Rob Ryan thinks he tried to install too much defense, too quickly

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Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan blames himself for some of the struggles of the Dallas defense last season, saying that when he got to work after the lockout, he threw the whole defense at his team at once, instead of giving his players the time to slowly pick up the playbook.

Ryan, who was hired by the Cowboys last year, told Ian Rapoport of that if he had it to do all over again, he’d just introduce basic concepts at first and expand as the season went on.

“When we look back at ourselves, reevaluate, I think I started too fast,” Ryan said. “I put in the accelerated program without English 101, which I always struggled with. You have to have a foundation. . . . It’s like getting a tutor. My kid gets a tutor, he gets 90s in math. He doesn’t? Forties. We need 90s or 100s.”

The Cowboys’ defense got better with the arrival of Ryan last season, and he’s confident that the defense will continue to improve with an offseason of installing the defense the way he wants.

“It just takes time to re-teach everything, get the fundamentals,” Ryan said. “We’re going to teach at a slower pace so we can actually learn. We tried to slow it down [in 2011], and it was a little tough for us. I got to look in the mirror, and that’s on me. I’m a better teacher than that. We come back to square one, and it’s gonna be great.”

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  1. When we look back at ourselves, reevaluate, I think I started too fast,” Ryan said. “I put in the accelerated program without English 101, which I always struggled with.

    Looks like you struggled in Dieting 101.

  2. For once, Rob Ryan is wrong; Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins’ play both declined before he got there, and Anthony Spencer… was just there.

    Now he’s got some actual corners to work with in Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne. Sean Lee and Dan Connor/Bruce Carter in the middle… could be a good year for Dallas.

  3. You have to learn from your mistakes. It had been a long time since the NFL had been through a lockout/strike/work stoppage and there were some teams that worked through it smoothly and others who struggled mightily.

    This year the Cowboys D will be better. Rob is a good coach, but he was trying to do too much too fast because the season was upon them. This year there is much more time for implementation.

  4. Here’s what I took away from this story: Without the aid of a special tutor, Rob Ryan’s kid would fail math miserably.

    Never.. stops… putting… foot… in… mouth.

  5. Oh bull. You live by the blitz, you die by it. He had 16 games to implement things, yet time and time again, he invariably made the wrong call or dialed up the wrong blitz..

    He couldn’t hold Wade’s jock when it comes to defensing properly. Aside from the Ryan name, he’s overrated. Don’t buy that? No problem, check his defenses since he’s been in the league

  6. Great insight. Reasonable. Nice story…

    Now for all the haters – lap band, deet, flabbergasted, fat jokes, bring his brother/father in to it, needs explanation, steelers 6th title troll…. Blah blah blah.

  7. He says he bit off more than he can chew. But by looking at him you know that’s impossible.

  8. Am I the only one who was annoyed that during every Nationally televised Cowboy game (which was almost all of them) this fat slob was given more airtime than both coaches and quarterbacks?

  9. Like he did in Oakland and Cleveland? This guy is so over-rated. Never had a number one defense. There will be no difference in dallass.

  10. after years am looking fwd to this season… finally we will have a good secondary… they still need a good safety but it look a lot better than last few years…

  11. Yeah Rob, your previous defenses have been so great. Nice to try to make it sound like your players are too dumb to understand what you want them to do.
    Try looking in the mirror Rob.

    Like I said last year, don’t count on a lotta “D” in Big “D”.

  12. Funny thing is, even with the defenses weaknesses last year, it was a few stupid plays on the offense that made the difference between 8-8 and 10-6 for first place in the NFC East.

  13. Waden Philips had the same situation in Houston and took the 32 ranked defense and made them #2. Only #2 by mere percentage points… Just shows Jerruh doesnt know jack and the Cowboys are the Raiders for the new millenium.

  14. why do people ALWAYS have to attack a persons character or the way they look. Ryan is fat and Im sure he knows it, why do you have to point it out.

    If you hate the Cowboys so much, WHY ARE YOU ON A COWBOYS PAGE ?

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