Vikings, House accept terms of final bill

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The Vikings stadium bill has now cleared every hurdle but one.

With a Conference Committee striking a deal Wednesday night on language harmonizing the House and Senate versions of the stadium bill, the Vikings signed off on the revised agreement — and early Thursday morning the House of Representatives voted to accept the deal, 71-60.

The vote consisted of only two fewer “yes” votes in the House, even though the compromise bill reduced by $55 million the Vikings contribution as determined by the House.

The Vikings and the Wilfs have stepped up,” Vikings V.P. Lester Bagley said, via the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  “We’ve made a commitment to secure this franchise.”

The Legislature has stepped up, too, even though plenty of the members don’t like the outcome.

The Senate, which approved the bill by a 38-28 vote early Wednesday morning, will consider the compromise bill at 9:00 a.m. CT on Thursday.  If the Senate passes the measure, it will go to Governor Mark Dayton for a final signature.

Of course, the Minneapolis City Council must also approve the final plan.  However, a majority of the council members previously have expressed support for the effort.

41 responses to “Vikings, House accept terms of final bill

  1. It’s done! No way the Senate won’t take a better deal than the one they already voted for.

    LA Vikings, we hardly knew ye. Skol!

  2. The grown men dressed up with full Dungeons & Dragons battlegear like Syd Davy and KARLA Heinrichs will be thrilled to have a stadium for their 3-13 team to lose in.LOLZ.

  3. Wow…I am blown away…I was busy planning our budget so we could buy the NFL package so we could see the Steelers every week. I thought there was a 20% chance this would happen given how dysfunctional our Legislature is. Way to go MN and the Vikings!

  4. It is finally over. Dayton is waiting with his pen. Vikings are staying. Walleye Opener this weekend. Life is good in MN.

  5. What happened to the whole “every big money support of sports facilities has to be accompanied by a public vote” thing? How did they hurdle around that? Isn’t it still possible that some random person sues about that?

  6. Am i the only one tired of all these Vikings stadium posts?? I mean…there are multiple threads per day @ this point.

    BTW, no disrespect to Vikings fans..

  7. Thanks to the tough stand by rep Zeller us tax payers are saving over
    50 million from the deal gov Dayton was ready to lay down for . it
    should be called Zeller Stadium .

  8. There are so many politicians tht are going to be voted out of office for dragging their feet on this issue and trying to derail it. Can’t wait until November elections!

  9. About friggin time! Wait something is wrong thoe a good draft and now a stadium ok did hell just freez over? SKOAL VIKES!!!

  10. Let’s not celebrate yet Vikings fans. It looks good but we’ve got one more hurdle to clear today. I won’t feel comfortable until the ink is drying from Dayton’s signature on the bill.

  11. I am not a Viking fan but I lived in Green Bay during the 90’s and the vikes vs the pack was always a huge deal. Woulda been a shame had they had to get out of Minn

  12. No giveaways for billionaires! Why fund a stadium when there’s high unemployment, underfunded education, and a healthcare crisis? But apparently a football team is more important!

  13. Marv says:
    May 10, 2012 7:29 AM
    What happened to the whole “every big money support of sports facilities has to be accompanied by a public vote” thing? How did they hurdle around that? Isn’t it still possible that some random person sues about that?

    They amended the bill to get around that antiquated rule, just like they did for the Twins’ Target Field. Besides they weren’t increasing any taxes to get the money for this, unlike for the Twins. Just like with Target Field…the legislators dotted all the i’s and crossed the t’s, so any fight against it won’t hold up in court.

  14. @hotep999

    Its not near as annoying as reading comments from those who dont know how to scroll past an article they dont want to read…

  15. The final bill also includes an option for a retractable roof, at Viking’s expense. They said they haven’t decided if they will do it or not. Hope they do.

  16. Huh?
    Besides they weren’t increasing any taxes to get the money for this
    I agree with jerm867, it woulda been a shame but now the rest of the league should prepare for another shouting from the ‘minnesota nice’===”out field is better than your field”. Heard Paul Allen say it yesterday already. What I think I heard it from them when the metrodome was built years ago.

  17. As predicted, after much huffing, puffing and consternation, it looks like the deal is finally done. Now we can go back to wondering why in heck they dumped Longwell for a rookie that hit about 60% of his FGs last year.

  18. I’m excited to see how loud us Vikings fans get in this new stadium. Metrodome (MOA Field) is already in the top 5 for being the loudest stadium in the league. And now we get to tailgait more freely and celebrate more than a decades worth of trouble.

  19. The league would have looked pretty foolish if Wilf had turned down that generous offer from the Minnesota taxapayers. States and cities do NOT make money from having pro franchises. But residents consider them a public asset. So, it’s nice to see Minnesotans retain their team. There are other franchises which are better candidates to move to LA in any case.

  20. It’s a GREAT DAY in MN, the sun is shinning and soon we’ll go fishing. We’ll begin building a new stadium to go with the rebuilding of a new team. I can face it, it hurts to say but I’ll say it. The Lions are better, the Bears are better, the packners are not better. The Vikes got some work to do and hanging on to older players isn’t doing the player any good. It is time to trade Jared Allen and send him to a team that has a chance to win it all. He deserves it, MN needs the picks. When the stadium is done the Vikes will be back on top of the NFC North and primed to win the Superbowl. packners still and will suck.

    ps Longwell, I hope you find a contender to play for, you deserve it as well.

  21. Finally, some positivity for the Minnesota Sports Fan..

    Wonder why such greetings occurred for Favre whene he signed here?…. Gre..Goo..Average moments of positivity are few-and-far between.

    Skol Vikes!

  22. Great now the Minneapolis mayor pictured above will still have something to do Sundays

  23. Everyones complaining about “handouts” for billionaires, but they are the first in line to get the handouts everyday with welfare, unemployment, food stamps, and health care. At least this handout will help bring jobs to the state, and will actually make money.

  24. Ok, you know what I think? LOL here it is, because I can! 35 years old, life-long SUFFERING Vikes fan. Does that really even need to be pointed out? How much weight does that carry when Packer fans constantly point out all the effed up stuff we have endured?
    Do I hate the Packers, the team? No, they are a RIVAL. But to me its impossible to hate a team like that in the same regard that I hate, say…..The New York Yankees. Its completely different. Know who I do loathe? Packer FANS. And not all Packer fans, just you self entitled jerks that started watching around, oh…….IDK, 1993 or so. Mid-late twenty somethings on down. Every single thing has been spoon fed to you guys. You’ve never felt pain. REAL passionate pain.
    Your elder generation of Packer Fans certainly did. WOW, lets see here. AFTER Bart Starr and BEFORE Brett Favre, I can guess about 19 or 20 mediocre to HORRIBLE teams. Ask an older Packer Fan about how Bart Starr and Forest Gregg did for the fanbase as coaches? AFTER the great Lombardi left to coach the Redskins. About 25 STRAIGHT years of mediocrity, splashed with Horrible, and a few sprinkles of Don Majikowski, James Lofton and Turdel Middleton mixed in to brighten things up on occasion. True test of love, of loyalty, is pain. Fear. Heartache. Through all of that, and you STILL stand by your team, that means something. Like the Packer fans that came before the “Dare/Self Esteem Movement/Its not your fault” generation.
    Infact, in the admitidly unlikely event of even 4 straight years of appathy, i am willing to wager that a good 50% of you would jump right the “F” off that bandwagon.

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