Ex-punter Jim Arnold sues NFL, says he had “several concussions”

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Two-time Pro Bowl punter Jim Arnold, who has joined the latest lawsuit against the NFL, says punters suffer brain damage in on-field collisions, too.

Arnold told the Detroit News a neurologist examined him about a year and a half ago and told him he suffered “several concussions” during his lifetime.

In a career that saw him play three seasons for the Chiefs, seven for the Lions and one for the Dolphins, Arnold says he prided himself on being able to make a tackle on a punt return if he had to. Although he says, “it took a while for me to clear some cobwebs,” he would keep playing.

Arnold was never diagnosed with a concussion while he was an active player, but that’s the point many former players are making in their lawsuits: The NFL, the teams and the medical staffs didn’t do anything about it — didn’t even recognize it — when players suffered concussions. And if a punter was involved in enough collisions that he thinks he had several concussions, every player in NFL history may have had several concussions.

22 responses to “Ex-punter Jim Arnold sues NFL, says he had “several concussions”

  1. Wait a minute ….. a PUNTER???????


    The single most “protected” position in all of football??????

    You can’t even SNEEZE in a punter’s general direction, and this guy is SUING for concussions?

    There have been exactly THREE blocks and /or tackles by punters in the history of the NFL.

    Not like you’re going after any “deep pockets” there, Arnold. Right?

  2. I am so sick of this how dumb do you have to be. Its not the teams fault its the players for not saying anything. Doctors cant help you if they do not know your hurt. These law suits are because of lawyers trying to make money and players that are broke because they wasted there money. And punters are drunk and stupid just ask Payton Manning.

  3. Anyway of looking up how many tackles Jim “Butkus” Arnold actually made?

    I thought Sean the Clipboard holder Salisbury suing the NFL for concussions was a joke.

  4. This is getting to the point where it is going to destroy football.

    Common sense says if you smash a part of your body enough, its going to hurt. These law suits should be dismissed immediately. How many times have these same guys said “I didnt want to come out of the game, so I lied to the trainer”?

    I dont believe for a second that any of these guys that made millions in the NFL would have NOT played if anything was different.

    This is all a crock, but the NFL will get screwed, just like the tobacco companies.

  5. Sorry, Jim. The Bandwagon is full. Then again…

    I saw the Patriots play the Chiefs last year and I think I suffered a concussion trying to follow Gronk’s flipping touchdown. I was dizzy for days afterwards. I was not adequately warned of this possibility prior to the game. Is there a Lawyer in the house?

  6. Gee: strong, fast, hard hitting guys banging helmets into each other and the ground can cause brain damage? I have no sympathy for any of these players if they’re that dumb. What’s next? Players suing the NFL because they tore their ACL, broke a leg or bent a finger? Pathetic.

  7. Sorry Jim, the ball going through your hands and hitting you in the face doesn’t count as a collision

  8. I knew the dangers and symptoms of concussions when I played Pee Wee in the 70’s. These guys are looking for a free check.

  9. I’m just curious how this guys are going to prove that it’s a hit they took in the NFL that is the cause of their “problems” I mean they played years of football before entering the league, some of them played more outside the NFL than inside the NFL. Won’t they have the burden of proof to individually show when/how/where the hits happened if they want to pin it on the NFL?

  10. So the concussions I suffered in the 90’s, from banging my head on walls, and table’s every time Favre threw an interception, are orth money if I sue the NFL?

  11. this is complete BS. Im a former U.s. Marine combat vet, served in iraq and received concussions from IED blasts. i would never dream of suing the marine corps, i guess what I’m trying to say is I KNEW the risks when i signed the dotted line, and unless these players are completely RETARDED…they did too. these players need to Man up.

  12. I have been watching football for 10+ years. I recently get the Dx of repeated concision. I need to sue NFL too.

  13. He must have been targeted by a Saints players, they’re the only team that gets Goddell excited, I see an investigation.

  14. Arnold may have had concussions but technically he has no proof that they happened while playing football. If you DO NOT get tested during games or practice and there is no record of your concussions you should not be able to sue the league and if you do the NFL should be able to counter-sue you for slander of character and whatever else they can find and trust me the NFL will not lose. Its like me cutting my finger at work and coming back 25 years later saying that I have early arthritis and I “think” me cutting my finger was the cause of it.

    Players should be tested before and after EVERY practice/game, if you do have a concussion you miss games until fully recovered but no more law-suits 10, 20, 30 years after your career is finished.

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