Eagles strike deals with three more draft picks, including Vinny Curry

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Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman told PFT last week that the team would try to get a bunch of its draft picks signed before this weekend’s rookie minicamp.

Three more draft picks are under contract.

The team has announced that second-round defensive end Vinny Curry (pictured), fifth-round tackle Dennis Kelly, and sixth-round receiver Marvin McNutt have agreed to terms on four-year deals.

On Tuesday, the Eagles signed linebacker Mychal Kendricks, a second-round pick.

The new CBA makes it easier to negotiate rookie deals.  Roseman explained that having the contracts signed before the launch of offseason workouts gives first-year players greater peace of mind.

18 responses to “Eagles strike deals with three more draft picks, including Vinny Curry

  1. deathonwings410 says:
    May 9, 2012 1:53 PM
    Philly had s crazy good draft, probably the best in the NFC East. I think Mychal Kendricks and Demeco Ryans will give them a complete defense.

    Really? Wow what’s the lottery number for tomorrow?
    Dream Team the only team to not win a Super Bowl in the division but always a paper champ. Lol

  2. Andy Reid has no more excuses. This is the deepest team that Philly has ever put on the field. So if Andy can’t get done this year he’ll be looking for a job next year. Go Birds!

  3. Anyone taken any bets on how long it takes before that idiot jenniferxxxl gets on here with her stale ass comment (this is how it will go)…….. “great job Philly! Greatest picks ever, HOF players, def a SuperBowl this year. Next draft pick will be even better!”. That idiot gets all hot and bothered everytime there’s an Eagles update just to post the same lame ass comments!!!!

  4. I love this draft.. Would’ve liked to see a safety in free agency.. but there is still time, it seems like all of our safeties are situational players and we don’t have a three down safety. I think Dawkins if he will mentor our group would be huge.. We just don’t have anyone that strikes fear over the middle.. All on all I think even the biggest Eagle haters would be pressed to find another hole in this years team.. I’m not saying Super Bowl but an NFC east title should be pretty attainable ..

  5. Marvin McNutt is easily the best name in the NFL now. I might even buy his jersey just to rock “McNutt” on it.

  6. clw1906

    ugh, calling people out on their opinions on the draft by saying “we won’t really know for 3-4 years” is like calling them out when they say we instead of the teams name.
    Guess what, it’s obviously their OPINION and they are stating it b/c it’s fun for most people to speculate about the future then just sit their and talk about the past.
    If you want to argue why a draft is good or is bad, then have at it, but stop trolling in the comment section with lame conversation killers.

  7. Curry looks a bit like Brandon Graham in that pic. Hopefully various joints, bones, and tendons of his don’t also look like Graham’s in three years.

  8. clw1906 says:
    May 9, 2012 2:19 PM

    Really? Wow what’s the lottery number for tomorrow?
    Dream Team the only team to not win a Super Bowl in the division but always a paper champ. Lol

    Dream Team? Wow you’re clever, did you think of that all by yourself?

    Please.. teach me how to be as cool as you.

  9. Only time will tell my friends…I just think it’s a no brainer that the biggest question mark is the QB…Still not sold on the fact that he can take us to the promised land

  10. The Eagles drafted great talent, and some great values this year, based on across the board “expert” opinions. As with any draft, only time will tell, but as a fan, I am very pleased with the players they added in this draft.

    With Graham, and Allen working back from injuries, that’s even more added depth on top of the draft. The D has a chance to be solid, and not the weak spot.

    The additions of Chris Polk and Bryce Brown at rb, also give some added/needed depth behind Shady.

  11. Vinny Curry, what a great attitude. What a great kid. One thing for sure, this kid is going to give it his all. If he works out, its a feather in Andy”s hat. Personally, I love this pick. A little slow off the ball but good moves and strong. Can’t wait to see him in action….best of luck Vinny

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