I just…wow. You give me $1M and I pay off my mortgage ($170k), my taxes for 15 years ($75k approx), buy the wife and I new cars ($100k max total), finish the basement ($30k), vacations/splurging ($30-50k) and I am still quite a bit below $500k!

    After dedicating $175k to help out mom and family I have the rest to save for a rainy day or invest. Athletes never think about rainy days. They have had more money than a neighborhood of people have seen in their lives combined and it is all gone. Damn shame…but I don’t feel bad for them. I cannot make myself feel bad for someone who blew $80M and has little to nothing to show for it.

  27. What is sad about this whole thing is that he is still focusing on himself, saying he isn’t done in the NFL. not only is he dumb to blow $80 mil, but he can’t accept his career is over. He is still searching for that glory instead of focusing on his kids. I mean, we all know he doesn’t want the paycheck for college funds.

    He went to court recently asking the judge to lower his monthly child support payments. Good thing we all know children get cheaper as they get older…

  28. Everyone is criticizing him for not taking care of his kids, but he’s been paying half a million dollars a year for years of child support. So he’s paid out probably around 5 million to his children’s mothers over time. That’s enough to raise 30 kids.

    That’s beside the point though, he had more money than all of us and wasted it! Also he was arrogant in interviews! Pile on the hatred!

  29. I know wonderful fathers who work around the clock and live very meagerly in order to pay child-support, while their ex-wives live it up…so TO, don’t feed me any bull about how bad you have it… and especially how good a guy you are!

    You’re a much bigger jerk than I ever expected.

  30. You know what I did when I found that my work travel schedule was keeping me from spending time from my kids?

    I found a new job.

    That’s what a parent who didn’t put himself before his own children would do.

  31. No big surprise that Terrell wasted huge amounts of cash and now has nothing to show for it.

    Also no big surprise that Soulman45 still sounds like an ESL student.

  32. I can’t even fathom spending $80 mil. And then to go on Dr. Phil and expect people to be sympathetic because of your problems is absurd. The NFL should put 25% of each players salary into a trust fund that will pay out annually after being retired for 5 years. To many idiots get to much money and think they have to spend it all.

  33. truthfactory says:
    May 8, 2012 10:07 AM
    It doesnt matter how much money these guys make, or what % of the revenue they get on the next CBA, these guys need MANDATORY financial advisors along with agents when they come into the league. Its gotten to the point where they needed to be trwated like 12 year olds and they have to be protected from theirselves. There should be NO REASON for 75% of NFL players going broke after leaving the game.


    Interesting idea, but there are a couple flaws with it. First, that’s only going to help the fresh batch of players entering the league every year. It won’t do a thing for the likes of T.O. and other veterans in the league who had wasted away their money.

    But that’s not the biggest flaw with your suggestion. The biggest issue is that we’re talking about the top 5% or so of the players in the league who made big bucks. Players who made the league minimum and only played a few years do have to go back into the workforce after their careers are over, whether they retire because of injury, lack of interest from teams, etc. If they leave the league at 30 years old, they have a long way to go before they retire professionally for good, so they likely have another career in mind to move into. If they don’t have a backup strategy, that’s another issue all together.

  34. TO thought he could take a page from Poster Boy Shawn Kemp? Close but no cigar. Kemp had 5 kids with 4 different women. Broke? You betcha!!

    Blowing 80 mil. That is a lot of CRACK which really covers everything, including his resulting child support. How much is he paying in child support anyway?

    I remember as a kid watching old Joe Louis who was given a job as a doorman in Vegas because he was broke. How humbling yet he took it in stride and never complained about anything. He gave money to any friend who needed it. He was too nice a guy without the sense to see he was going broke.

    All are trajedies which I hope will be lessons to others.

  35. Isn’t this the same guy begging the Eagles for more money so he could feed his family? Damn, I would have thought 80 million could get that done. I must be out of touch with society.

  36. He didn’t quite squander 80 million his financial advisor embezzled some from him put his money in bad investments and some other things that weren’t completely his fault that said he should have been able to save some of it. Give the guy a break its not just him it happens to a lot of athletes that come from nothing look at Allen Overdone he blew all his cash and he made 150 mil plus all his endorsement cash. There’s always people out there trying to rip off and detroy these guys lives because they are mostly naive and only know their sport. If they were smart when getting that free college education they should be majoring in accounting or other economics. But they take the easiest classes to do as little as possible cuz they think they are going to be 100 millionaires the rest of their lives.
    And I’m betting his child support for the 3 kids is what a doctor makes in a year EACH. its sad that the 2nd best receiver in NFL history has been reduced to this. He’s not as bad a guy as everyone makes him out to be. Is love to see him finish his career in san fran and go into the HOF as a niner. TO and Moss on the same team!!!! Sick! I know they don’t have the skills they used to but think of the wisdom they could impart on Jenkins and crabtree and how much the field would open up for Davis and the run game you could never put 8 in the box!!

