Josh Freeman has lost 20 pounds this offseason

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Weight loss is one of the things Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman is trying in order to improve his play after a disappointing 2011 season.

Freeman has dropped about 20 pounds since the end of the season. Bucs General Manager Mark Dominik broke the news of a svelter Freeman during an interview with Steve Wyche of He said the decision was Freeman’s without any prodding from the team.

“You’ve seen a guy who’s completely committed to getting his season back on track and hitting the reset button and getting his game back to hopefully to more of what we saw in 2010 as a young 22-year-old,” Dominik said. “The last couple years, he’s been playing around 255-260. Right now, he’s sitting downstairs weighing about 235-238. He’s getting his body right, working on getting more mobility and better conditioned and buying in, heart and soul, to how and what Mike Sullivan is and wants to be as offensive coordinator.”

More mobility would be great, even if Freeman is still going to be primarily a pocket passer in Tampa. In fact, anything that helps him cut down on the 22 interceptions he threw last season would be great for the Buccaneers. Vincent Jackson should be a help on that front and the additions to the Tampa offense might end up helping Freeman even more than dropping a few pounds.

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  1. better conditioning and more weight room work is great… but he might want to do a good deal more work in the film room as well b/c that’s what’ll make or break a QB in the NFL.

  2. Understanding and recognizing opposing defenses is what will really bring the INT rate down. The weight loss is all fine and good. It shows a dedication to his his craft. But I think the mental dedication to studying film of the opposition is even more important for a QB. So much of football is physical but with the QB position the mental aspect of knowing your offense, knowing the defense, recognizing defensive formations, and making protection and play call adjustments etc etc etc…. is absolutely huge. A QB must be smart and committed to film study.

  3. This article is about his WEIGHT LOSS!! I’m SURE that Freeman and his coaches know that film study will help him improve being a qb……that is a given and I don’t believe that he needs or will read you expert coaches on here telling him!

  4. it doesn’t matter how much weight he loses. the bucs wont win more than 4 games with their schedule

  5. backindasaddle, Freeman had some problems last year, but I don’t think any of them were caused by lack of film study or preparation. It’s been reported widely how he’s a first there last to leave kind of player, pursuing others with knowledge and organizing unofficial team workouts.
    Freeman did throw some ill-advised passes, to be sure, but his INT rating was so large with a lot of help from dropped or deflected passes. His receivers last year absolutely did him in. Between Williams not finding open ground anywhere, and the general fumble fingered offense, it’s amazing he completed as many as he did.
    We will be MUCH better this year, count on it!

  6. The Jamarcus Russel comment is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.. Freeman showed life in his rookie year, Jamarcus didn’t know what It was like to even throw in the NFL.. Keep tryin to hate on our boys.. We’re not gonna go to the Super Bowl but we will def turn heads..

  7. And 4 wins? Really? Were not playin the steelers and pats every game. We’re in the NFC south that is a mess right now. I’m saying 8-8 and honestly with all our new toys we got a great shot at the wild card.

  8. I often wondered if the fact that Freeman began having his pic on local billboards advertising some kind of liquor that it may have had an effect on his game.

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