No progress between Ravens, Flacco

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It looked promising in February, when contract talks between the Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco finally launched.  But not much has happened since then.  It’s now May (duh), and there are no signs of a coming breakthrough.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the two sides are expected to keep talking through the remaining months of the offseason.

Flacco is signed through 2012.  Other quarterbacks, including Drew Brees (twice) and Peyton Manning (twice) have finished out contracts.  (Brees is still waiting for his second deal from the Saints.)  For the team, the risk arises from the possibility that the player will have a great year that fuels a big-money deal and that, in hindsight, ends up being an aberration.  For the player, the risk primarily comes from the possibility of a serious injury, which would significantly damage his value on the open market, and in turn the leverage with his current team.

Flacco is, by all appearances, motivated to do a deal now.  But if the Ravens know that, the Ravens could be less inclined to put the kind of money on the table that Flacco would otherwise merit if he gets through 2012 playing at a high level and, more importantly, fully healthy.

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  1. I don’t understand how the Ravens can just sit there and not re-sign the best quarterback in the league. Just like the Steelers and Mike Wallace. He’s better than Larry Fitz! They’re the best!

    Just ask them.

  2. He’s the best QB the Ratbirds have ever had that they didn’t unceremoniously kick to the curb (yeah, I know Trent Dilfer didn’t have awesome numbers but they got a ring with him and they treated him like garbage afterwards… see how that worked out for them?)

    Pay the man.

  3. I’ve always thought Flacco was better than many fans, including Ravens fans, give him credit for being. But based on some of his recent comments, it sounds as though he might have a somewhat over-inflated view of his own accomplishments. One thing’s for sure–Ozzie and the Ravens know exactly what he brings to the table. They won’t undervalue him as some fans do–but they won’t overvalue him, either.

    Wonder if he’d agree to something built around incentives–they pay what the team thinks he’s worth now, but agree to kick in more should he win a Super Bowl?

  4. The problem is when a player wants to be paid like a top-5 QB, and he’s not a top-5 QB.

  5. Maybe it’s just that I’m not a Ravens fan, but how about posting an article when they DO make progress?

  6. My guess is that the Ravens aren’t pushing hard on Flacco’s extension because they have to sign Ray Rice as well. Rice is a more immediate issue than Flacco is.

  7. Flaccos an average quarterback with a GREAT running back and a great defense…until he seems himself in the same light, he’ll think they’re short changing him.

  8. The other concern for the Ravens is that Ray Rice and Joe Flacco could go into next offseason unsigned. I think the Ravens would want one of them under contract so they could franchise the other and negotiate.

  9. The truth of the matter is that Joe Flacco is not that good. He should take what Ozzie offers and be glad someone wants him.

  10. tombradyallday says: May 10, 2012 1:17 PM

    he did outplay brady last year in afc champ but guess they want to see more

    The difference is, Flacco got to play against the Pats defense and Brady had to face the Ravens defense. Big difference in difficulty.

  11. When a good FO doesn’t make progress/negotiate with a guy closing in on his last year of his contract, there’s a reason…and it’s usually because the player overvalues himself in the marketplace. Sometimes the player is correct, and he makes more money elsewhere…but never has the team success. Sometimes he makes more money elsewhere and does have a bit more or similar team success. Usually the good FO is right, though.

    I wonder if Flacco’s agent is going to bring up how many places ahead of Romo he finished on that NFLN list? 😀

  12. sudz28 says:
    May 10, 2012 1:19 PM
    He’s the best QB the Ratbirds have ever had that they didn’t unceremoniously kick to the curb (yeah, I know Trent Dilfer didn’t have awesome numbers but they got a ring with him and they treated him like garbage afterwards… see how that worked out for them?)

    Pay the man.

    The Curse of Trent Dilfer. I am convinced this is real.

    As a Ravens fan, I have no issue with Joe Flacco thinking he’s the best, even though I know he isn’t there yet. I prefer that line of thinking to believing he is a mediocre QB. He is the perfect QB for our TEAM, that includes a number of other great players on offense AND defense. The Ravens win with Flacco, not in spite of him.

  13. No progress will be made until Flacco realizes that he is actually not an elite QB. He had to say it on the radio but deep down this guy has to know he is not on the same level.

  14. Flacco is not a bad QB, but he has ZERO leadership ability. Sorry, but QB’s MUST have ability AND leadership. Hell, Trent Dilfer sucked, he knew it, but never led it affect his ability to lead.

  15. this guy is a second tier qb. if he thinks he is getting Brady Peyton money, he is wrong.

  16. Flacco has a strong arm, but he is an average QB.

    The true test of greatness is if you put him on a bad team, what does that team do?

    i.e. Place Flacco with the Rams, do they win 10 games? I think this answers the delusional thought of Flacco being an elite QB.

  17. They probably won’t sign him right now. They let all their best players finish out their contracts. Ray Lewis, Suggs, Ngata, Rice….it’s just how they do business. It’s not a big issue. He’s already reported to OTA’s and just focusing on football and letting his agent do the money stuff, as it should be.

    I will say though, it’s hilarious to me when Flacco gets bashed for being confident, bashed when he’s quiet, and bashed when he wins. What do people want from him? He KNOWS he’s not the best qb in the league at the moment. But he feels like he can get there, what’s wrong with that? Have people looked at the Ravens playoff success before Flacco got there? After the SB, WE SUCKED, including two losing seasons. That’s when Ray Lewis and Reed where in their prime by the way. Flacco comes in and all we do is win. Then receivers forget how to catch the ball in the clutch the last two seasons. The Ravens know they have a franchise qb, and they’ll pay him as such. Just not this year lol.

  18. flacco is average at best. he should take whatever they offer. his d and running game keep him a starter. he cant win you a game on his arm alone.

  19. While I’m sure Flacco wants to stay with the Ravens, someone WILL pay him top 5 money if he hits the market. Overpaying for an above-average quarterback is not nearly as bad as getting stuck with another Kyle Boller.

  20. I gotta believe its hard to measure financial worth for a guy who is that inconsistent. Just last season you had some great performances out of Joe, but you also had some dreadful ones as well – it seems to be feast or famine with this guy, heck even int he Cards game he was like two different guys in the first or second half.

    The deal will get done, but my guess is Flacco ends up lowering his asking price before the Ravens are willing to expand theirs.

  21. This doesn’t concern me as much as ray rice is contract status. Arian Foster signed a new deal and he has similar numbers. That contract set the market. With Ray not willing to sign a contract that it’s in the market value for him, he is handicapping the Ravens front office. His franchise tag number is too high.

    Sign a deal Ray!

  22. Take what Ryan Fitzpatrick got and what manning got and split the difference. Somewhere in ballpark of 7 years 82 mill job done 30 guaranteed

  23. Key words…no progress, which is what ravens fans think when they look at flacco.

  24. @myspaceyourface

    I am sorry but he’s already proven that assertion wrong. People seem to think Flacco inherited a playoff contender. He didn’t. The truth is he took over a 5-11 team and hasn’t posted a losing record since. He took over a team that hadn’t won a playoff game in 6 years and he’s kept winning playoff games every year that he’s been there.

    People really do undervalue this guy. It’s always they win despite him and because of Ray Rice and that great defense. The Ravens had a good running game and a great defense long before Flacco and they were never perennial playoff contenders like they are right now.

  25. Maybe he’s just a .500 QB. He’s not the type of QB that can win a game by himself. When you look at the schedule and say “he” can win about 4 or 5 games without Ray Rice or the Defense they he’s worth top 5 $$.

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