Trent Williams vows not to “make the mistakes I made in the past”


Redskins tackle Trent Williams spoke publicly on Monday for the first time since he was suspended at the end of the 2011 season for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy, and he vowed that it won’t happen again.

It is what it is. I made a mistake. I’ve just got to deal with it,” Williams said, via the Washington Post.

It might be more accurate to say that Williams made mistakes, plural, considering that he was already in the league’s substance-abuse program for previous positive tests and then he tested positive 10 times during September and October. But Williams said he will change his ways.

“Be more of a leader,” Williams said. “Obviously not make the mistakes I made in the past. Just be a better player and lead by example.”

If Williams does make the same mistakes he made in the past, it could derail his career: Another positive drug test would result in a yearlong suspension.

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  1. Let Silverback light one up for goodness sake. The guy has to deal with Demarcus Ware, JPP, and Trent Cole on a regular basis in the NFC East. You would do the same thing for your shot nerves.

  2. In other words, it looks like I might be on a competitive team now so I’ll try harder

  3. Make sure your buddy Fred Davis is riding the same train as you. We won’t need to lose two starters because they couldn’t put down the bong.

    These guys make millions over a career, and can’t even stop smoking weed. If somebody offered me 100k a year to not smoke weed, I’d drug test every day if they wanted me too.

  4. 10 times in 2 mths? How dumb is this guy?
    As a redskins fan, I’d love to think he’ll change his ways as he has played well despite being plugged in at LT from day one, but I don’t know many guys with self control issues that extreme that got it under control.
    Particularly a millionaire who has been told he’s the best thing since sliced bread from age 15.

  5. It is bad enough his play at LT has been wildly inconsistent, but now the Skins have to trust this guy not to blaze up. Not sure I see this ending well.

  6. That ten times thing is misleading. He tested positive all those times within the THC detection period. It wasn’t like 10 times from his rookie year to last year.

  7. 10 times in a month right? Weed stays in your system for 30 days. How does testing someone who smoked weed more than once in 30 days make any sense?

  8. And “pot” people tell you that weed is not addictive… Riiiight! He has been a disappointment. Picked 4th overall. Does not try real hard. Does not practice hard. He was a RT in college. Redskins still have faith in him. I don’t. He knows he is being tested constantly and will be caught if he lights up, but still can’t put down the weed. What does that tell you about his character?

  9. sure glad the packers ended up with bulaga!
    remmember this LOSER saying he’s better then the other tackles. better at smoking crack lmao!

  10. Schmokes, you are absolutely right. Commish will let you fail 10 drug tests with a slap on the wrist. But imagine how long he would have been suspended if he’d lied about it.

    Commish don’t care if you smoke weed or take performance enhancing drugs. Whatever can get you through an 18 game season…. Just don’t lie about it.

  11. Exactly, Bhester1906. Given Williams’ size and girth, I suppose his body would maintain enough THC to blow tests for 3 months or more.

    But more importantly, if the league isn’t testing for alcohol, it damn sure shouldn’t test for THC. Neither drug enhances player performance, and no NFL job put others lives on the line, so butt out.

  12. He looked at how well Willie Smith did and saw them draft another tackle as well….realized he isn’t much more dominant than those guys, and figured out what he’s gotta do…..

  13. Taking Kirk Cousins over Bobby Massie makes total sense now when one of your starting tackles could face a year long suspension the next time he screws up.

  14. I HATE when people say “I made a mistake” when it comes to this type of thing…

    Vick kept saying that when he got busted.. its not a mistake when its a part of your general lifestyle. Its just who you are at that point.

    This guy is a lazy stoner that doesnt want to work. Thats who he is.. it wasnt a mistake, it was a concious decision

  15. is it fair to test someone 10 times in 60 days? Some drugs take 30 days to clear out.

  16. Probably b/c he saw the Skins offensive line was just as good if not better w/o him while he was suspended.

  17. adlent says: May 8, 2012 7:32 AM

    It is bad enough his play at LT has been wildly inconsistent
    jc1958cool says: May 8, 2012 7:59 AM

    sure glad the packers ended up with bulaga!
    randallflagg52 says: May 8, 2012 7:47 AM

    Taking this guy over Okung is making less and less sense every day.
    dg0122 says: May 8, 2012 7:52 AM

    wow, very unusual for a sooner to be a bust in the nfl…oh, wait- no its not
    PriorKnowledge says: May 8, 2012 7:58 AM

    Riiiight! He has been a disappointment.

    Wow, and peytonsneck isn’t even up yet. To say his play has been wildly inconsistent is just wildly innaccurate. He has shown exactly three faces during the first two years of his career: very good (no, not perfect, he is not Chris Samuels, don’t expect him to be), injured (only two games), and suspended: when he is playing he has been consistently excellent, giving up only ten sacks in two seasons.

    Comments about Okung are completely invalid. Russell and Okung are simply different players. Okung is a pass blocking specialist, while Russell is faster, more athletic, and more of an asset in the run game: a Shanahan-style left tackle. And no, this is not an excuse to open the Shanahan can of worms.

    Despite Okung’s highly-touted reliability as a pass protector, he has given up nine career sacks, while Williams, as I mentioned above, has given up ten, despite playing in two more games, not to mention playing in a much stronger pass-rushing division. Okung is also more of an injury risk, a trait no one is looking for in a left tackle. I’m not knocking Okung, just saying that the two are different breeds of left tackles and it isn’t valid to say one is better than the other, especially at this stage in their careers. So obviously, it’s even less valid to enter Bulaga into the mix. Bulaga is an excellent pass-blocking right tackle, and does exactly what’s expected of him in Green Bay’s system, but there’s no way to compare the two roles.

    That said, Williams maturity is absolutely still a concern. I believe him when he said he says he has turned a corner, and is going to put his juvenile behavior behind him, honestly I’m a lot more concerned about Davis’ ability to act like a professional than Williams’. As much as I disapprove of Trent’s immaturity and poor decisions, I do feel like dirtierwater has a point, that, at Silverback’s size, it might take half a year to get one joint out of his system. That’s not an excuse, just a reason to be less concerned about his testing positive ten times in two months, and another reason for Trent to make sure he never lights up again.

  18. HEY UNFINSHED how dumb are you? Weed stays in your system for 30 days so he could have only smoked a couple times and it would lead to those results. I doubt that’s what happened but to call someone dumb without knowing the circumstances is ignorant.

  19. “It is what it is. I made a mistake. ”
    I make stupid choices, one decision at a time.

  20. jwreck says:

    “Comments about Okung are completely invalid. Russell and Okung are simply different players. Okung is a pass blocking specialist, while Russell is faster, more athletic, and more of an asset in the run game: a Shanahan-style left tackle. And no, this is not an excuse to open the Shanahan can of worms.”


    So Russell Okung is the far superior player? A better pass blocker and he even fit’s Shanahan’s system better? Right that’s what I’ve been saying all along, plus he’s not a pot head.

  21. JCCOOL I don’t remember anywhere in that article that said he was smoking crack. Weed is the exact opposite of crack its safe non addicting crack leads to crime death and dental problems weed leads to giggling and junk food you sir are an ignorant prick that has no idea what he’s talking about. Or you are a Ten year old little boy and in that case I apologize.

  22. I just keep thinking that Trent is young (23 i think) and still growing up. I have alot of faith in his ability so long as he stays outta trouble. Skins need him every game , desperatly.

  23. If you cant get on the cover of SI you might as well shoot for High Times.

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