Browns confirm Phil Taylor’s torn pectoral

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If you were crossing your fingers in hopes that Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor’s injury wasn’t a torn pectoral muscle, you can go ahead and stop now.

Browns coach Pat Shurmur confirmed the worst on Friday when he said that Taylor did tear his left pectoral muscle while working out on Thursday. Shurmur said that Taylor would have surgery next week and resisted putting a firm timeline on his expected recovery.

“He’s going to miss a significant amount of time … more months than weeks,” Shurmur said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “It’s too early to speculate how long that will be. It’s just one of those things that happened.”

The Browns have some recent experience with these injuries. Linebacker D’Qwell Jackson missed all but six games of the 2009 and 2010 seasons because of two separate torn pectorals although Cleveland is surely hoping that the timing of Taylor’s injury means he’ll be able to contribute something to the team this year.

Until Taylor returns, the Browns will be scrambling to fill his spot. Third-round pick John Hughes will be in the mix as a potential replacement, but there’s no one with Taylor’s size and skill to help them do a better job of stopping the run than they did in 2011.

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  1. While I’m sure Browns fans would be much happier with Hughes had he been selected in the 6th, he was a 3rd rounder.

  2. Wow, what a tough break. I’m a Steeler fan transplanted to Columbus, OH, so I see a lot of Browns games. Taylor’s a beast. Lets hope he makes it back sometime this upcoming season.

  3. First D’Qwell and now this?!

    Fire the weight training coach!!!! They’re doing something wrong.

  4. “daysend564 says:
    May 11, 2012 11:25 AM
    At least it wasn’t a torn achilles, lots of that going around lately.”

    Yeah, last year it was torn ACLs, this year it’s torn achillies. Taylor might be trying to start a new injury trend here.

  5. I hate thinking about Phil Taylor’s pecs being torn. I see the comments about at least it’s not an ACL, but the pecs are extremely importing to DL for shedding blocks and moving bodies in the trenches.

  6. Browns signed 6th round defensive tackle Billy Winn this morning. Here is the chance for which he and 3rd rounder John Hughes were hoping.

  7. Saw where Roethlisberger is still having trouble with his foot and Pouncey will never be the same.

    Just more good news for the Ravens.

  8. Word from the first Ravens rookie practice is that Upshaw is a beast and will be destroying Roethlisberger, Dalton, and Breeden just like Suggs would have done.

  9. ravenmuscle says:
    May 11, 2012 12:53 PM
    Word from the first Ravens rookie practice is that Upshaw is a beast and will be destroying Roethlisberger, Dalton, and Breeden just like Suggs would have done.

    In 2011, suggs managed 1 sack and 5 tackles in 2 games against the Browns. Yes, hopefully upshaw will be such a beast. Scary.

  10. Scott Paxson will flourish with this opportunity. Sure you don’t know his name off the top of your head but you do know him from his ankle-injuring sack he had on Ben Roethlisberger last season. Paxson has the ideal size and strength to fill the void left from Taylor’s torn pec muscle. Watch out for #69, T-REX!!!

  11. While Billy Winn (6th round pick) is more of a DE than DT, he will make the Browns’ front office look like geniuses this season. You never wish for anyone to get injured, but you always have to be prepared to step forward and prove that you should have been a higher draft pick.

    Billy, bring your lunch box and a chip on your shoulder and prove your motor and toughness questions.

  12. Yo ericinsh##…your stains are a automatic win for the Ravens…the stains will always be losers

    ART MODELL is loved by all Raven fans…and the stains will always be for sh## because they wouldn’t build him a new stadium. Mayor White and John Glenn were really garbage.

  13. Does anyone find it strange that on the first day of “mini” camps that Taylor gets hurt.
    The fact that the Browns did nothing in free agency but sign a nobody named Frost Rucker and let’s not forget two other D tackles in the draft smells like this injury happened before
    “mini” camp began. Just saying, the secrecy of this organization has always been to cover their collective back sides. Is it ironoc they needed wide receivers and didn’t draft one till the end of the draft and they picked a D tackle/end in the third round, coincidence, I think not. Has anyone seen Phil Taylor, not the most physical specimen, did any other player come forward to say they were in the weight room when this supposed injury took place. I call B. S. on this injury until it’s proved he did it yesterday.

  14. That sucks, Phil Taylor is pretty beastly. Him and that Shareard (spelling?) guy are good young players, and you build the defense starting with the D line. If I were Phil though I would stay away from Cleveland’s medical facility though, remember that rash of staph infections they had a couple of years ago?

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