  37. A moron, interviewed by an unlicensed “psychologist”. Yeah, that’s “must see” TV. Right after Springer!

  38. What an idiot! So much promise and talent down the drain. Karma does really exists and she’s definitely a witch!

    (Niners Fan)

  39. Women always play these games with their kids when a man can’t pay child support, women you are hurting the kids and we as society never say anything

  40. TO is clueless. $80 mil. wasted trying to fill a huge bottomless pit ego, because money is not for that, it doesn’t work that way.

    Same goes for many of the rest of us, even if we make an average income. Many people keep trying to fill their lives up with money, yet remain miserable.

    Did these women not use birth control so they could have his children to get to his money? Did they expect to marry him, have a long relationship and raise their children with him? No, they used people, their own children, as an object, a tool, to get his money, and now he’s run out of money, and they still have to feed their kids. Idiots.

  41. Always been a TO fans and always will be.

    NFL All-Time Receiving Yards Leaders –

    1 Jerry Rice

    2 Terrell Owens

    enough said.

  42. Anybody who has been through the ringers of child support should know what a crok this whole thing is. You are only responsible for paying a percentage of what you make, so if TO is getting income of any kind, a percentage of that should be going to his kids…. and it should be automatic.

    What TO should nto be doing is owing more then what he is bringing in- which happens to a lot of fathers because they have change of financial circumstances several times in a two year period and they can’t get more then one hearing every two years.

    In my time as an administrator, I have seen fathers work 40+ hours per week at their jobs and net less then 170 dollars- an adult man can not live on that sort of nonsense. It is a very common occurance. And when a father tries to deal with the child support system, they are generally treted like garbage.

    It is conciveable that TO owes more in child support payments then what he is bringing in, which is an unnacceptable flaw in our child support system. If the childeren lived with TO, would they get more money in allowance then TO made on his check?

  43. I’d have so much more respect for TO if he threw himself down and admitted that he’s lived his non-NFL life the wrong way. But there’s nothing MISUNDERSTOOD about pissing away $80-million dollars and being a deadbeat dad to your 5 children. And now that TO actually DOES have time these days to visit his kids, he chooses not to. What a pile of garbage.

  44. Eighty million dollars ……. ?

    Dude blew through EIGHTY MILLION F-ING DOLLARS????????!!!!!!!!

    And we’re supposed to feel BAD for him?

    I don’t care if he DID get “embellezled” (doubt that) …… he went through EIGHTY MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!

  45. This guy is a complete idiot…If he would have been a good boy in Dallas dumb Jerry would still be paying him like a top 5 receiver…Jerry never cuts big stars….He didnt play his cards right….IDIOT!!!!

  46. This part of the article shows the level of TO’s selfishness:

    “Owens says he can’t visit his kids, who live in different cities, because his travel schedule is too demanding.”

    What travel schedule??? You don’t even play ball anymore!!! Kinda sounds alot like he’s CHOOSING not to see his kids… When you’re a father, sometimes you have to give up the things you WANT to do in order to do the things you SHOULD do… deadbeat!!!

  47. Psst…T O, check it out, check it out….look..look..loo right here it is the worlds smallest violin playin just for you……

  48. This is kind of like a real life “Brewsters Millions” except Brewster had a reason to spend millions and have no assets. It really is mindbottling [yes i said mindbottling, thanks chaz michaels] how someone can squander 80 million dollars.

  49. Someone posted that they should have financial advisors required when they sign on?
    Why? The economy would suffer if these guys weren’t spending like drunken sailors.
    If anything, pensions should be set-up on the basis of their wonderlic scores…

  50. Why do people get so much joy out of seeing T.O. and other young athletes fail in their lives after football? It’s just sickening to me the way people cheer for these players when they’re on their teams and then turn around and bash them when they’ve moved on and are struggling. And for what? To make YOURSELF feel better? What’s the point? Who cares about T.O? At least focus your hatred on the players who are in the league now… Good lawd.

  51. T.O. need some money maybe he should ask former team mates like Donovan wait burned that bridge! What an egotistical dead beat. Arrest him and take away his belongings and give to his children that he has seen fit to ignore and not support. Enough of this scumbag! How pathetic all his talent resources and opportunities and he threw it all away because no one was as smart as he.

  52. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure this guy has a degree of some kind or was pretty close to it before the nfl. Here’s an idea, put your education to use! Don’t tell me all you can do is run your mouth man!

  53. I am ROTFLMAO. $80 mil and broke. What a joke. He thought the gravy train would never end. TOO BAD.

  54. warrenmoon says:

    He was quiet in Buffalo and Cincinnati and still remained productive. You are telling me there is no team in need of his help?
    He was quiet in Cincinnati???? Dude! Batman and Robin. Calling out every player he could think of on his radio show. Screaming at refs during games to draw flags. Reality shows. How is that being quiet??

