Bill Romanowski calls Cris Carter’s claim “absolute fiction”


When Cris Carter confessed that he put bounties on opposing players during his NFL career, he pointed the finger at Bill Romanowski, saying he put a bounty on Romanowski as a form of self-defense after Romanowski approached him before a game and said, “I’m gonna end your career, Carter.”

Romanowski says Carter is a liar, saying Carter “absolutely made it up.”

In an interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Romanowski said he might have thought about wanting to hurt Carter, but he wouldn’t have bothered to talk trash to Carter before a game.

“It is absolute fiction,” Romanowski said. “If he could read my mind in pre-game, yeah, maybe he had it right. But I didn’t talk before games. I was in the zone. I was focused. I was thinking everything I had to do to help our defense, to help our team win a football game. That’s all that mattered.”

Romanowski said that even when he did get in the face of an opposing player he wouldn’t do what Carter described.

“I’d say something like ‘You’re going down,'” Romanowski said. “That’s about as much as I would say to a guy like that. Cris Carter, to me, at that point, he didn’t really mean anything. If it was a tight end or somebody that I really had to battle in the trenches with on every play it’s a different story, but he was a receiver.”

In Romanowski’s view, Carter just threw out this story of bounties because he wanted to get in on the topic everyone is discussing in the NFL today.

“If he put a bounty on me, it wasn’t very good because it didn’t work,” Romanowski said. “I just think this is his way of trying to make himself relevant for what is going on now.”

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  2. Romanowski is a flat out liar. Chris Carter isn’t the only person to say that Romanowski has said those things. Romanowski is also the guy who told people he needed to be on drugs to keep up with the black atheletes in the NFL.

  3. romanowski was one of the dirtiest players of his generation. he probably doesn’t even remember it because of the amount of times he went head first into players

  4. Wow, really? Cris Carter making up stuff and making statements in order to get his name in the news again? Shocking, I would have never expected that one…I’m feeling a bit like Tiki now…

  5. Carter is delusional. Whenever Carter says something the person involved calls it fiction. If you ask Carter he’s Randy Moss’ best friend. Randy Moss disagrees.

  6. He said she said…
    I believe Romo. CC is a legend in his own mind.
    Romo wouldn’t waste time talking about how he’s gonna take you out, he would just take you out.

    I wish CC would go away.

  7. Who do you trust here? I would tend not to trust the steroid guy who certainly went out of his way to hurt and injure other players and was fined heavily for doing so. He even ended the career of one of his own teammates.

  8. When Bill Romanowski make more sense than Cris Carter, it’s time for Cris Carter to stop talking.

    Well, it was that time…..a long, long time ago.

  9. Romo the Boarhunter is THE man! Carter is a little pissant. The only thing CC put a bounty on was his tears, Bounty paper towels that is.

  10. Cris Carter – All he does, is try and stay relevant – no matter what it takes.

  11. I going to believe Carter when he talks about Romanowski. We all remember the Monday Night Football game when Bill spit in J.J. Stokes’ face, actions like that makes it seem possible that the “End your career” comment was made.

  12. Whatever Bill, I’ve seen film footage of you standing across from a tightend, just lambasting the guy with threats and names. I think Carter made the mistake of going too much into detail, but a name was dropped and it was Bill Romanowski’s. I didn’t know roids accounted for memory loss, I might have to do some more research.

  13. Romanowski is one of the few players that didnt have to talk. You knew automatically he was gonna try to hurt you. The man was a killing machine.

  14. “Cris Carter, to me, at that point, he didn’t really mean anything.”

    “If he put a bounty on me, it wasn’t very good because it didn’t work,” Romanowski said. “I just think this is his way of trying to make himself relevant for what is going on now.”


    I despise Romanowski with a passion, but I agree with him.

  15. Romo is telling the truth – Carter is a joke.
    “I just think this is his way of trying to make himself relevant for what is going on now.”

  16. Dan asked if he ever took extra money for doing something on the football field. “$500 to sack a quarterback by Ronnie Lott,” Romanowski said.


    And Ronnie Lott spoke to the Saints on several occasions in the locker room during the 2009 Super Bowl run. True story.

    I guess by NFL logic, Sean Payton will now be suspended another year because Cris Carter issued bounties.

