Carter says “bounty” was poor choice of words

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Surprise, surprise.  Surprise.

A day after former NFL receiver Cris Carter launched into an extended riff about the use of bounties during his playing days, ignoring multiple efforts by ESPN Radio’s Mike Hill and Mark Schlereth to steer Carter toward a safe harbor of clarification and/or equivocation, Carter said on ESPN’s SportsCenter that “bounty” may have been a poor choice of words.

Even though he chose to use the words multiple times.

Carter reiterated Wednesday that there was no intent to injure or maim, something he said on Tuesday night when explaining that the bounties were used for things like self-protection and simply trying to win games.  And while some would say this would distinguish Carter’s bounties from what the Saints did, there is still no evidence that any Saints player intended to inflict injury on anyone.

Meanwhile, Carter’s specific reference to linebacker Bill Romanowski as a bounty target, given that Romanowski supposedly threatened to end Carter’s career, has created a meaningless detour to the point that Carter was making.  And so the airwaves were littered on Wednesday with Romanowski — who has admitted using steroids, who once spit in the face of J.J. Stokes during a Monday night game, and who beat the crap out of an Oakland teammate during a practice — defending whatever honor he retained when he finished playing football.

“When I think about Cris Carter and who he is, he’s just an angry man,” Romanowski told 95.7 The Fan in San Francisco.  “He doesn’t have much nice to say about anybody and everybody who played with him disliked him.  So there’s no credibility on what comes out of his mouth.  Zero.  None.”

Plenty would agree with Romanowski.  And plenty would also agree with those words if the name “Cris Carter” were replaced with “Bill Romanowski.”

Either way, the point is that bounties were a key part of the NFL culture for decades, and that the NFL arguably has opted to hammer the Saints in the hopes of removing the practice from the game — even if that’s simply not possible.

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57 responses to “Carter says “bounty” was poor choice of words

  1. Chris Carter only opens his mouth to remain relevant to whatever is going on today.

  2. Umm, well you see, I didn’t think Romo would pay attention and call me out for what I said…you know, like when Calvin Johnson made me look like an ass last year….my bad…

  3. cris you are talkin and talkin yourself out of the hall of fame every year

  4. Romo is right, CC is a d*ckhead, that’s why he’s not in the H.O.F.

  5. And RomanOUCHski has a better shot at being inducted in to the HOF than what Chris Carter does.. Because Chris can’t keep his mouth shut..

  6. Just like leaving Megatron off the Top 10 WR List to begin the season was a “poor choice in decision”. Does this guy ever just stick to his words? He is turning into a serious joke!

  7. I was listening to talk radio this morning and they said Carter would be backpedaling by tonight due to pressure from ESPN….Good Call

  8. He should’ve played corner with that kind of back-peddle!!!

    Just like Calvin Johnson isn’t an elite receiver, right Carter Island???

  9. Chris Carter is still angry about how it ended with the Vikings. He takes any chance he can to paint them in a bad light. I’m sure he doesn’t mind spending all the money he made from them during his career though. Moss was right on about him. This is why Anthony will always be my favorite Viking Carter.

  10. It’s the same thing, I’ve been hard on the Saints* and if you pay money to go after an oposing player then It’s considered a bounty. I’m still critical of paying monies to intentionally hurt someone that plays the game that I love to watch. If it happens in a game and its a fair hit that’s one thing. Most players play not to intentionally hurt another but to do the job. I still disagree with Saints* players being paid to knock opposing players out of the game but it is niave to think it doesn’t go on other teams. I think it depends on the coaches and I do believe there are honorable coaches that teach the game the way its supposed to be played. Tony Dungy comes to mind as well as a few others. Now with that said, there will be no quarter for opposing fans. It’s not your team that I dislike it’s opposing fans that I despise. In a sporting kind of way. As my fellow American brethren. I got your back no matter what crappy NFL team you support.

  11. Our mission is to for people learn their place in the world. That is below us. The Steeler Nation is the pinnacle of existence and evolution. You do not yet comprehend your place in things. We bathe in the glories of success as you fumble in the darkness of our shadows. This will always be.

