Broncos sign Drayton Florence

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When the Bills cut veteran cornerback Drayton Florence, there was speculation that he’d return to the Chargers.  He’s definitely returning to the AFC West, but not to San Diego.

Per a league source, Florence has agreed to terms on a two-year deal with the Broncos.  He’ll earn a total of $4.5 million in cash, with up to $1 million in incentives.

He receives a $1.5 million signing bonus, a $1.5 million base salary in 2012, and a $1.5 million base salary in 2013.  His 2013 salary increases by $250,000 if he participates in 50 percent of the defensive snaps.  Another $250,000 is added at 60 percent, another $250,000 is added at 70 percent, and a final $250,000 is added at 80 percent.

Florence joins a corps of cornerbacks that includes Champ Bailey and Tracy Porter.

40 responses to “Broncos sign Drayton Florence

  1. Yeah – but the Bills cut him for a reason!
    Champ Bailey was another Bills cut.
    Broncos overpaid for both of them.

    Bills have a deeper defensive backfield now.

  2. One of the worst backfields I’ve ever seen in the NFL. I think even Cassel will have a field day with this bunch of scrubs.

    Comparing it to Flowers, Routt, Berry and Lewis gives a glance into just how bad it really is.

  3. Chris Harris played lights out last year. We spent a 4th rounder on a CB and have a promising youngster named Syd’Quan Thomson.
    With Champ, Porter and Florence ahead of those 3
    along with Mike Adams, Quinton Carter, and Rahim Moore (a 2011 2nd rounder), that secondary looks dangerous.

  4. They’re stocking up to compete with the top passing teams deep in the playoffs. They still aren’t as stout up the middle as I’d like, but the combination of Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller coming off the edges along with all that talent at cornerback should add up to the best pass defense Peyton Manning has ever had on the other side of the ball. Look out.

  5. rooneyruleblues says: May 10, 2012 4:58 PM

    That Broncos defensive back field is going to get torched this season.


    Why? Because you say so?

    Do you even follow the Broncos? Do you have a clue who is on the team or are you just another reject that likes to run their mouth?

  6. billsfaninmiami says:
    May 10, 2012 5:24 PM
    Yeah – but the Bills cut him for a reason!
    Champ Bailey was another Bills cut.
    Broncos overpaid for both of them.

    Bills have a deeper defensive backfield now.

     Dude what ru talking about? Champ Bailey came in the Portis trade with the Redskins. Walmart may have a clue on sale this week.

  7. @billsfaninmiami

    Yeah – but the Bills cut him for a reason!
    Champ Bailey was another Bills cut.
    Broncos overpaid for both of them.


    You’re kidding right? You don’t actually think Champ Bailey was ever on the Bills, do you?

  8. Florence lost a step last year…he had quite a few costly interference penalties in the second half of the year because he had been cleanly beaten. A 31 year old DB in a young man’s game is nothing to cheer about IMO…nice guy but not sad the Bills let him go

  9. The only way Champ Bailey was cut from the Bills an over paved by the Broncos is if he was cut from your Madden team and picked up by the Broncos. Even then Madden would have it correct. Now only if you did. Being a Bills fan I would hope you would know Bailey was not cut by the Bills EVER!!!

  10. billsfaninmiami says:
    May 10, 2012 5:24 PM
    Yeah – but the Bills cut him for a reason!
    Champ Bailey was another Bills cut.
    Broncos overpaid for both of them.

    Bills have a deeper defensive backfield now.


  11. Is this the same cornerback who only had 1 interception last year and who was a part of the Bills secondary that got lit up like a Christmas Tree by the league as he was part of the 26th ranked defense in the league? Being part of a defense and cut from that same defense that was only better than 6 teams in the whole entire league is somehow good? Please explain. Hey, with signings like that, how could you not be happy as a Broncos fan? He should fit right in with your 20th ranked defense and secondary that got scorched by Brady, Rodgers, etc. Hey Bronco’s fans, I think Tom Brady just threw another touchdown on you and I think he was picking on one of his favorite victims who so happens to be your new cornerback. HA!

  12. Guys his name is “bills fan in miami”, he is obviously just screwed up over the Bills losing for ever. I’m a hard core Colts fan, but even I am excited for Manning and the Broncos’ chance at going all the way.