  17. Well I know Romo was all about sending players to the hospital. He’s on record saying that his most gratifying hit was breaking Kerry Collins jaw in like 3 different places. You probably can find that on YouTube.

    I remember when he was Raider, he had the defense so pumped up that about 7 Donkies got carted off the field in that home game against denver in 2002.

    Romo would be G Williams star player and would have all that bounty money.

  18. “If it was a tight end or somebody that I really had to battle in the trenches with on every play it’s a different story, but he was a receiver.”

    What Romo used to do to TE’s at the LOS was amazing, he would completely own them. Watching them try to get off the LOS was funny as hell.

    Love him or hate him, Romo was no wussie, like allot of todays players.

  19. Cris Carter sounds like the receiver that goes and hides under his lineman’s skirts like a baby. Philly sent him packing because he was soft. I believe Romo.

  20. “I just think this is his way of trying to make himself relevant for what is going on now.”

    Romanowski hit in right on the nail!

  21. This guy ended his teammate’s career by punching him in the face, so I’m sure threatening an opponent was a routine thing

  22. Let’s see who am I going to believe, Chris Carter known for being a stand up future hall of fame wide receiver or Romanowski who once spit in an opposing players face and brutally beat one of his own teammates to the point the guy never played football again. Romanowski the guy known for being a roid freak and we’re supposed to believe that he never said anything like that, and that Carter would just completely lie about it?

    Why does anyone even talk to that guy anymore. He’s a complete a-hole and sounds like a total moron every time he opens his mouth.

  23. Maybe JJ Stokes put a bounty on him and that’s why he didn’t do sh*t when romo spit in his face on primetime TV. So much for receivers not meaning anything to him huh.

  24. Romo’s right, Carter is trying to be relevant giving his opinion. Too bad he is not!

    What wide receiver puts a bounty on a linebacker

  25. So Romanowski, the guy who I will always remember as spitting in his opponent’s face is worried about his reputation being tarnished ? Too late

  26. Oh snap!

    -Tosses bag of popcorn in the microwave-

    Can’t wait to hear Carter’s response tommorow. This is gonna be fun!

  27. Anyone who’s heard Carter and especially Mark Schlereth know that these are two former players who overanalyze and Consume radio or TV time just to hear their own voices. It’s easy to see Carter trying to make himself a piece of the bounty conversation, former players have a hard time not being relevant on the field and fitting themselves Into today’s topics is as close as they can get.

  28. Iv’e seen that dude play dozens of times, and he would absolutely say that! I want Romo having my back at a bar fight for sure.

  29. In Carter’s defense, Romanowski was so jacked up on banned substances during his career that he may not remember saying any of that stuff.

  30. I’m no fan of Romanowski, but I kind of believe him. I listened to CC being interviewed this morning by M&M, and it just felt like someone spewing a bunch of BS. When pressed for details or further explanation by Greenberg, Carter just seemed to revert to saying the same thing over and over, like a kid cornered in a lie.

  31. Romanoski has 0% credibility. He himself is a liar and a cheat. And also a jerk.

  32. I agree with Roman for a change. Chris Carter is the same guy that said Megatron was not one of the top 5 receivers in the NFL. When Megatron is the #1 receiver in the NFL.

  33. That play against the Donkeys, when he covered horseface all the way down the field like a shadow, was one of my all time favorites.

    He grabbed Sharp’s arm and held it across his body while he drove him to the ground on top of the arm.

    That Donkey was nowhere to be seen for 6-8 weeks. 🙂

  34. Chris Carter is still angry about how it ended with the Vikings. He takes any chance he can to paint them in a bad light. I’m sure he doesn’t mind spending all the money he made from them during his career though. Moss was right on about him. This is why Anthony will always be my favorite Viking Carter.

  35. Carters got it all mixed up, Romo was one of the guards. It was Goldberg, Michael Irvin and Adam Sandler that had the bounty on Romo and Stone Cold. MEAN MACHINE!!!!

