Brandon Weeden in Cleveland to win starting job, Super Bowl


Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden was on the practice field today for the team’s rookie minicamp, and he wasn’t shy about his goals in Cleveland: He wants to win, and he wants to win big.

We’re coming [here] with a goal to win games,” Weeden said, via the Akron Beacon-Journal. “Obviously our first goal is to get to the playoffs and go as far as we can and ultimately before it’s all said and done, win a Super Bowl. That’s my goal as a player. Before I’m done playing, I want to win a Super Bowl.”

Before Weeden can win any games, however, he needs to win a competition with Colt McCoy in training camp. Weeden sounds confident that he can do that.

“Obviously I hope I’m the guy,” Weeden said. “I’m gonna do everything in my power to be that guy.”

In what may be a sign that Weeden and McCoy won’t have the friendliest of competitions, Weeden told reporters that he has neither met nor spoken to McCoy — even though they were both at the team facility today.

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  1. There are like 10 of these a day.

    Ask a stupid question.
    Get a stupid answer.

    Q : Hey Bubba – Do you think your 0-16 team from last year is going to win the Super Bowl this year?

    A : No, I think we’re going to lose all 16 again.

  2. If he wants to win a Super Bowl, he better get out of Cleveland and soon. He ain’t getting any younger.

  3. When he sees the rest of their offense he’ll realize why Colt has struggled. Dead end job with that team because they don’t have a clue as to what type of players it takes to win consistently.

  4. Brandon maybe if you were 16,but at 28 you probably won’t be there for generations its gonna take superbowl and cleveland to be used in the same sentence at this rate

  5. Sounds like Weeden has been told “Don’t worry about what’s-his-name – the job is yours.”

  6. Weeden sound like a talk more guy in that powerhouse division. He better produce other-wise the defenses are going to be all after him.

  7. Good to dream big, Brandon. Hopefully, you’ll first concentrate on not becoming the next Chris Wienke.

  8. Brandon Weeden, coming to a theatre near you in the summer smash hit Grandpa Rookie Quarterback.

  9. he ran a no huddle offense in college with a very basic play book… he will struggle to call plays in the huddle… he might have the arm but i think he needs time (which he doesnt have) to be ready for NFL…
    sitting behind mccoy for a season wont harm him…

  10. [i][quote]couldntthinkofaname says:
    May 11, 2012 5:05 PM
    A delusional QB for a delusional fan base. Perfect match. [/i][/quote]

    You can call the fan base a lot of things but I would not call them delusional. They don’t come on to the websites and talkshows screaming about how this is their year (see Jets).

  11. As a Browns fan I guess it’s good in a way to hear the new QB talking positively, but on the whole I think I’d prefer to have him keep his mouth shut. The team is terrible and for now the players just need to worry about figuring a way to win more than 4 games in a season. It’s a little premature to even dream about a Super Bowl. He’s just setting himself up for a lot of grief by talking like that. More working and less talking would be a good idea.

  12. Whew! I thought he was going to say he was in Cleveland for the great weather, hot women, to party at the Flats, and to collect a sweet clipboard-holder’s salary.

  13. You don’t go to Cleveland to win titles. You play in Cleveland because for whatever reason Playboy Playmates are spawned or cloned there. I’m pretty sure that’s their main export. Even Jeff Garcia turned straight the one season he played there and that’s saying something.

  14. I watched weeden extensively this year and I noticed a very large weakness. He crumbles under pressure early on. He is going to have a very difficult time adjusting to the speed of the nfl. He won’t be able to read defenses as easily as he was in college. The speed will scare him and he will throw a ton of ints. Gonna be a big flop in my opinion. The true gem of this up and coming season will be Alex smith. He will prove he belongs and will have a big year. Guaranteed!

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