Patriots promote Matt Patricia to defensive coordinator


Last season Patriots head coach Bill Belichick indicated that he had given much of the defensive play calling responsibilities to safeties coach Matt Patricia. Now Patricia has a job title that matches those responsibilities.

The Patriots announced today that Patricia has been named defensive coordinator. Patricia got his start in the NFL as a coaching assistant for the Patriots in 2004. From there he was promoted to assistant offensive line coach in 2005 and was linebackers coach from 2006 to 2010 before becoming the safeties coach last year.

The team also announced that Belichick’s son Steve Belichick has been named a coaching assistant. (Which means that if Steve Belichick follows Patricia’s career path, he’ll be the Patriots’ defensive coordinator in eight years.)

The Patriots also announced that Josh Boyer will coach cornerbacks, Brian Flores will coach safeties, Patrick Graham will coach the defensive line, Pepper Johnson will coach linebackers, George Godsey will coach tight ends and Joe Judge has been named special teams assistant.

24 responses to “Patriots promote Matt Patricia to defensive coordinator

  1. Umm……Did Belichick see the defense play last year?

    I’m not sure you reward that.

  2. Heard about Pep the other day but didn’t know the rest. Patricia’s been calling the D plays since Pees left so it was just a matter of time. Love seeing BB’s son get into coaching. If Brian does also that will be the trifecta (Amanda coaches lacrosse @ Ohio State).
    I LOVE that Pep is back with the LBs. The last time they were truly dominant, he was their position coach (in 04). Yes some of that is talent base, but they could have a pretty good group this year as well. Pep and Dante are my favorite Pats assistant coaches.

  3. Keep up the solid work Matt, your 31st ranked defense was beautiful to watch.

    Belicheater is going to spend more time conjuring up new ways to cheat opponents.

  4. LOL! How about you ask Rex a thing or two on how to run a top tier defense year after year after year?

    This unit is atrocious. If they didn’t have Brady this team would annually win 4 games max.

  5. Hey realnflmaster,
    Rex is an excellent coach of defense, but Pats D was better than NYJ D in points allowed last year.
    Even if you take away the points the NYJ O gave away that were “credited” to the D I bet that doesn’t make a lot of difference. Both Rex’s and BB’s defenses suffered a lot due to the lockout. Any complex defense did. That’s why BB “simplified” it early on.

  6. adollarpbrs

    You have amnesia? You remember the 2010 playoffs. LMFAO.

    Tell beclicheat to win a Sb without cheating. NY OWNS Belicheat and the patsies.

  7. Belicheater is going to spend more time conjuring up new ways to cheat opponents

    Successfully, too.

    Too bad the rest of the pack can’t seem to figure it out or keep up.

  8. Pepper Johnson played 13 years in the NFL and as won a total of five SuperBowls with Belichick as a player or assistant coach. Someday he has to get his shot to run the defense and stop being a boy. If it wasn’t so sad how many times he gets passed over it would be funny.

  9. Aaah, yes! Man, I love listening to these Jets fans rationalize their team’s yearly implosions.

    I’ve also come to enjoy the yearly Belicheat comments, too… every year the Pats win and win I enjoy those comments more and more.

    The Pats are loaded coming into 2012, and you know it. Maybe we won’t win the SB, but barring injury to Brady, chalk them up for 12 wins right now. I’m not even knocking on wood.

    Do you really think the Jets will win 13? Da Bills are better than the Jets! Let’s get this started, already!

  10. The Bills are better than the JETS? Sanchez is a bad QB but Fitzy makes him look like a hall of famer.

    JETS special teams > Jills

    JETS defense > Jills

    JETS line > Jills

    JETS coaches > Jills

    JETS receivers > Jills

    But yes. Buffalo are a better team then the JETS. Even though we went into Orchard Park and blew their doors off when they were #1 in the AFC halfway through the season.

  11. I don’t like this move, I think pepper should have it. Not impressed with Patricia at all. Also Josh Boyer has not impressed, all the pats 2ndary never play the ball, he must have learned that at that football powerhouse, the school of mining and technology.

  12. You almost wish the NYETS would win something so their fans could grow up. Rooting for a team that hasn’t won anything since Joe Willie was sober has to be hard. What is it 40 something years since they won? For God’s sake that’s before I was born! Get a life.

  13. Why are people crapping on Patricia? His defense, which was mostly made up of a bunch of nobodies, played their way into the Super Bowl. They were a very good defense in the postseason. The Jets, with their overpaid superstars, finished .500. Give me Patricia any day.

  14. Watching Jets fans and Bills fans argue about whose team is better is like watching the Cripple Fight episode of South Park.

  15. Wasn’t there an uproar last year when Reid put the O line coach as the D coach? Patricia was the O line coach and we hear nothing like in Philly

  16. @catquick That’s because he went from ASSISTANT o-line coach in 05 to linebacker coach in 06, to safeties coach in 11, and now DC. He didn’t jump from offense to DC overnight, smart guy.

  17. duanethomas – Pepper might be a guy who is happy where he is at. It’s probably a pretty good life.

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