  36. First of all Romanowski is right Carter is just trying to get headlines. Everyone if you are a football fan knows about the bounty bowl and the body bag game. Buddy admitted it he did not lie to the commissioner. Second, Linebackers hunt runningbacks ,tight ends Qbs rarely do they get to hit the receiver unless he is a slot receiver. What does back in the day bounties got to do with right now nothing. Buddy Ryan was held accountable if that is what you would call it .
    What teams got caught in the past is irrelevant. I guess Chris thinks when buddy did it and only got chastised that should happen to the saints. Wrong they were told it was wrong then some fifteen to twenty years ago.

  37. Is this Bill character related to Franklin Delano Romanowski by chance? If so he can make a wish that Carter drop dead. And if all else fails throw a neatly packed ice ball in his face.

  38. I heard the Cris Carter interview and it sounded like he just brought up Romanowski’s name as a hypothetical. I’m pretty sure Carter never said it actually happened.

  39. or, i could pay attention. didn’t realize there was earlier interview where he said the word “bounty”

    i still don’t think that what he’s describing is the same as a “bounty” but whatever.

  40. “Philly sent him packing because he was soft. I believe Romo.”

    Carter may have been soft in Buddy Ryan’s eyes, and that’s why he was released, but he then went on to become on the best receivers in the game. There is little doubt that the decision to release Carter contributed, at least in part, to Buddy Ryan losing his job as head coach of the Eagles.

  41. Wow! Picking these two out of all ex NFL players and hoping for the truth is crazy!

    Neither one of these two could tell the truth if their lives depended on it. Zero credibility between the two. Both should really fade into the background and hope that Canton calls one day.

  42. If there is anyone less believable than Chris Carter, it has to be Bill Romanowki. Carter isn’t the first guy to Romo was certifiably insane when he stepped on the field.

  43. If there was Mount Rushmore of phonies in sports Cris Carter would surely be on it.

  44. The “Bounty” discussion helps to explain a lot about Harrisons feeling that knocking a player out is perfectly OK. That’s why he continued to headhunt all the time! The crap about it being how he was taught to play was crap! It was all about the money!! It was more than his fines.

  45. I heard when he (Carter) said it. He was making a hypothetical situation using believeable characters. He said, it would sound something like what he said.

  46. I guess I have to post again to get the “notify me” unselected. Otherwise I’ll keep getting emails. So, go ahead and give me the thumbs-down…

  47. Ok first of all this can all be solved by watching NFL films as they have these guys on tape.Ive watched some of Romos old clips and he talks a whole lot more than he claims.Second if you think this whole bounty thing is new you’re sadly mistaken.Youremtelling me there haven’t been bounties in ALL sports and not just football?Youre only fooling yourselves.Im not saying its ok I’m saying this is as old as organized sports and despite Goodells punishments they will continue just players and yes coaches will be a lot smarter about how they proceed with them.

  48. I remember some of Romo’s finest moments. Breaking Dave Meggett’s finger. Hitting Bryon Cox in the nuts with a football. Chopping a Raider (Hostetler?) QB’s throat after a pick. Trying to dislocate Shannon Sharpe’s elbow. But I’ll believe Carter just as soon as he says it to Bill’s face.

  49. A little history about Boy Scout Romanowski:

    “Romanowski has been involved in numerous altercations with both teammates and opponents. In 1995, while with the Eagles, he was ejected from a game — and subsequently fined $4,500 — for kicking Arizona Cardinals fullback Larry Centers in the head.

    Two more incidents occurred during the 1997 season while he played for the Broncos: In the first, he was fined $20,000 after a helmet-to-helmet hit on then-Carolina Panthers quarterback Kerry Collins in a preseason game resulting in Collins sustaining a broken jaw;[1] in the second, Romanowski spat in the face of 49ers wide receiver J. J. Stokes in a regular-season game played in December on a Monday night in response to Stokes’ taunting.[2] Two years later, while still with the Broncos, he was fined a total of $42,500 for three illegal hits plus a punch thrown at Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez, and was also fined an undisclosed amount for throwing a football at Bryan Cox of the New York Jets, the ball hitting him in the crotch area.[3]

    In 2003, Romanowski attacked and injured one of his teammates, Marcus Williams, during a scrimmage. Williams, a backup tight end for the Oakland Raiders, was forced to retire after Romanowski confronted Williams after a play, ripped off his helmet, and crushed his eye socket with a punch.[4] Williams sued for damages of $3.4 million, arguing that Romanowski had been suffering from “roid rage” when he attacked him. This argument was later rejected by the judge on the grounds that Williams could not prove that Romanowski had actually used steroids on the same day as the attack. Williams was awarded $340,000. Williams was quoted as saying he and his lawyers “just wanted to prove what was right and wrong about football.”

