Is Goodell being too harsh on Saints?

Mike Florio questions Mike Ornstein’s intentions and Roger Goodell’s motives, and looks at the new CBA’s impact on rookies’ contract negotiations.
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6 responses to “Is Goodell being too harsh on Saints?

  1. It’s absolutely clear that Goodell is no longer interested in the truth. Now, he’s simply trying to make the Saints look guilty of something to cover for the mistakes he’s already made. A smart and fair man would have relied on the judge and punish system that’s already been in place. Officials on the field watching your every move. In the end, THAT IS THE ONLY EVIDENCE THAT MATTERS! You make an illegal hit, the ref marches off your team’s punishment right then and there. None of this throwing a flag for something a player MIGHT have said 3 years ago in a pep rally. The fans & players will accept fines & suspensions only when there are replays of the evidence. Goodell has lost it.

  2. I still think its really bizarre that a month ago all this evidence was so damning and Payton Loomis, and Wiliams were lucky not to have been band for life.

    Now its looking like the kid who used to get picked on by the Jocks….(roger)… is now in charge and can exact some childish revenge on the coach that cut him and the Jocks that “canned” him.

    I said all along it was a “administrative bounty” and come to find out it aint even that!

    I guess the Saints were in the wrong place at the right time…..tbc

  3. Florio, I’m glad you are questioning Goodell’s harshness but you have to admit you were on the punishment-without-evidence bandwagon there for quite a while…

  4. silentcount are you privy to the evidence? Do you have the inside track on every little detail? Or are you just going by what the media says, or what someone says that has some intrest at stake, or whether its a fan that’s has their team on a pedastal? Do you really think that RG is doing this just out spite knowing what might become of the fanbase of the NFL. Is this something the NFL wants? The NFL loves storylines but this would be a calculated risk of losing sponsors, TV rights. I mean come on, think it about. I knowthat I don’t have the slightest clue to what their evidence is but I’m going to say that they must have something. I don’t think you for one, have any idea what evidence they have. If people are so turned off by the NFL, then just simply stop being a fan.

  5. Funny how most fans are dilusional who have to resort to excuses without having the ability to be objective. It really is no wonder why news media of everykind can spin an event just to make you go out and spend your money. Easy prey, I bet most of you believe that 2012 doomsday nonsense. Suckers.

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