Browns’ Phil Taylor suffers possible torn pectoral


Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor, a first-round draft pick last year who started all 16 games and had an impressive rookie season, suffered what may have been a serious injury while working out today.

John Telich of Fox 8 in Cleveland reports that Taylor will have an MRI on an injury suffered today. On Twitter Telich wrote that Taylor’s agent confirmed that Taylor’s injury is a possible torn pectoral muscle.

A torn pectoral can take several months to heal, so it would be a significant injury for Taylor and a significant blow to the Browns’ defense to lose one of their best young players for an extended period of time.

15 responses to “Browns’ Phil Taylor suffers possible torn pectoral

  1. That’s a major loss to the D-line. Things just never go the Browns way. If you are tearing your pecs, chances are the weight is too heavy for training.

  2. He’s done for the year…will never be the same…the Brownies can kiss this season good bye.


    Well Mr. Heckert looks like Hughes is not going to be able to hide behind Taylor and Rubin. That already questionable pick has just been brought into the spotlight. Schaefering, rookie Billy Winn, and Paxon are going to have to step it up and help Hughes fill the void. The strong point of are team just got a huge kink in the armor.

  4. I remember that dude, he was the one that jumped during a game when everyone knew the other team wasnt going to go for it. Anyhow, hope he gets well.

  5. Uncle Phil should be ok depending on how bad the tear is. 4-6 month would put him at week 2 best case or week 11 worst case, and while it was definitely a reach this Hughes kid looks pretty good on tape.

  6. That sucks. At least they can take some comfort in knowing that D’Qwell Jackson came back from that injury and is playing well, so maybe Taylor can do the same.

    Maybe the Browns can sign someone like Marcus Thomas, Aubrayo Franklin, Anthony Adams or Fred Robbins for a year just to keep them from having to throw Hughes or Winn in there too much.

  7. Ay yi yi…not again…*facepalm*

    Then again, just about every team in the NFL suffers some kind of significant injury to an important player before the season starts. Almost always happens. I know it happens every year to my Browns (seemingly, anyway).

  8. He’s done for the year…will never be the same…the Brownies can kiss this season good bye


    Just like Terrell Suggs.

    Expect another Raven injury, muscle.

    You just woke up the karma gods with your classless comment.

  9. Dude is under rated. He had a very good rookie season. Hope its not as bad as D’Qwell Jacksons.

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