Players can’t skip Rookie Premiere to work out at team facilities

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After we passed along a report this morning that Bears rookie Alshon Jeffery had chosen to prioritize working out over attending the Rookie Premiere, we heard from a few folks inside the league who said the Rookie Premiere is a mandatory event for the players who are invited to attend.

When we checked with NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, he said the Collective Bargaining Agreement says rookies invited to the NFLPA Rookie Premiere are expected to be there and can’t be at their teams’ facilities.

“Yes, it’s mandatory per the CBA,” Aiello told PFT via e-mail. “No, a player invited to the Rookie Premiere by the NFLPA cannot choose instead to work out at the team facility. He cannot be at the team facility during the Rookie Premiere.”

The NFLPA Rookie Premiere, which takes place May 17-20 in Los Angeles, is an opportunity for some of the league’s top rookies to get exposure and meet with sponsors like Nike, EA and the trading card companies, and most rookies are happy to be invited and want to attend. If Jeffery or any other rookie wants to stay home and work out instead of attending the Rookie Premiere, we’re not sure if anyone would actually try to force him to attend, but any workout he’s doing would have to be separate from the team.

15 responses to “Players can’t skip Rookie Premiere to work out at team facilities

  1. This event should be mandatory. We have to remember that these are 20-24 (28, Weeden) year old men just leaving college and entering the real world. Players need to learn how to invest their money wisely as well as how to conduct themselves both on and off the field. They are professionals now and need to adhere to the standards of being accountable for their actions.

    They are learning life lessons here. They can work out anytime.

  2. He wants to shed 100 pounds before camp to burn off some of the 250 he gained the day he signed his contract.

  3. If the drafted players haven’t signed their contracts and thus aren’t employed by the NFL then how does the CBA require them to do anything?

  4. @blacknole this isnt the rookie symposium where all of that occurs. This is a premire event where certain high profile rooks schmooze sponsor executives.

  5. hey, blacknole08/Pollyanna!

    how have those investment and conduct lessons paid off for previous rookies??

    maybe you and I are accountable for our actions but don’t kid yourself; the next Rae/Ray/OJ is right around the corner….

  6. As a Bears fan I’m glad Jefferey would rather work out than meet sponsors. I’m sure the sponsors all paid a ton to be there though and Goodell needs to show the rookies the NFL is about making as much money as possible not working out to put better quality football on the field.

  7. Any event where you get to meet reps from companies that may want to use your likeness should be deemed important.

    Players weren’t just drafted to play football. The NFL is also a business where men who hae never played the game somehow make all the decisions. If you are player, why not use them and market yourself if you got the oppurtunity?

    RG3 already patented 4 different nicknames for himself.

    All I’m saying is think outside the box.

  8. can’t wait for the pft article next week blasting those who attend as caring more about their endorsement deals instead spending the time working out with their teams and learning the playbook.

  9. Sounds more like a subpoena than an ‘invitation ‘.

    I’m still wondering how the union can force anything on individual members though. I thought unions work for members … not vice versa.

  10. This player wants to succeed at the next level, while Goodell is only concerned about making money for the league and owners.

    Player safety? More like reduce liabilities during the concussion lawsuit.

    This fool Goodell should be fired immediately. He is doing only what is good for himself and the owners. Doesn’t the NFL also include the players? He doesn’t give a rats ass about the NFLPA, the players, or their safety.

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