  13. Maybe instead of signing medicore safety and DB’s they should sign some more d line men. Broncos fans have high hopes…for now LOL!!!

  14. nice physical corner, but gets penalties like you wouldn’t believe. I feel like at least twice per game he would get burned and create a pass interference for some big yards

  15. denver is getting a high character guy on and off the field.
    I’m hoping if my bills dont win the Super Bowl (i know i know) that you guys do.

  16. You want him to lead you into the late season??
    “Florence, 31, was Buffalo’s second lowest-rated cornerback in terms of pass coverage by He struggled in particular in the games at the Giants and at Dallas. He had three pass interference penalties and gave up a 60-yard completion against the Giants.”
    The Giants game is one we had won until the mistakes started piling up.

  17. Bills fan here. I think this is a decent pickup for Denver. In 2010, Florence was the best all-around CB on our team, no question. Last year he really struggled…fewer big plays (although the Brady pick-6 will ensure his place in Bills’ fans’ hearts forever), a whole lot of penalties. The question in my mind is which Drayton you’ll get going forward. If it’s 2010 Drayton, then this is a great bargain. If it’s 2011 Drayton, then you’ll want him on the bench. Odds are he’ll be somewhere between the two, in which case it’s not a bad pickup.

  18. Florence is a great guy, but he got beat big time last year. You can blame part of his being torched on the fact that Buffalo had a crappy pass rushing D-line. When the D-line was getting good penetration (vs-NE(1st time) vs-Philly) the defensive backs, especially Florence had great games with a nice pick-6 against the Patriots. Maybe Drayton has lost a step, but he will benefit from Denver’s pass rush.
    I am willing to bet that Florence plays 80% or more of the snaps in Denver, he is extremely durable. He will line up next to Bailey as the other starting CB.
    I was sorry to see him go, but business is business.

  19. Phillip Rivers will torch this guy of he’s on the field for the donkeys. During practice when Florence was on the chargers Rivers would light him up many times!

  20. Does anybody else wish billsfaninmiami would chime in again? I’d like to hear his thoughts on Andrew Luck being drafted by the Steelers….

  21. If Denver can’t make more noise up front this season it won’t matter who they have in the secondary.

    What’s the over/under on when billsfaninmiami posts again, at least under that user name? Moron. That was one of the best trades ever. Bailey and a second round pick for Portis was almost criminal.

  22. To Bills Fan in Miami – Champ is the best defensive player I’ve ever seen while following the Broncs (35 years and counting). If you’re basing your comments off his Ints, it’s because people rarely thrown at him these days.

    As for a lot of other commentators here, settle down. No one said Florence was our starting CB. He’ll come in on Nickle & Dime pkgs to spell others ahead of him on the depth chart. We’re not building the secondary around dude.

  23. Broncos fans…I loved Drayton in Buffalo but he has a tendency to get burned…He will also accumulate many pass interference calls…On the bright side of suffering however….He is a playmaker and a vocal leader…Risk vs Reward type player

  24. florence > cromartie

    signed a chargers fan

    i’m happy to see him in the west again.

    however, rivers will pick that secondary apart…but he is 10X the qb that cassel is. slickster35 must have a head injury.

    the broncos def will be beast this year. i’m looking forward to a competitive afc west again.

  25. You know your team sucks donkey balls when you get excited about having Drayton Florence.

    Nice move, horse face.

  26. He’ll compete with Tracy Porter for the #2 spot. Whichever of the two doesn’t star will be the nickel back. Chris Harris will be a solid #4, and Syd’Quan Thompson and rookie Omar Bolden will likely compete for the #5 spot. That’s very good depth. Another good move by Elway and company.

  27. Didn’t see this signing coming? I see the broncos are staying quiet on their intentions and what they’re doing. Im not gonna that the broncos defense is gonna be a beast but its a hugh upgrade from last year and better than what Peyton manning had in indy.

  28. To bad billsfaninmiami says doesnt know a damn thing about what he talks about. Champ Bailey never played for the Buffoon Bills he was a 1st round pick for Washington and played for the Redskins until he was traded to Denver for Clinton Portis. Before you try to bash someone or some organization get your facts straight first.

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