    The Steeler Nation simply wants people to understand their place in things. Sometimes this rubs off in the wrong way and fans see us as arrogant or even stupid. This isn’t the case and we hope to clarify things.

    Our greatness was always there. From the Ice Age to the Renassaince etc. Certain humans have always had an untapped potential. The Steeler Effect some call it. This “effect” exists in certain humans. These humans are now know within the society of Steeler Nation. Once these extraordinary group of humans founded the Steelers, they found a medium in which to release this power.

    In the beginning, we struggled. There were agents from powerful groups around the world that wanted to hinder our motives to unleash our greatness. They were very successful in this and there was chaos within our organization. This sabatoge lasted for 40 years until we final won our civil war, and our enemies retreated to replan their attack.

    At this point we have reached our potential. Our race reached the our potential. We’ve become the pinnacle of evolution and existence. We’ve become the closest things to Gods. Steeler Nation was unstoppable. We would use all our abilities into the game of football. The game we created.

    Then our enemy returned. They have smuggled themselves into the highest places in the league. They will do anything to turn back the clock on our people and cast us back into the unknown. During the 80s and some of the 90s they had suffocated us. We countered and despite their attempts to oppress us, we won two more SBs in the 00s. They have now reached their highest strength in their existence, but so have we.

    We must now fulfil our destiny and win SB #7 and begin our own league where our people can bathe in the glory of unified greatness. Pure Steeler blood will run through the veins of everyone in our league. Oh, the glory!

    You mere mortals will never outlast us. We are infinite. You are bacteria. We will triumph over our enemies thousands of times over until they release their will. We will defy the odds they have put in place to keep us from repeating our success. We will laugh as the NFL falls to ashes when we leave, as we were the chimney to the fire.

    For those looking for more information on the SFL, we will pass along information as it is released. Most should already know the outline by now. We want to be benevolent rulers. We are open to feedback and want to find new ways to reach out to our lowly humans couterparts. Thank you for your patience. Steeler Bless.

  12. It is really sad that we are still talking about the bounties. If the media would just shut up about them then no one else would be talking about them. It’s time to stop. I know there isn’t much else to talk about, but c’mon man. This is almost as bad as the lockout talk, shut up already. NO ONE CARES! And no more talk about concussions either.

  13. You’d think Cris Carter, Hargrove and the rest are elite NFL CBs, they backpedal so quickly and so well.

  14. Chris Carter will still be inducted in the hall of fame as he should be. I’m no vikings fan, because they are almost at the bottom of the barrel along side of the of the other 30 other teams fans. As Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory says ” Bazinga “

  15. its funny how you all hate a Black man with a Opinion!!!! Chris Carter is a very inteligent Analist!!!!! and was a GREAT PLAYER BOTTOM LINE…HATERS

  16. Funny, Chris Carter speaks to reality in the NFL, and a lot of you here are not pleased with hearing the truth. I guess you Goddell slurpers are too invested in the Saints falling from grace. Forget about it, it ain’t gonna happen. The Saints are forever a powerhouse in this league, like them or hate them, they are a bada$$ team, and any team in the NFL that takes them lightly this season will do so at their own peril.

  17. It almost seems that the Steelers fan yacking about having 6 SB wins actually participated in those 6 SB wins. Great organization but their fan base are a bunch of “I’m the reason they won dilhoes” sit down and zip it, couch potatoe,

  18. I love when Morons speak trying to sound intelligent… just shut up CC and get off my TV…. i wish Romo did end his Career

  19. Gee if we could have Farve weigh in on this topic all would be well. CC come on man!!!!

  20. “Either way, the point is that bounties were a key part of the NFL culture for decades, and that the NFL arguably has opted to hammer the Saints in the hopes of removing the practice from the game — even if that’s simply not possible.”


  21. its funny how you all hate a Black man with a Opinion!!!! Chris Carter is a very inteligent Analist!!!!! and was a GREAT PLAYER BOTTOM LINE…HATERS


    HAHA… no one ever thinks about race being an issue until clowns like YOU bring it up…. gees let it die

  22. The Vikings won’t be going to LA, even if they move to different venue, it will still be in MN. L.A. will never get a NFL franchise unless there is an expantion team. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  23. Where is it written that every wide receiver is a diva or a chump. When he was a player, CC was a diva and now he is a chump.

