Chiefs sign half their draft class

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The Chiefs took the field for the first practice of their rookie minicamp with four of their draft picks under contract.

The team announced Friday that they have reached agreement on four-year deals with running back Cyrus Gray, wide receiver Junior Hemingway, defensive tackle Jerome Long and wide receiver Devon Wylie. That leaves them with four draftees left to sign, including first-round pick Dontari Poe.

Wylie, a fourth-round pick, projects as a slot receiver because of his size (5’9″, 187 pounds) and as a punt returner because of his speed. Gray was drafted in the sixth-round and will be looking to fill the role occupied by Jackie Battle last season. If both Wylie and Gray make a strong impression, the Chiefs could look to move on from Dexter McCluster.

Hemingway and Long were both seventh-round picks. Like most players taken in that round, they’ll need to show an ability to contribute on special teams while flashing the potential for more down the line in order to stick on the roster after training camp.

8 responses to “Chiefs sign half their draft class

  1. McCluster could turn out to be very good. He can run and catch – agile and quick. If he gets cut, I would love to see Dallas make a move for him.

  2. Pioli better get Poe signed now. It’s already an unpopular pick, if he’s a distraction too, Pioli should pack up his office and crawl back under Bill’s desk

  3. Good write up… until you threw out that thing about McCluster which is clearly just your personal speculation, based on no evidence or fact. Neither of those player do what he does, and he don’t do what they do. Just let the team be the team for now, don’t worry about who’s next to not be re-signed, plenty of time for that later.

  4. McCluster has potential to be a difference maker, if used the right way and has a decent QB. Only reason anyone mentions his release is so he could go to a team like Dallas or New York (both teams) so their team can be better and the chiefs can be worse since the national media doesn’t care about small market midwest teams. Surprised not more talk about how the chiefs should trade Bowe to a big city team. This type of thing is ridiculous

  5. There is far too much coverage on this small market team, that hasn’t been relevant since the moon landing. Mebe if the Vikes move to L.A. The chefs could move to Minnesota. Feel sorry fer chef fans. What a cursed life.

  6. Spoken like a true Faiders fan. No team in NFL history is more irrelevant than the Raiders of the last 10 years. Maybe the Raiders should go back to L.A.

  7. ramchief says: May 11, 2012 7:50 PM

    The Oakland Raiders moved from Oakland to LA and back to Oakland again. No one in LA seemed to notice.

    The Raiders moved to LA and won a Super Bowl. It’s not their fault that people in SC don’t care about football. The Chargers have been there for decades, and nobody cares about them, either.

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