Brandon Marshall thinks Jerry Rice wouldn’t be effective in Miami

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Brandon Marshall says he’s glad the Dolphins traded him to the Bears this offseason because he doesn’t think he would have been effective in Miami this year. In fact, he doesn’t think any wide receiver in NFL history would have been effective in Miami this year.

In an interview on 740 The Game, Marshall took a parting shot at the Dolphins, saying he thinks they were wise to trade him because in their offense, with their quarterbacks, they wouldn’t have been able to put him in a position to make plays.

“It doesn’t make any sense to pay a guy $2 million and only expect him to have 60 or 65 receptions, or 70 receptions in this new offense,” Marshall said. “And also, if you don’t have a quarterback, it doesn’t matter who you have out there. You can bring Jerry Rice back in his prime and he’s not going to be effective. So it makes sense on a business end, and also the fit just philosophy-wise, wasn’t there. I can understand the change, and honestly this is the best move that could have happened for both sides.”

Marshall is so happy to have a quarterback who can get him the ball in Chicago — his old friend and teammate Jay Cutler — that he calls the Bears a “dream organization.” Still, Marshall says he has no hard feelings for Miami.

“I wish the Dolphins the best of luck, and the guys on the team,” Marshall said. “I have a lot of friends there. I hope they get a chance to turn it around and start winning because that fan base is desperate for some wins.”

Marshall just doesn’t think that fan base is going to see any big plays from the wide receiver position. No matter who the wide receivers are.

45 responses to “Brandon Marshall thinks Jerry Rice wouldn’t be effective in Miami

  1. Sometimes it’s better not to say anything, Brandon.

    Even better for yourself too.

  2. Not a Dolphins fan, but these statements seem totally unnecessary and only reinforce Marshall’s image of being an ass. Just keep your mouth shut and be happy you’re out of Miami.

  3. Hard to believe we are giving up that many receptions from a guy who could catch a beach ball from my kid. But no hard feelings Brandon I wish you all the best!

  4. Brandon would be wise to leave the wife in Miami and not let her stay in Chicago during the season.

    He has enough personal issues without that crazy lady adding to the pressure.

  5. I rooted for Brandon to succeed in Miami, I really did but these comments just highlights who Marshall is, a numbers guy not a winning guy. I truly believe that’s his major focus. He blames the QBs on the fins for his lack of production, well the QBs have been medicore and the media has repeated that for close to 20 years, which makes it a convenient excuse for a guy like Brandon who dropped at least 4 game changing touchdowns. Brandon is a 20 to 20 type of receiver, most of his stats are racked up there not in the redzone. I wish him well in Chicago but if it doesn’t work there who will be left to blame.

    Notice I didn’t take a shot at his personal life because that’s easy, and irrevelant to his job!

  6. Brace bear fans… This is BM pulling the usual “nothing is ever my fault” borderline personality disorder garbage….

    In Miami, Marshall dropped 5 that hit him on the hands in the end zone and was #2 in the entire NFL in drops…. and Jerry rice was never doing that….

    He needs to finish his therapy….

  7. “It doesn’t make any sense to pay a guy $2 million and only expect him to have 60 or 65 receptions, or 70 receptions in this new offense,” Marshall said. “
    Had you not dropped so many balls, you’d have been in line for 80-85 receptions.

    I think you dropped over 5 TDs alone.

  8. Come on people? Are you serious with these comments? BM is top wideout talent in this league. There are only a few wideouts that i would put ahead of him. He made the pro bowl last year catching passes from a QB that would be better fit riding the pine holding a clipboard (Moore isnt terrible but average at best). All he is doing here is providing his opinion of the situation he was in and now is in. Arent we all entitled to our opinions? Miami is a disaster of a team and has been for a while now. I mean, you saw how many free agents flocked to Miami to get on board with that team. Not even Matt Flynn could pull the trigger on that (to a team with his former OC as HC) LOL. Now he is joining a solid organization filled with vets that wants to win now. Oh, not to mention he has his bud Jay back on his side who is a gun slinger and finally has some big targets to hit.

    Just to provide you all with some facts (i cant imagine a team or fan base that would not want this guy on their team) :

    2006 – 20 rec – 309 yds – 2 TD
    2007 – 102 rec – 1325 yds – 7 TD
    2008 – 104 rec – 1265 yds – 6 TD
    2009 – 101 rec – 1120 yds – 10 TD

    And then he went to a team that had no chance of contending and still had decent years…

    2010 – 86 rec – 1014 yds – 3 TD
    2011 – 81 rec – 1214 yds – 6 TD

    Let’s all be honest here and push jealousy aside – BM is a beast of a football player. He has had some issues outside of football – but he has owned up to it and is now reaching out trying to help others. Kudos to BM. Go Bears.

  9. Agreed!!! Look at Jerry Rice in Oakland and San Fran when Rich Gannon and Steve Young were hurt!!!

  10. stealthjunk says: May 11, 2012 9:53 AM

    Not a Dolphins fan, but these statements seem totally unnecessary and only reinforce Marshall’s image of being an ass. Just keep your mouth shut and be happy you’re out of Miami.