    Off the field, he and his wife were investigated for prescription drug fraud, though the charges were later dropped.[1] Records seized by the government belonging to the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, later discovered to be the source of a designer steroid, indicate that he had used the anabolic steroid “The Clear” and synthetic testosterone ointment “The Cream” provided by BALCO since 2003. In an October 16, 2005 appearance on 60 Minutes, Romanowski admitted to using steroids and human growth hormone that he received from Victor Conte, BALCO owner.”

    Why would anyone trust what this creep has to say?

  50. Drew Brees wants an explanation! (I am sorry, I just find that comical still)

  51. Romo > Chris Carter. It just sounds stupid to me that a WR would put a bounty on a LB.

    For all the Romo haters out there. I’m sure you would have loved him if he was on your team helping you win back to back super bowls.

  52. I’d be inclined to take Romo at his word, even though he is crazy. Carter would say anything to get his name in print. I personally believe Carter is a big fat liar liar pants on fire egomaniac. Carter himself is the only one who thinks he was so awesome that the other team would want to end his career. He was a #2 wideout who hung around forever compiling stats and never won anything.

  53. ColfaxDenver says:
    May 9, 2012 2:15 PM
    Romo > Chris Carter. It just sounds stupid to me that a WR would put a bounty on a LB.

    For all the Romo haters out there. I’m sure you would have loved him if he was on your team helping you win back to back super bowls.


    Ever heard of a crack back block? Hines Ward made his checks knocking out linebackers.

    You are right about romo being a great player though. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t crazy.

  54. Bill Romanowski…….now he was what a bountyhunter should and would act like. The guy was one of the dirtiest players ever. Now if you told me back then he was part of a bounty program with the Niners I’d believe it.

  55. Romanowski was a BEAST. He WAS in your face football. He makes a huge point in saying why he would he never say that to Carter. Like he could cover a WR. CArter is a bitch. He ALWAYS has to put in his rotten copper aged 2 cents in. Now it’s bounties. last year was Tebow. Next year GR3? Luck? Or even Peyton? Cater should shut up and be even grateful that his name even comes up in the same sentence with hall of fame in it. In my opinion he shouldnt even be close to consider. he was only good for a few seasons then when Moss was playing he started crying not getting enough passes. He is a cry baby and someone ought to put a paci in his mouth to shut him up!!!!

  56. I wouldnt want Romo on my team. the guy was a loose cannon any guy that would attack his teammate and crush his eyesocket after the play was done i dont want him on my team

  57. So let me get this straight. Chris Carter has said that Megatron isn’t a elite receiver and that he placed bounties on players. This dude is a joke and is craving the spot light. Somebody in the media should put a bounty on his head to get him to shut up.

  58. I always judge people by their actions not their words. That puts Romanowski pretty low on the trust ladder.

  59. Megatron doesn’t need to put bounties on anyone.

    That kind of stuff is for sub-par wide receivers…

  60. I’m not saying he did, but would anyone really be surprised if Romo said this?

  61. Chris Carter is simply not believable. His story doesn’t really make sense. He needs to work on his material before introducing it on national television.

  62. I’m actually going to believe Carter in this situation. Not about the “bounty” he supposedly placed, but of Romanowski taunting him and threatening him before a game.

    I find it comical that Romanowski claims that he was too “in the zone” before a game to say what he was thinking, but when he was breaking guys’ fingers in pileups and spitting in guys’ faces, he wasn’t too “in the zone” to do that? What about when he was attacking his own teammates?

    Carter may be trying to make himself relevant to the Bountygate situation, but Romo is just trying to cover his own @$$ and act like his past history hasn’t been well-documented by multiple sources. If all a guy like Romo would say is “you’re going down” to a WR, then I’m Nicki Minaj.

  63. Man I wish Playmakers was still a show. There are so many good storylines now, bounties, using the restroom on the sideline, raping women and getting away with it, dead beat millionaire dads. The list goes on and on.