    Although HOF voters are not supposed to take into consideration a players personality or off field exploits they are human beings and if presented with an alternative that’s even close what do you think they’ll do? That’s right CC they’ll vote for the non dope. Wise up, shut up!

  24. “there is still no evidence that any Saints player intended to inflict injury on anyone.”

    Ah, that would be incorrect!

    NFC Championship game: Vikings – Saints

    Brett Favre hands the ball off to Peterson who runs wide around the left side. Favre after handing the ball off takes nearly three full steps to the opposite side of the field (away from the play) clearly without the ball. Bobby McCrary, with no attempt to tackle or raise his arms to obstruct a pass attempt (just in case he was the only one in the stadium who thought Favre had the ball in his back pocket) jacks Favre under the chin with his helmet. This was so blatant it was the most egregious hit on a QB since the mid 80s, when Charles Martin slammed Jim McMahon to the turf 2-3 seconds after he threw a pass.

    Favre was no where near the play, clearly didn’t have the ball and was not attempting to do anything to McCrary. This play had nothing to with anything other than trying to injure Favre.

  25. hey steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh –

    anyone who has that much to say is trying to convince themselves, and nobody else.

  26. Hey, “steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh says:” –

    Yeah, you guys looked GREAT against the Tebow & the Broncos in the playoffs last year. It’s a wonder you don’t have 7 rings after that showing.

  27. This will be my first and last comment on steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh. People, please ignore that D’bag. Don’t respond to his comments, don’t dislike them, just ignore. This idiot probably spent weeks writting his little monologue which gives you an insight as to how pathetic of a life he really has.

  28. I don’t know which is worse-the fact that len462 copied and paisted his post from an earlier Chris Carter story or the fact that I pointed it out. I need to get a life!!!

  29. Bill Romanowski calling someone else an angry person is like Rex Ryan complaining that Brian Billick likes to talk a lot. Or Albert Haynesworth saying that Rex Grossman needs to lose a few pounds. Romo is a little bit like OJ without a knife.

  30. I mean there is no way this mouth makes the hall. Too many receivers behind him with wayyyyyyy better numbers. The fact that CC is a total a-hole does not help at all.

  31. What’s up with these guys??!! Everybody is misunderstood, misquoted or taken out of context when they insert their feet in their big mouths. Knowing full well that potentially they’re talking in front of the entire nation, it would make sense to me that they would choose their words and comments carefully. After all, they are supposedly college educated people, many having majored in journalism and communications.

    Either accept responsibility for your words and actions, Mr. Retired Player Turned Football Commentator, or find another job that suits your education and intelligence level better.

  32. Everybody Knows that ROMO is a Raider, He even says that if he ever went to the HOF it would be as a raider. Even know he only spent a short time there he feels like he is part of the Raider family. He even works for the Raiders doing post and pre game shows for them..
    Cris Carter is a Raider hater, ROMO has pointed this out on Tv before that ESPN hates the Raiders and they only hire guys who hate the Raiders. ESPN was going to hire him until they heard that he still loves the Raiders…

  33. Carter always has the look on his face like his wife just told him to quit playing Madden 2012 and go out and mow the yard.

  34. Lets have a stupid and annoying contest between Merril Hodge and Chris Carter.

  35. Laughing -laughing -laughing -laughing-
    Boy is that not what Saints fans have been saying for 2 months now? BOUNTY is a media term to make the story more dramatic and vicious sounding. Did not the Saints fans say all other teams were doing the same thing? Funny how it is now leaking out – team by team member saying – Oh yes we did that – its part of football. What a bunch of geeks.
    Its football – hard hitting is a way of the game. Call it what you like, your team does it too.

  36. I remember watching a Packer/Vikings Mon night game when Carter got tackled/hit on a play and he kicked up at the packer player and actually tried to kick him in the face. Can’t remember if he actually kicked him or not, but Carter is a baby.

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