Adrian Peterson: I’ll be surprised and disappointed if I miss Week 1


Four months from the Vikings’ opener against the Jaguars, running back Adrian Peterson continues to believe he’ll be on the field.

Peterson told reporters on Wednesday that his recovery from his torn ACL is progressing well, and he said he’ll be surprised if he can’t play by September.

I will be very surprised,” Peterson said. “I have been ahead of the schedule since day one. The staff here in Minnesota, the staff down in Houston, they have been doing a great job of just pushing me and pushing me, but having that limit on it, knowing I want to do this, I just have to play it slow and it will come. From square one I have been ahead of the curve. So, me personally, because that’s my goal, I set my goals and expectations high, and that first game against Jacksonville I plan on being back. It will be disappointing if I am not.”

Vikings head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman is emphasizing caution in Peterson’s recovery, and Peterson says he has taken that message to heart and isn’t pushing to do too much, too soon.

But Peterson can already run and is getting in better shape — and as the picture here, taken on Wednesday, shows, he can jump.

“I think I’m doing pretty good, as far as running,” Peterson said. “Conditioning-wise I feel like I have a long ways to go, but I am making strides. The biggest hurdle I am trying to jump right now is being explosive, being able to cut like I once did before.”

In four months, Peterson sees himself being able to do everything like he did before.

9 responses to “Adrian Peterson: I’ll be surprised and disappointed if I miss Week 1

  1. hope he comes back to old form. he has a old school running style with new school speed. best back in the league

  2. Glad to see this guy is making a speedy recovery. The reason why this guy got injured last year was because he wanted to give his fantasy owners more points. Hopefully he re-prioritizes his career in the NFL instead of worrying about disappointing in fantasy.

  3. Don’t bet against him. Through 2009, the standard line on Purple Jesus was, “great RB, but he fumbles all the time”. You notice fumbling doesn’t even come up when people talk about him now? He puts in the work needed to be an elite RB.

  4. 7-9 months is the normal recovery time. I think he got injured late December, so that puts him in right in that window. Still, he’d be best served by waiting til its fully healed, instead of going when he’s tired of rehabbing.

  5. @ dannyboyd lions might not even make the playoff this year kuz all the team in nfc north pass alor n bet the Vikings will take the lions playoff spot also the bears will be in ir kyuz our team play smashmouth football n have defence= playoff homeboi!

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