Louisiana State Police have made no decision yet on eavesdropping probe

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Last month, ESPN reported that Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis had from 2002 through 2004 the ability to eavesdrop on conversations occurring among opposing coaches.  To date, the Louisiana State Police have yet to decide whether to commence an official criminal probe.

Jim Varney of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that the State Police have said no conclusion has been reached.

The FBI and the State Police launched a joint investigation after the allegation arose.  Loomis said on PFT Live that he welcomed the effort, and that he would cooperate with authorities.  It’s not known whether he has been contacted.

Complicating matters could be the statute of limitations, which could prevent a prosecution.  Also, there may be no physical evidence to corroborate the claims that reportedly were made by a former employee who had been fired by the team, given recent renovations to the Superdome.

7 responses to “Louisiana State Police have made no decision yet on eavesdropping probe

  1. I’m glad that Goodell is not jumping to conclusions about the wiretapping scandal. I wish he had taken a more cautious approach about the bounty scandal as well. He’s in no “rush to judge” about the wiretapping scandal, but perhaps the bounty controversy is part of that. The punishments were meant to make a statement, but really, they’ve just brought the league a bunch of unwanted scrutiny and consequences.

    I don’t think Goodell predicted the scrutiny that these bounty suspensions would case. And, I don’t think that handing down the harshest punishments possible really worked out all that well. Cause during all this, have you guys seen the lifestyle that Sean Payton is living? Sean Payton continues to enjoy his time off by playing bongos for Jimmy Buffet (he did that a few weeks ago) and keyboard in a band with one of the Allman Brothers (Warren Haynes) a few days ago.

    I don’t really think giving a multi-millionaire coach a year off to spend time with his family, coach his son’s football team, and moonlight with famous musicians around New Orleans is really that great of a punishment. Sure, he’s away from the league for a year, but in many ways, that really allows him to fully “vacation” during that time. Better to suspend him half the season and give a huge fine. After all, he wasn’t even directly involved in the bounty scandal.

  2. Gee I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that the allegations were made by a guy who was fired by the Saints for improperly using their equipment and improper billing…nahhhhh

  3. @genericuser- Ah as to Payton having a good “vacation”. Remember that he isn’t getting paid vacation. I think he was supposed to make around 8 million this year. I can’t imagine he’s all that happy and fun loving about losing 8 mill. Would you?

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