    Like the statements from the Dolphins G.M. and most of their fan base bashing him after the trade?

    Funny how your opinions of Marshall and the Dolphins are valid and you feel the need to post them here but he is not supposed to speak for himself or have an opinion about the team that he actually played for.

    As if you know about Marshall, the Dolphins and the NFL in general than he does

  11. The Bears will be lucky to get 2 4th rounders in a trade in two years, after he gets stabbed by his crazy wife, gets drunk and screws over a cab driver, or gets one of his teammates killed in a shooting because of his immature, selfish behavior! Keep dropping passes in big games and racking up stats in pro bowls @$$ clown!

  12. Hey Brandon, aren’t you the same player that dropped as many TD passes (6) as the six you managed to catch? And catching 4 TD’s in the pro bowl doesn’t make your argument about needing a better QB any stronger. With the pee-wee rules in effect for receivers during that over hyped scrimmage, I could score once or twice. Bye bye crazy man…

  13. Remember the name Jeff Fuller Miami fans.
    This guy was a sure fire first round pick heading into the last season at A&M and wound up undrafted. Once they put some super glue on his hands he make us all forget about Marshall.
    This was Tannehills number one target by the way so the familiarity is already there.

  14. Brandon Marshall is a great talent
    But has a bad attitude, I was like the bears
    fans when he went to Miami but he is
    a mess. Just wait until it’s cold and a
    couple of Cutlers rockets go right through
    his hands.and speaking of mental Cutler
    Is a little out there as well

  15. I agree Brandon… It doesn’t make any sense to pay a guy $2 million dollars a year to drop 5 touchdowns and lead the league in drops! Best of luck in Chicago. And to dabears4life, I admire your defense of Mr. Marshall as a fan of his new team. I will be interested to read your comments after he alligator arms those Cutler throws across the middle, kills drives with 3rd down drops, and drops TD passes right in his hands. I believe you might understand what we’ve witnessed first hand for two years. Yes, his stats are decent, and that’s all you are looking at. We’ve seen him underperform on a far too regular basis. I have no ill will, I wish him luck in Chicago and hope he shut his mouth for once…

  16. I respect Marshall’s public stance on his mental illness. That took guts.

    I don’t respect his constant whining about his lack of QBs…that shows that he still can’t be a good teammate. The true greats always strive to make their teams and teammates better.

  17. The great WR’s can make plays and help the team regardless. Rice could still put up numbers with any of us throwing to him. To me this sounds like Marshall admitting he is not a top flight guy. Some WR’s make the QB and some QB’s make the WR. Which one are you, Brandon?

  18. Hmmm, I thought everyone was entitled to thier own opinion which is just what he gave. Don’t bash the guy for doing what everyone here is doing.

  19. Typical BM, pointing a finger at somebody or something else forgetting that he has 3 pointing back at himself. Hard to say if Jerry Rice would be or not be effective because he’s retired, it isn’t going to happen. All I know as a fins fan is BM is not a beast. He’s pretty good but only on the outside. Across the middle or anytime there is more than one DB you’ll see more alligator arms from BM than at a Gator game. And for bearsfan 4life. I understand your BM enthusiasm, us Fins Fans felt the same way. Good luck, and by the way, you had some facts wrong. Miami led the league in 4th quarter collapses last year, easily could haved been 10-6 instead of 6-10. Also, you’re wrong on the Matt Flynn post. The reason Matt Flynn didn’t come to Miami is beacause based on the inside information Joe Philbin had on him he knew he wasn’t worth what was being asked and Miami didn’t meet his demands, not the other way around. Lastly, how did that lone loss to the Dolphins feel in 1985? Go Fins.

  20. That’s funny. I suppose the Dolphins went 6-3 to finish the season and got Marshall to the Pro Bowl by him throwing to himself? C’mon.

  21. It’s always someone else, isn’t it Brandon?

    And by the way, Jerry Rice made Steve Bono look like a pro Bowler when Montana and Young got hurt in 1991.

    And also by the way, jaydog76, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And everyone else is entitled to call them an idiot if they sound like one. If a person doesn’t want to be criticized by the public, don’t make public comments.

  22. You guys are all jealous. I’ll just keep saying he can drop all the balls he wants as long as he KEEPS catching 80+ passes and puts up over a 1000 yards a year for the Bears. Non Bears fans just don’t understand how bad the Bears Wr’s are. With Marshall, Alshon the Bears immediately upgraded that need.

  23. 69finfan says:

    Also, you’re wrong on the Matt Flynn post. The reason Matt Flynn didn’t come to Miami is beacause based on the inside information Joe Philbin had on him he knew he wasn’t worth what was being asked and Miami didn’t meet his demands, not the other way around. Lastly, how did that lone loss to the Dolphins feel in 1985? Go Fins.


    You think your team thought that Matt Flynn wasnt worth it based on the information that JP had on him? Haha, but your team also thought that taking a one year (not even the greatest year) wonder at QB, who played WR before that at number 8 in the first round? Your team is a joke and that starts at the top and trickles down to all the underachieving players on your roster. Listen, you can say you admire my enthusiasm all you want. That is not what it is. It is calling it how it is, and that would be that BM is in the conversation of top wideout talent in the NFL. Period. Have fun with Nanee and Hartline catching passes (I mean trying to) for you all year (oh i forgot and Jeff Fuller – someone a previous phins fan commented on as being a “sure fire” first round pick – but then subsequently went undrafted LOL. Your fans are as uneducated as your team is bad).

