Browns plan to make Richardson the workhorse


The decision to use the third overall pick on a running back at a time when many teams are using three running backs likely means that the team that used the third overall pick on a running back plans to focus the running game on that guy.

Browns G.M. Tom Heckert told PFT Live on Wednesday that, indeed, the Browns plan to make Trent Richardson the workhorse.

“I think it’s pretty safe to say we draft a guy third overall, he’s going to be the guy,” Heckert said.  “But we do think we’re going to need extra backs.  You know, last year going into the season we thought we’re in really good shape at running back with Peyton Hillis, Brandon Jackson, and Montario Hardesty and it turns out all three of them got nicked up.  So, you know, we do think it’s a position where you better have a couple guys and, you know, we have obviously Brandon Jackson and Hardesty coming back both, so we think it’s going to be, from last year where it was probably a weak spot for us, we think it’s going to be a very, very big positive for us this year.”

Still, Heckert realizes that Richardson could be the next running back to get “nicked up.”

“I do think that’s probably one of the reason they don’t go up that high, but we thought he was such a special player, we thought it outweighed any, you know, hesitations about whether the running backs, how long they last, and all that stuff,” Heckert said.  “You know, he scores a lot of touchdowns, we think he’s going to score a lot of touchdowns for us.”

If he stays healthy, he likely will.  But he will be playing the one position that is the equivalent of being a large magnet in an anvil factory.  And he may indeed get injured, which would make the Browns look bad for using the third overall pick.

But the Browns know it, they accept it, and they understand that, if he stays healthy, he could help the team become relevant again.

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28 responses to “Browns plan to make Richardson the workhorse

  1. With no one to catch the ball (not a big priority with Heckert), the opposing defense just lines up 8 in the box and hammers away at the new kid.

    Career expentancy….3 years???

  2. Its kinda funny that in an era were pretty much everyone is airing it out every team uses multiple backs than when the running game was more widely used

  3. In 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and part of the 2000’s this would work well. In the 2010’s they will be the Titans during CJ2k’s big year at best. I suppose that is still really good for the Browns.

  4. Will lead the AFC North in rushing this year. NFL the next. Will single handily return the Browns to 80’s form. Cardiac kids 2.0

  5. And in other news, the sun will rise in the morning! The clowns have no other choice. Expect 11 in the box.

  6. Is “Petunia” Heckert still envisioning Monterio Hardesty as a viable RB in the NFL?

    His hallucinations about Hardesty and even Jackson border on sheer lunacy.

    No wonder Reid had final say over player personnel in Philly.

  7. digitaldonnie says:
    May 9, 2012 9:36 PM
    Will lead the AFC North in rushing this year. NFL the next. Will single handily return the Browns to 80′s form. Cardiac kids 2.0

    One person does not make a team, especially when that one person is a running back. Adrian Peterson and Maurice Jones Drew are arguably 2 of the top 5 backs in the NFL and their teams blow.

    So enjoy those rushing titles (which won’t happen by the way) while your team finishes 4-12 year after year

  8. I love the richardson pick and I think he’ll do well.

    But we had a work horse running back last year that they were giving the ball to 10-15 times a game until the end of the season. They were forcing the throwing game and now they’ve learned. Too late for Hillis, but I’ll settle for Richardson

  9. In a division consisting of 3 of the top 5 in NFL rush defense, a strong running back is not going to help as much as a strong passing game.
    Richardson might be great but until the Browns sort out their QB situation I don’t see this kid getting 1,000 yards.

    Think of it as grandma driving a Ferrari

  10. It’s unfortunate for Richardson. These “Browns” are not truly the Browns. It’s an organization that has been a mess from day one. No focus. No direction. No chance. Terrible shame. This version has lost more games in a little over a decade than the original team lost in nearly 50 years. There’s not likely to be a hall-of-famer inducted in the next twenty years. For Richardson, I feel sorry. I hope he’s the one.

  11. Digitaldonnie…should be Dilussionaldonnie. Teams are going to put 9 guys in the box and dare Weeden to beat them…I don’t see Weeden and a group of no name WRs being able to do that

  12. digitaldonnie says: May 9, 2012 9:36 PM

    Will lead the AFC North in rushing this year. NFL the next. Will single handily return the Browns to 80′s form. Cardiac kids 2.0


    Browns fans are delusional and here’s the proof.

  13. I thought for sure the brownstains would use him to sell hot dogs and clean the restrooms after the games.

  14. I’m still putting my faith in Jim Brown’s assessment of Richardson….OVER RATED.

  15. digitaldonnie says:
    May 9, 2012 9:36 PM
    Will lead the AFC North in rushing this year. NFL the next. Will single handily return the Browns to 80′s form. Cardiac kids 2.0
    I wish Trent wasn’t in the AFC North. I feel bad for him that he was drafted by Cleveland. I’m sure he would have loved to be in Tampa. But I don’t see him leading the division in rushing, or at least not this year. No QB. No WR. No elite O-line. And they have to play in the toughest division in football.
    And did you forget about Ray Rice?

  16. Poor Trent…his career was over April 26th.


    Yup, they said that about Joe Thomas and 5 Pro Bowls later……

    I luv trolls that have no clue about sports!

  17. Expect 11 in the box


    How’d that work out for Adrian Peterson?

    Try this next time-

    1) Think
    2) Type
    3) Post

  18. If anything, teams are going to have to put 8 in the box! This should allow single coverage on the outside, and Weeden takes over from there! Trolls stop hating that the Browns have a loyal fan base and your team can barely get 40,000 people at a game!

  19. Only the browns draft a RB in a passing league.

    Anyone else notice that the teams with the high paid RBs (Minn, Tenn, etc) haven’t been to a SB and the teams that win SBs have all had top QBs and insignificant RBs?

    Last 8 SB winners:
    NYG: Bradshaw (7th round pick)
    GB: Brandon Jackson (backup, cut next season)
    NO: Pierre Thomas (4th round)
    Pitt: Mewelde Moore (backup)
    NYG: Bradshaw (7th)
    Indy: Joseph Addai (30th pick of draft)
    Pitt: Willie Parker (undrafted)
    NE: Corey Dillon (old vet picked up for season)

    So it’s pretty obvious that RB isn’t important in winning SBs these days but I guess we all know that the browns know nothing about winning SBs. How else do you explain wasting a high draft pick on a position that only lasts a few years in the NFL? Why do the Pats always have a no-name RB who is successful?

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