Jerry Jones calls Mike Jenkins a “vital part of our plan”

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There’s been a lot of speculation about cornerback Mike Jenkins’ future in Dallas after the team traded up for Morris Claiborne in the first round of the draft last month.

There’s been word that Jenkins was on the trade block during the draft and reportedly remains there, but there hasn’t been any action. According to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, there isn’t going to be any action in the future either. Jones told the team’s website Wednesday that Jenkins is “a vital part of our plan” and that he isn’t going anywhere.

“Jenkins is not only this year, but a long-term player here as far as I’m concerned,” Jones said.

Jones did say that he’s comfortable spending a lot of money on cornerbacks and that you need four of them to play in today’s NFL. Jenkins could remain in Dallas if Jones sticks to that line of thinking.

Jenkins is set to make just over $1 million as he finishes out his rookie deal. That makes him affordable enough to keep for the season or keep long enough to deal over the summer when someone needs a cornerback. Jenkins is also rehabbing after shoulder surgery and he’d probably see his trade value go up if he’s healthy when training camp rolls around.

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  1. He may be in their plans but that still isn’t a vote of confidence for Jenkins. And I have a feeling that Jerry Jones will be cleaning house if the Cowboys don’t make it to the playoffs this season (starting with Jason Garrett). Good thing he didn’t rush to overpay for Jenkins after his pro-bowl year.

  2. Jenkins played well last year. He was hurt much of the year, but he continued to play at a fairly high level, mostly since there wasn’t much of a pass rush and the safety help was marginal at best. I hope that Jones extends to him a long term deal. The mistake that Jones made was signing Scandrick to an expensive contract and the fact he kept Ball around. Carr, Claiborne, Jenkins, and Scandrick is a good CB group.

  3. If Claiborne can play the slot, it would be a huge boost to the pass defense. Jenkins is not as good as Scandrick in the slot, and Scandrick is not as good on the outside as Jenkins.

    Ideally, their formation would be Claiborne and Carr in the base formation. When teams go with 3WR, Carr and Jenkins on the outside with Claiborne in the slot. Scandrick can play the #4 CB when in 4WR sets, a similar slot type of coverage. If there are injuries, the Cowboys are more able to recover.

    Jenkins would be a starter on almost half the teams in the league. He better not be traded for anything lower than a 2nd rounder.

  4. Nowadays, teams consider (and should,) the nickleback a starting position and the dimeback not that far behind. Which means you better be ready to pay for at least four good cornerbacks. With that in mind, I do think Jenkins is a starting CB on most every team, nickle or outside back. If Jerrah wants to trade him off for a third round pick, teams would probably break their legs trying to be first in that line.

  5. Not even sure what Soulman45 just said. Jerry has said all along that Jenkins is a vital part of the secondary. Said it a week ago and I will say it again, Jerry was dying to get back into the second round and was only giving Jenkins up if someone was willing to give up their 2nd. Only way Jenkins is leaving this team is if the Cowboys are offered a second round pick. Can’t see that happening so Jenkins will be on this team. People seem to forget that the Cowboys had each of their top three corners miss multiple games due to injuries last season. If you get rid of Jenkins now and then end up losing Claiborne or Carr to injury you are then only stuck with one starting caliber corner and then Orlando. Jerry isn’t going to let that happen again. Secondary held them back from getting to the playoffs last year and that won’t happen again.

  6. @wagon151515
    I will try again at one time it was said that Jenkins was on the block now he is not.
    The GM (Jerry) can’t seen to make up his mind.
    (hope this is clear)

  7. Jones to Patriots, Packers and other CB-thin teams: You can have Jenkins, you just can’t have him cheap. Gimme a third.

  8. So Jerruh’s plan is to continue to suck anus in the big D just like all of Texas?

  9. Soulman your comment just has no point to it. First of all Jerry has never himself said Mike has ever been on the trading block. Has only been rumors. Even if Jerry came out and said Mike was on the trading block it has nothing to do with him making up his mind. Jerry clearly stated he wanted to get back into the second round of the draft and when that didnt happen there was no longer any point to trade Mike. Has nothing to do with him not making up his mind. Sounds like Jerry had a plan to me. Wanted something to happen and if it didnt happen that player would no longer be available.

  10. When Mike is healthy, he can be a playmaker. The only problem is our guy seems to be made of glass. He does go hard on plays so maybe that’s what the problem is. Either way, I’d like to have him healthy and on my team. Coupled with some of the guys we’ve brought on recently, I’m looking for our secondary to be a threat once again this upcoming season.

  11. Don’t forget that the Cowboys can use a tag on him next year. I believe the transition tag would guarantee them a pick in the same round he was drafter if someone signed him to an offer sheet, and Jenkins was a late first round pick. I may have my tag rules mixed up, but the transition tag could keep him around for another year at a decent price or a decent draft pick if he has another good season. This is probably part of the long-term plan that Jerry is talking about.

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