Eagles ink three more draft picks

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The Philadelphia Eagles continue to get their incoming draft class under contract.

Three more have been signed, the team announced on Friday afternoon.

They are fourth-round cornerback Brandon Boykin, sixth-round guard Brandon Washington, and seventh-round running back Bryce Brown.

The contracts each cover four years.  Then again, all contracts for all draft picks have a mandatory duration of four years.  But we’ll keep mentioning it in order to be complete.  It’s an OCD thing.

I’ll be back after I make sure I put the garage door down.

11 responses to “Eagles ink three more draft picks

  1. What a pleasure it is to read that draft picks are signing without all the acrimony and arguements about draft position and slotting. Ends the camp holdouts and the rest of the nonsense that was mostly agent-driven. The new CBA puts the teams firmly in control and the formerly powerful agents in their place.

  2. Brandon Boykin will be the surprise steal of this draft class. Not only is he a great CB, but the man can return kicks. The Eagles had a great draft this year and filled a lot of holes and added depth on the defense as well. They should be very exciting to watch this year.

    All 4 teams in the NFC East have improved greatly and will definitely be fun to watch the upcoming battles. The road to the Super Bowl will run through the NFC East again this year.

  3. Eagles players signed , Mychael Kendricks ( Beast) , Brandon Boykin (amazing KR & may earn nickle spot from the gate) Bryce Brown bust or amazing RB , we’ll see) Vinny Curry who will get immediate rotational player & probably Babins eventual replacement , he is relentless) Guard Brandon Washington (who may turn into a very good Guard) .
    All that’s left is LT DennisKelly ( who should excell in Mudds system , and the best DT in this draft ,12th pick Fletcher Cox , who will excell in Washburns nine technique … With a full off-season , more CB press ,the Eagles will probably add
    onto last seasons sack total , which should be ridiculous . Sleep on PHILLY BUT THE last 4 games our D looked good only giving yaup 10.3 ppg Philly blew many 4th qtr leads but this

  4. Not really sure how agents were driving the holdouts, 10% of nothing is still nothing.

  5. It wouldn’t take much for an agent to get in good with the Eagles- just take Andy Reid out for lunch and pay…and bring a credit card with a high limit…a very, very high limit.

  6. Watching Boykin’s tape..he plays bigger than he’s listed at. I love that.

    Asante Samuel and his gambling habits caused many interceptions, but from a tackling standpoint he played as if he were 150 pounds.

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