Terrell Suggs has surgery on his Achilles tendon

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The Ravens have issued a statement from G.M. Ozzie Newsome regarding the condition of linebacker Terrell Suggs, who injured his Achilles tendon working out on his own last week.  (There are conflicting reports on whether he was playing basketball, or whether he was engaged in conditioning drills.)  Newsome discloses that Suggs has undergone surgery.

“Terrell [Suggs] had a successful surgical procedure done on his Achilles tendon this afternoon by Dr. Bob Anderson in Charlotte, [N.C.].  After some recovery time, ‘Sizzle’ will begin the process of rehabbing the area.  We know he will work hard to get back on the field with his teammates as soon as the doctors and trainers allow.  We’re confident that he can make a full recovery.”

But when will the recovery happen?  During the 2012 season?  After it?

That’s the bigger question, and it’s not yet answered:  Will Suggs be available to play at any point during the 2012 season?

Newsome also doesn’t say whether the injury to the tendon was a full or partial tear.

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  1. Based on the average Achilles tear we’ll see you next year. It’s a great story if we see him by year end. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  2. it does not matter if it is a partial or full tear…

    Once the surgeon goes in and cuts the achilles; so it may be attached in full – the cut is complete and full for better recovery strength.

    I know modern medicine is amazing but the recovery to football condition needed for a defensive lineman (errrr. linebacker) will be a minimum of 9 months.. absolute minimum.. even if he loads up on whatever the latest drug of choice is…

    just saying

  3. Wait till someone dives at it and intentionally tries to re-injure him like he did to Brady and then whined and cried for 2-3 years about getting caught. LOL.

  4. “There are conflicting reports on whether he was playing basketball, or whether he was engaged in conditioning drills.”

    I don’t see why this would matter. Should he not have been playing basketball? That’s not like Monta Ellis hurting himself on a moped.

  5. Wishing you all the best in your recovery. Our teams first meet Nov. 18. Six months is a long shot to come back from even a partial Achilles tear, but hoping you can make it. The rivalry is more fun when the best players are on the field. Good luck!

  6. Every report I’ve seen indicates a partial tear. Start him out on the PUP list, and hopefully by week 6 we’ll get a clearer picture on if he’ll be able to return come December or January for the playoffs.

  7. “Hey boss … I hurt my leg playing basketball.”

    “That’s too bad, but being non-football related we don’t have to pay you. Too bad you’re too upstanding to lie about how you did it. But it’s great to know you have character.”

    “Yeah, but now that I think about it … I did it in a football related conditioning drill. I got character, but not where money is concerned. Oink oink oink …”

  8. I sincerely hope teams target this ankle just like he went after Brady’s knee.


  9. The Steelers are vastly superior to the rest of the league in too many ways to list. The glory is unsurpassed. The bar has been set so incredibly high, and for that, we are sorry.

    This is why after we will our 7th this year we will leave this pathetic league and start our own out of the greatness that is Steel. The foundation will be so strong. The Steelers organization will be divided into eight. Wow. PURE non-Steeler football players deemed Steeler quality will be allowed to fill roster spots. Whoa, we are so gracious.

    Until then, bow. Bow to our unrivaled achievements and watch as we shower in confetti. Watch as we climb the mountains that we placed. While we watch you peasants whimper in your corner, unsuccessful, dreaming of joining the SFL. Maybe in another life.

  10. Is Suggs Lying about how he injured his Achilles?

    Was he playing basketball?

    Would the Ravens have to pay him this season if this is proven true?

    Wow just wow.

  11. Good thing you clarified that it was the Charlotte in North Carolina. Almost got it confused with the other Charlotte.

  12. How soon before they would have to designate whether/if they consider this a non-football injury? 1st day of training camp when a potential PUP determination would be made?

  13. Wow! T Sizzle is injured? He must have been playing ball with Gregg Williams and the Saints D!
    Players get injured by being human?
    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Question is will he ever be the same player…..the history of this injury hasn’t been kind.

  15. Loudmouth.

    Whining crybaby.


    Cheap shot artist.

    Now, add big time Liar.

    What goes around comes around.

  16. That’s why he’ll always be a Bungle. When will Balto get a pro team (like here in Canada). Uh, huh,
    what! Six rings and i are goin’ steady. We so happy.

  17. jason49er says:
    May 8, 2012 10:17 PM
    I guess someone else is going to have to pour some “hot sauce” on them Steelers this year.

    That was Bart Scott referring to a hard hit on Reggie Bush that knocked him out of the game. Ironically, Bush was on the Saints at the time.

    As Suggs said “Everyone’s piss is going to be hot” when the Ravens and Steelers square off, though.

  18. Dr. Anderson is the same guy who performed Jon Beason’s surgery, so I hope he’s damn good.

  19. slowtoronto says:
    May 9, 2012 12:23 AM
    That’s why he’ll always be a Bungle. When will Balto get a pro team (like here in Canada). Uh, huh,
    what! Six rings and i are goin’ steady. We so happy.


    You said what now?? I am sorry, but Google Chrome hasn’t installed the Canadian Gibberish-to-English translation software yet.

  20. Half the guys who get this injury never play pro ball again. The other half almost all show significantly diminished performance. He has a better shot at winning powerball than ever being DPOTY again.

  21. Best wishes on a full and speedy recovery dude… I want to see you on the field when my Steelers get their revenge this coming season!

  22. Former Raven G Wally Williams endured the EXACT same injury to his achilles. From the date of the surgery to his first game back was almost 6 months to the day.

    See you back on the field in November Sizzle.

    By the way, thanks guys for not knocking on his actual talent and ability on the field, because yanno, you can’t. 2012 DPOY. Respect the man for what he’s accomplished.

  23. The day that vinny cerato broke the news about this injury he had a foot and ankle surgeon from mercy medical on his show and the dr said about 6 months until he could be back playing football so idk where some of the experts here in the comments are getting their info but that’s from a world renouned foot and ankle surgeon. I would honestly just rather him sit out the season rather then rush back and re-injure it but if he’s on the field in october I won’t complain either

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