All is well for Bengals, Orson Charles

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The Bengals continue to get their new players to apply their John Hancocks to the bottom of their rookie contracts.

The latest is fourth-round tight end Orson Charles.

Charles, the fifth of 10 draft picks signed by the Bengals, slid all the way to pick 116 despite a lack of high-end talent at the NFL’s new “it” position on offense.  A March DUI arrest may have fueled the drop.

In Cincinnati, the combination of Charles and Jermaine Gresham could give the Bengals a New England-style one-two tight-end punch.

9 responses to “All is well for Bengals, Orson Charles

  1. Way to throw that DUI in there… We all know if he was drafted by any other team, you’d still mention it… Right?

  2. Is the blog post title supposed to be an Orson Welles reference?

    I say we cane Citizen Florio for that one, Singapore style.

  3. that has a nice sound to it. a 1 2 punch TE combo plus all the recivers we have i know a rookie or two will do some things and andrew hawkins lets not forget him and lets hope shiply comes back and is able to go a whole season of doin what he does plus dre kirkpatrick man im stoked for this season. WHO-DEY!!!

  4. That’s the way this site rolls bro. They always have to throw a shot in there at the Bengals. People can post the most obnoxious profane stuff about us but if you try to even so much as leave a negative comment without profanity about another team it gets deleted. I’m won’t be surprised to see this gone by the morning. Things are on the up in Cincy. Most teams are replacing or rebuilding while the Bengals are adding and getting stronger. Our time is coming.

  5. The reason this kid fell was because of that DUI so of course it has to be mentioned. He has talent but poor judgement will devalue a player in a hurry. He is a second round talent with fourth round judgement. Hopefully he learns from his mistake and becomes a great player.

  6. I feel you, WhoDeyTN… but we do bring it on ourselves. My boys do tend to have a lot of run-ins with the Cincy PD. either way, I’m still pumped by the good draft we had.

  7. The DUI was way out of character for this guy. Do some background and you’ll find that out. He made apologies to his team, his family and his church, and vowed not to put bad substances in his body. Kid was a captain at Georgia and is a very high character guy. Not a regular drinker, he explained it and how bad he felt his mom had to take time off work because of it.

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