  64. When Buddy Ryan released Chris Carter he said it was because all he knew was how to catch TDs and wasn’t a complete receiver. But there was always a rumor about drugs involved. When CC retired he admitted he had a drug problem and found God during his time in Minnesota. He also said he appreciated Buddy Ryan not putting his problem out in the public. He didn’t get released because he was soft. Just wanted to clear that up.

  65. Yea so the guy who has a long history of violence, was a heavy steroid user, has tried to rip peoples eyes out of their heads and has choked people is trying to say he didn’t threaten to end someone’s career. I’m not buying it. He said it. And said it often. Guaranteed. Bill Romanowski is one of the most vicious players to ever play the game. He played with a level of unmatched insanity. Of course he threaten to end careers.

  66. Romo told the public and press FOR YEARS that he was clean. Vitamins, work outs, not steroids. He said he never took steroids. Balco revealed it to be utter lies and fabrication.

    So, Romo cannot be counted on to say anything other than what is in his best interests or what paints him in the better light.

  67. Oh Billy am I supposed to believe that when you get in someones face that you would leave it at your going down lol. Billy Billy Billy aren’t you the same guy who spouted out racial slurs to black opponents Billy. I guess you forgot about spitting in JJ stokes’ face that sounds to me like it was a little bit more than your going down lol. Proof positive steroids not only make you big and shrink your balls make you a hot head but also make you delusional

  68. Lying felon Romo on OTL right now saying he can’t remember which way to turn when he drives home, but he remebers a conversation in-game with CC clear as a bell?
    This is Romo getting the spotlight back on himself. This is a despicable felon using this for his own gain. This is Romo being Romo… lying, cheating, stealing, selling drugs, being the vile criminal liar that he is… and y’all view this backstabbing lying hater as a hero… such is the USA today. Bill Romanowski is a bleeping hero to ya’ll. Nothing more needs be said. Romo is a hero.

  69. The more we see of pro football culture, the worse it gets. Transparency may well be the death of the NFL.

  70. cris carter is becoming another warren sapp…..just saying stupid stuff so he can still get some attention, even if it means looking like a fool

  71. Wonder when the NFL will launch an investigation . . . . . Oh thats right it’s only N.O. that gets investigated and made an example of. But then again NO other team does such things.

  72. Here we go again, point the fingers he said, I said, do these players ever grow up. They act like they are still on the back lot in grade school. They continuely have to get their names out their so we all won’t forget them. This bountry crap, get over it,take your medicine and move on, own up as the coaches did. You sure did not hear all the lips flapping when this took place when they got their extra MONEY. Lets get the season going so it isn’t this garbage day after day.

  73. Carter is just trying to stay in the limelight no so one forgets his name and he can get into the Hall of Fame.
    Everyone knows Romanowski was one of the dirteist players on the planet. Just because of that doesn’t also make him a liar. A thief is a thief but not necessarily a liar two.

  74. Those of you siding with Romanowski because he was a beast of a player,yet demanding action against the Saints are missing a huge detail. If you get what you ask for, there will never be players like Romanowski again. The post bounty linebackers will be required to tackle like Deon Sanders.

  75. i don’t know who to believe. both of these guys shoot their mouths off.

    i wouldn’t be surprised if carter made it up. and i wouldn’t be surprised if Romo told him that.

  76. Chris Carter is doing himself no favors here as far as HOF voting goes. . He needs to talk to Sapp about how it feels to be out of work because of ridiculous comments like this one.

  77. i was actually somewhat impressed with Romonowski’s acting ability the longest yard. he didn’t have that “hehehehe i’m a pro athlete in movie! hehehehe” aura behind him.

    i call it the jimmy fallon effect: giggling when you have no reason to giggle.

  78. Give Carter a break. They guy suffers from epilepsy. Or at least I think he does. I mean, why else would he flop to the ground kicking, screaming, flailing around, flopping and literally sobbing to the officials, his quarterback and the coaching staff after every last incompletion thrown his way over his entire career.

  79. I’m tired of hearing Chris Carter’s voice. First, yesterday morning on Mike and Mike he compared NFL players to Army Special Forces! What?! It’s laughable and disrespectful. Secondly, when Greeny pushed CC for answers, he couldn’t specify, which is why I think he’s lying.

