Carter keeps talking about bounties

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The good news is that Cris Carter’s confession to a career of bounties has gotten ESPN to quit talking about whether current and former NFL players will let their kids play football.  The bad news is that we’ve now heard far more about Cris Carter and bounties that we ever wanted to hear.

He was back on ESPN Radio’s Hill & Schlereth Wednesday night, for another extended discussion about the use of cash payments to teammates to protect himself and others from getting blown up by certain defensive players.  Though Mike Hill and Mark Schelerth continued to try to help Carter massage his message, Carter didn’t deviate all that far from what he had said on Tuesday night.

Though some are characterizing Carter’s Wednesday night remarks as a clarification that makes Carter’s practices far less nefarious than the Saints’ bounty system, the words weren’t all that different.  Carter said once again didn’t use bounties with an intent to injure, but as an aid toward winning games and staying healthy.

Still, it’s likely that Carter was a imprecise at best and reckless at worst with his terms, from the get go.  The word bounty implies that a fee will be paid for doing something nefarious to the target of said bounty.  Perhaps during Carter’s 16 NFL seasons the practice of using bounties was so widespread that the term got used in circumstances where it simply didn’t apply, such as protecting an offensive player from getting hit hard by a member of the opposing defense.

Despite the words that were used, Carter’s comments illustrate why the NFL hopes to make the modern game seem safer by minimizing a rough-and-tumble culture in which money changes hands for making big hits and/or delivering a blow to a defensive player before he can take out an offensive player.  Removing bounties won’t make the game less violent, but if could smooth out some of the unnecessary violence.  And so, like making kickoffs safer by having fewer of them, eliminating bounties could make the game safer, in theory, by stripping away the incentive to engage in contact that otherwise would be avoided.

But perhaps the most intriguing comment from Carter came at the end of the interview, when he explained why receiver Randy Moss was vulnerable during his rookie season.  Despite having the most dramatic impact on the game of any first-year player since Gale Sayers, Carter said that Moss couldn’t bench-press 225 pounds a single time when he showed up for work in Minnesota.

“Now that guy needs protection from the first day,” Carter said.

31 responses to “Carter keeps talking about bounties

  1. Good lord, does it get any worse? I’m not sure what I’m more tired of. Saints, bounties, ESPN, Cris Carter, or Roger Goodell.

  2. Omg Cruz stop talking. You’re not relevant anymore. Your like a crazy old man who keeps making up stories to get people to pay attention to you. Go away!

  3. really did he yave to bring up moss not benching 225lbs? loser when he played and a jackass now. what a POS!!

  4. You guys are fueling the fire of this story by paying so much attention to it. This is ESPN creating its own headlines at it’s finest.

  5. Maybe Moss couldn’t bench 225 lbs. as a rookie. But he sure as hell made more of an impact his rookie year than Carter did his entire career

  6. Knowing Carter, he’s probably under the mistaken impression that this all revolves around “the quicker picker upper”

  7. I’ve tell who I’m tired of, you Goddell slurpers. The Saints will make the NFL pay, dearly.

  8. Carter talks even more than he caught TDs, an amazing feat in itself. Who cares, you my boy CC, see you in the hall in a few years bro, it’s only a matter of time.

  9. When Favre comes out to complain about a long time problem with his groin; Chris Carter will do an exclusive about how some ILB put a bounty on his groin……..

  10. In response to Jason 1980, the Saints may make you fans pay, especially for the paper or plastic bags you’ll have to use this season. Losers get very little tv revenue so also expect your ticket prices to jump. By the end of the next three seasons they’ll be giving tickets away to fill empty seats. No bounties, no wins, no Brees, no chance. Who dat? Not Dem. LOL

  11. Can we put a Bounty on Chris Carter’s ego?

    That would be great.


    The Universe

  12. “The word bounty implies that a fee will be paid for doing something nefarious to the target of said bounty.”

    A man called “Dog” wants an explanation.

  13. “The word bounty implies that a fee will be paid for doing something nefarious to the target of said bounty.”

    “That sir, is libel. Bounty hunting is a fine and honourable profession sanctioned by the government” – Boba Fett

  14. On the other hand why are people connecting this to Carter being in the HOF? OJ’s till in there isn’t he? I think Carter no question should be in the HOF, any other suggestion is just plain ridiculous.

  15. I can see ESPN taking him off the air. He’ll disappear and never be heard from again.

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