Bucs waive Jordan Jefferson after four days

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Former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson was added to the Buccaneers’ offseason roster on Sunday.

On Thursday, the Bucs announced that Jefferson has been waived.

“There’s a lot of upside there,” coach Greg Schiano said following Jefferson’s minicamp tryout last weekend. “So I think we would like to have a chance to work with him.”

Tampa must not have seen that much upside in Jefferson, because he was cut after spending four days on the 90-man offseason roster. Instead, the Bucs opted to keep undrafted rookie defensive tackle Myles Wade following Da’Quan Bowers’ likely season-ending Achilles’ tear.

17 responses to “Bucs waive Jordan Jefferson after four days

  1. Four days huh?

    That’s a new record for him, I’m impressed.

    After having watched the BCS Championship, I thought all Jefferson was good for was three and outs.

  2. best of luck to him. He was never very good though and anyone that watched LSU this year could tell you the same.

  3. Couldn’t get past the 50 again! Hey send him to Oakland they pay really bad QB’s really well…

  4. ancylostoma says: May 10, 2012 5:37 PM

    What?? Drew Brees is befuddled, wants an explanation!!


  5. If I were a Buc fan I’d be worried that the coaching staff took this long to figure out that JJ has absolutely no talent.

  6. Many folks, including she who write FOR this site seem to be cheering for Jordan Jefferson to fail. Let’s set the record straight!!!

    Jordan Jefferson was falsely accused of a crime at the dawn of his senior campaign that he did not commit. While being pillaried by many in the LSU fanbase who celebrated his misfortune and what they hoped would be his dimise, he gave no quarter and asked for none. He kept his poise about him and made no excuses. He was ‘TEAM FIRST’ the entire time. He carried himself like the captain he was. No pouting. No Crying. Those of you who chose to believe the worst about this here to fore outstanding young man made fools of yourself. You danced(and continue) and celebrated on the grave of a young man that had dedicated himself to LSU from his first day of matriculation. Mr. Jefferson supported his replacement Jared Lee verbally and by his actions. He supported his team and the institution by being READY when called upon, despite being caught up in nightmare legal proceedings.

    When Mr. lee was unsuccessful in the National Championship game twitter, facebook, blogs and the like were rife with criticism that at times was vitriolic and at times downright racist. Considering what we know now that this young man was innocent. Considering that he never gave up on his team, his family, his state and the fans, even when many clearly gave up on him; he should be applauded and appreciated not made to continually suffer unfair, inaccurate and ignorant criticism.



  7. shut up bitch (@ESPNfeedback) nobody cares about that and nobody is being racist. He sucked during the national championship and he sucked in these 4 days (I’m assuming if he played well at all he wouldn’t have been cut) in Bucs training camp. He’s always been known as a good leader and teammate, again nobody is questioning that. He gets the same criticism Tebow gets, he’s not a good throwing QB, and Tebow is white

    p.s. ESPN sucks these days, stop promoting yourself on SC, and having nerdy awkward flirting between anchors and actually report the news. It’s just a bunch of ass kissing and fake gossip and opinion these days. SVP rules tho

  8. Can’t wait to see LSU suck this season. There’s nothing I like more than whining LSU fans.

  9. espnfeedback…that was a huge stinking pile of BS you laid out there.
    His ON field actions alone would have him on the bench for any other coach in the world, but not the hatter. Jefferson stunk to high heaven, and everybody knew it except JEfferson, you, Moni Anders, and The Hatter.
    His OFF field hijinks…well, he was not innocent, and still has a trial coming up to answer for it.
    After his arrest he said GOD put him in certain situations, and he was only put in that position because of his popularity. HE said he didn’t owe the team apologies, because they were all there. HE also said his number one priority was to get HIS starting job back AT ALL COSTS. Never did he say he was there to be a team player, but rather the leader of the team, and this was HIS time to shine and HIS time to show what he could do to prepare for his life in the NFL.
    YOU are a liar feedback.

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