    Also, everyone is missing the best part of the Romonowski interview. Pertaining to his hit on Trent Dilfer: “Yea, Trent’s actually a guy you want in the game, because the backup might actually be better.”

    LOL. I almost spit out my coffee this morning.

  80. Let’s see who should I believe…the arrogant WR that loves his own voice more than life itself, or the rage-filled LB that smashed his own teammates face because he held him?

  81. Romo’s loving this- he’s been on every show today denying him being a dickhead-took out his own teammate in practice
    He’s such a loser yet he truly thinks he was one of the elite guys- he was feared as a cheapshot career ender only- I wish Randall McDaniel would have torn his head off

  82. Bill Romanowski on hit on Mark Brunell: “On one play, I remember hitting him out of bounds, grabbing his throat and squeezing it like it was Silly Putty.”

    Brunell would have been justified in hiring Tonya Harding to kneecap Romanowski. Girl on girl.

  83. If Romanowski and Carter end up in a Hunger Games-type situation over this, my money is on Big Bill.

  84. Bill Romanowski was an dirty, steroid-using player who looked like he was high on amphetamines every game. He was an absolute disgrace to the game of football. I remember how he spat in the face of J.J. Stokes after a play was over like it was yesterday. I wanted to jump off my couch and hit the bastard. I recently saw him uttering stupid remarks about the Raiders on television, and he’s still a moron. Why anyone considers him anything more than a pathetic, dull-witted imitation of a football commentator is beyond me.

    And, oh, by the way, Carter was a great receiver and far a better player than Romanowski. When he retired, Carter had the second highest number of touchdown catches and receptions behind Jerry Rice and was a gifted red zone receiver.

  85. I’ve been a football fan a long time and can’t think of a player I’d be less likely to believe about anything than Romanowski.

  86. Only thing that makes no sense in this logic is the fact that CC said he paid guys to protect him, he is a diva WR, they always want to make themselves look like hot stuff, soooo why would he say something untrue that makes him sound like an absolute p***y. Oh yeah and the fact that Roma also said in an interview that AFTER the game started he would tell guys he was going to knock their heads off, but never before, so CC is absolutely lying…haha so because CC said it happened pregame when it actually happened in game, its completely false. You guys left that part out…plus everyone who watched Romo play saw that his mouth was never shut in between plays, directly before or directly after. Never. I love Romo, he was awesome to watch, but something doesn’t make sense.

  87. IDk who to believe these two couldn’t make a pb&j sandwich between the two of them. I mean Carter said he payed his guard to go after romo, really wtf is he even talking about. This may be the dumbest statement he’s ever made, this whole topic is about DEFENDERS putting bounties on offensive players head’s & old cris is so desperate to be involved that he says he was putting bounties on defenders so they couldnt take him out first? So whats next romo has one of his guys take out the guard so he can still get cris & then cris gets another……etc. I mean c’mon man give me a break, this is so retarded it’s funny. Are we really to believe that cris was so scared for his safety that he got proactive and payed his teamates to go after players before they could get to him. The thing is it just doesnt pass the smell test to me it really sounds like a stretch. Whats next Tom Brady putting a bounty on Justin Tuck it just dont sound right. As for bill he’s just a dirty player always has and always will be I could see him saying all kinds of crazy sh*t but he couldn’t tell you what he said yesterday let alone 15 years ago.

  88. I am sick of saints fans crying about other teams are doing it too, SO WHAT!!!!!! Your team was dumb enough to continue to do it after they were warned not to. They made it real easy for the NFL to make an example out of them. You can’t tell me with the QBs about a year away from wearing flags, the whole concussion thing, and sue-happy ex-players that the saints didn’t think the league was serious, this is hitting the league in their serious bone (their wallet) if the coaches and front office can’t figure that out then they need new jobs anyway. And oh yeah “everyone else is doing it”, really? If everyone else jumped of a bridge……

  89. I love Bill Romanowski and I don’t think he would hold anything back. If he threatened CC before, during or after a game, beat him up in an alley, threatened his kids, etc…I think Romo would own up to it. He just doesn’t care. CC wants to be in the spotlight a little longer.

  90. You know Romo’s credibility is really bad when people tend to take Carter’s word over his.

    With the rep he gained during his playing days, Romo can’t rationally expect people to believe him over anyone not named OJ.

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