    Cincy went from being a playoff team to being a noncontender. And the minute he left they were a playoff team again. You can say that had nothing to do with T.O., but funny how every team he signs with that’s a contender manages to implode while he’s doing his “me, me, me” thing for the cameras. The only reason that didn’t happen in Buffalo is because they weren’t a contender when he got there, and no cameras were around.

  55. While I would love to pile it on TO, first I want 2 questions answered.

    1. How much per month does he owe for child support?
    2. How much has he already paid for child support?

    Aside from that TO is a colossal douche with a personality disorder and I feel not one ounce of remorse for him.

  56. People, he has been acting lately!!!

    For those who do not know he will be in a pilot with Matthew Perry, the ex-star of “Friends” on NBC!!!

    Perry talked about on Rich Eisen’s podcast (the link is down below)


    With all due respect to the Owens haters, of course he will look bad in front of women because they want money!!! Women are the only ones who watch the Dr. Phil and no matter what he will only look bad!!! It’s not what is being said; it’s either how it is said or if we identify with the person or not!!!

    He has done dumb things (including going on Dr. Phil!!!!), but he’s not as bad of a guy as people portray him to be!!!!

    It seems like the only writers that do like him or consider him a nice guy are Stephen a Smith and Dan Lebatard, but sports fans don’t like them for their own reasons which I probably will disagree with!!! Alex Marvez has pointed out that he is a good guy, but there are not enough guys who are like or as liked as Alex!!!

    T.O. will be in a no-win situation until further notice!!! He needs to just shut up and work and then no one will hate him as much!!!

  57. Time to cash in the Hope Diamonds he always has in his ears.

    Nice investment TO.

  58. If you are not properly educated to deal with a lot of money you will no doubt spend it poorly and lose it all. I’m sure that these players were told countless times to be careful. But they didn’t listen.

    Their big contracts were equilvalent to winning the lottery. In some cases, these players won the lottery more than once(multiple big contracts) and still didn’t learn.

    Seems like you only hear about the guys that squandered there millions and we don’t hear too many of those stories. I would assume that most players these days are much smarter and doing much better.

    I don’t feel bad for these guys. They can go get a real job now with the rest of us.

  59. I sort of feel bad for the guy because he obviously has very serious issues. But why didn’t he wear a condom with the 3 woman he had kids with? Talk about stupidity. Now he’s stuck with those gold diggers for ever.

  60. I recall thinking when T.O. blew up his spot in Philly during the aftermath of “I’m not the one who got tired” post 2004 Superbowl soap opera;

    If this guy could just work his issues out, he and McNabb could be a solid, bordering on great, tandem for the next 3-5 years.

    Had Owens handled things differently (Not called out his teammate in an interview, fired his agent, hired Rosenhaus, gone after “outplayed my contract” money and worst of all claiming what (IIRC) turned out to be phantom injuries during the contract dispute.

    T.O. would have made (and would still be making) plenty of money in endorsements in Philadelphia, as the WR savior the city had begged for since the Reid-McNabb era began. The guy was a media darling, shooting MNF opening skits with one of the Desperate Housewives… in a shower no less.

    I don’t know if I could name a sports figure whose self-destructive on and off the field behavior I can chalk up simply to chronic immaturity like Owens.

  61. I know a way to get him to visit his kids … tell him that when he looks at his kids, he’ll see a reflection of himself.

    It’s not hard, T.O. If you want to be called a man, you need to take care of your own kids. Otherwise, you are just a punk.

  62. C’mon man, $80 mil doesn’t go as far as it used to. First, Local, State and Federal taxes are probably about 50 percent. Then Shark got 10 to 15 percent. That leaves, what?. $28 Million. A pittance!

  63. My son-in-law doesn’t spend any time with his kids because of his travel schedule, either. It’s apparently a bitch getting back and forth from Afghanistan.

  64. TO should have asked his former teammate Carson Palmer what he does, since he has $80 million in the bank. In the meantime, it’s a reality: Most NFL players are good at football and terrible at financial management. Owens lost most of his money in bad investments; seems one of his financial advisers told him real estate was the best place for his assets and when that market tanked, they had him gamble even more.

    Not sure how to feel about Owens. He’s a shameless self-promoter who has blasted his teammates and blew his money. On the other hand, he didn’t know the dude across the street from him was his dad until he was 12, and these gold diggers were on him for $20K per month in child support. $20K per month? For a child with with a woman who was working in a Waffle House? I’m sorry; there’s something wrong with that system, especially when they know a guy’s career is going to end no matter what.

  65. sterilizecromartie says:
    May 8, 2012 10:08 AM
    I’d like to know how exactly he squandered that much money. I know Brunell is in the same situation, but his story (making poor investments in commercial real estate) is at least explainable. What did T.O. waste his money on?


    The essentials of course. Pinwheels bit foam rubber cowboy hat and some beer. It’s a great country. You have the ability to earn that kind if bank and then spend it as wisely or as foolishly as you wish. I guess he “stimulated the economy.”

  66. Perhaps this moron wasn’t a financial genius but seriously with $80 million – about $30 million net – could he not afford a box of condoms?

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