    Oh, and by the way. The 85 season turned out great. We got to bring the trophy home to Chicago, while all the phins fans and players were at home on their couch watching the game. Da Bears.

  24. Wait…let me get this right…Marshall thinks that the guy who initiated the WR position in the WCO and hence became the best WR of all time wouldn’t be successful in the version of the WCO that Miami will run under Sherman/Philbin ?? I don’t know where he’d get that concept… Now maybe with the Parcells antiquated power run offense, Marshall wouldn’t be very successful…wait, he had 1214 yrds and 81 receptions last year under that offense…(too bad he dropped as many as he did, particularly the additional 4 or 5 TDs he would have had). I wouldn’t call that too unsuccessful, except for the drops, locker room issues and off field issues he caused…

    How can he talk intelligently about an offense he’s not been nor will be a part of… ?? Anyone know ??

  25. dabearsforlife…hope he does well for you, but when you factor in the drops, particularly the TDs, his stats don’t look all that great. Surely, because of his lack of TD catches, his stats don’t match those of the better WRs… The problem is not just the number of drive killing drops, but the number td passes dropped…

    It’s true that Miami hasn’t had great QBs. Cutler is better than anyone we’ve had recently, but if he continues with his lack of concentration and drops, you and Cutler will soon tire of his antics and whining.

    Factor in the off the field issues, the locker room issues he created and his continued dissing of whoever his qb might be (he dissed Cutler when he left Denver, too) and soon enough you’ll be wanting him in another NFL city too, despite his positive qualities on the field…

  26. Brandon Marshals replacement in Denver after he was traded to the fins did just as well. That should tell you something. So how can Brandon say no we will divers in the dolphins new system? Does Brandon have the ability to see into the future? If so, tell me now who’s going to win the superbowl, so I can place my bet! So he can know for sure how Ryan Tannehill will turn out? Maybe he should be a GM then, so he can draft players! He might be better at that than he is at catching passes in the endzone that’s put right in his hands by both Chad Henne and Matt Moore. Brandon Marshal needs to realize, his job is to make the qb look better than what he is. That’s what Jerry Rice did. Brandon Marshal doesn’t do that. Brandon thinks the qb is supposed to make HIM look good. You have it backwards Brandon. It’s about winning. Not stats.

  27. Marshall’s actually right about this one. That Dolphins team was pathetic. Maybe Tannehill will change things. But burning bridges like this in the media only helps cement the idea that you’re not a team player and you’re a diva.

  28. Wasn’t jerry rice on the wco also, with the founder of it basically, and he couldn’t put up same numbers that’s what he is saying, bill wash offense made rice the best wr, so he couldn’t do that in the same kind of offense, child plz.

  29. a guy who was tied for 37th in the league for TDs should never be in the conversation for top wideout in the league.
    there is a very good reason he is with his 3rd team in 6 years

  30. As a Dolphins fan, I can say the fans I know are almost universally glad this guy is gone. He is the LAST person you want inside a rookie QB’s head. His demand for the football, even when consistently dropping passes, was disruptive to the offense – QBs, other receivers, coaches, everybody. He puts up gaudy numbers in trash time (see his meaningless Pro Bowl numbers, which he unbelievably had the audacity to brag about, as exhibit A – does anyone who watched that game really believe the other players were trying?), but almost NEVER delivers when it matters. His best games are those that are already well out of reach, usually because he’s already dropped a TD or two. Last year he dropped AT LEAST six TD passes. Imagine how much better Matt Moore, who actually had a pretty good year with very little prep (finishing 12th in the league in passer rating) would have looked with those TDs. Yet you don’t hear Moore complaining about Marshall. Good riddance, Brandon. I hope the fact that you suck is exposed for the world to see this year.

  31. Lest we also forget two critical 15 yard Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties he got for spiking the ball. Not in the end zone but out of bounds. This is a TEAM sport. Divas like this guy and TO never win. Look at Randy Moss the patriots who seem to be a lock every year couldn’t win one with Moss breaking all the records. Diva receivers don’t work in this league. Or this sport.

  32. For the Bears fans….. a couple of stats for you from last year

    Jay Cutler
    10 games – 58% completion – 13TD’s – 7 INT’s – QB rating 85.7

    Matt Moore
    12 games – 60.5% completion – 16TD’s – 9 INT’s – QB rating 87.1

    I wonder what his (Matt Moore) QB rating would have been with 5 more TD’s that were dropped!

  33. As soon as the Bears offense struggles or Marshall isn’t getting the ball enough, he’ll punk out in Chicago too. This guy’s a head case.

  34. Try to explain this away dabear troll:

    Jay Cutler
    10 games – 58% completion – 13TD’s – 7 INT’s – QB rating 85.7

    Matt Moore
    12 games – 60.5% completion – 16TD’s – 9 INT’s – QB rating 87.1


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