Rob Sims reports to Lions 20 pounds heavier

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Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports that guard Rob Sims reported to the Lions’ offseason conditioning program last month 20 pounds heavier than he played last season.

Line coach George Yarno suggested that Sims’ weight gain may have been on purpose.

“I think he wanted to just be a little firmer in the run and the pass,” Yarno said. “He was right at 300 [last year] and I think he wants to be in the 315-320 range to have more mass in order to get movement in the run game and stop the pass rush, the inside pass rush. So he’s firmer.”

The Lions have been pleased with Sims’ on-field performance since acquiring him for a 2010 fifth-round pick. The Seahawks used that selection to draft starting strong safety Kam Chancellor. Months later, Sims received a four-year contract extension.

Yarno did concede that Sims’ physical conditioning isn’t game-day ready.

“He’s got to get in shape,” Yarno said. “There’s a process involved with this thing. We’re not ready to play a game right now.”

13 responses to “Rob Sims reports to Lions 20 pounds heavier

  1. Are they sure he didn’t gain weight due to a case of the munchies after hanging out with LeShoure and company in late smoke-filled evenings?

  2. I imagine once you get that large with that much muscle all you have to do is eat like a regular person for a week and it will take care of itself

  3. FANof28 says:
    May 10, 2012 7:01 PM

    Bryant McKinnie syndrome..


    Did you miss the part where he played at 300lbs last season. Thats pretty light for a NFL guard. I hope her gets in shape, but the weight is no problem IMO

  4. 300 is quite light for a guard. I have been impressed with Sims. Glad we replaced Cherilus this year. Now Peterman either needs to play as well as we know he can or go away.

  5. He INTENTIONALLY gained the weight…….lets get the facts straight. It’s not like he just said ‘screw it’, quit working out and came in flabby and out of shape. Coach basically said he’s not game shape. If you pay attention almost all nfl players will talk about being in “game shape” and they will all tell you that doesn’t happen in a weight room. It happens when they start practicing football.

  6. Sims is easily our best Offensive Lineman. If he was playing next to a real center (Raiola is WEAK) and a better left tackle he would be in the pro bowl. Seattle did not get the best of that trade. Sims is top 5 LG in the league easily.

  7. The lions have bust written all over them for 2013. Stanford’s glassman issues will pop up in the early weeks and it’ll be a joke from there.

  8. asublimeday says:May 11, 2012 3:17 AM

    The lions have bust written all over them for 2013. Stanford’s glassman issues will pop up in the early weeks and it’ll be a joke from there.

    Good thing you can predict injuries. So glad you cleared it up for me. Stafford, not Stanford, took many vicious shots last year and didnt get hurt. He will be fine and probably destroy your team.

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