Jets ruled out for Hard Knocks

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Despite the previous report that the Jets were still in the mix to be featured on Hard Knocks, it now appears that we won’t be hearing any Rex Ryan F-bombs on HBO this summer.

The Jets will not be the featured team on Hard Knocks this year, Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News reports.

It’s easy to see why HBO would want the Jets: They were highly entertaining when they were on the show two years ago, and the arrival of Tim Tebow has generated a new storyline featuring arguably the NFL’s most popular player. A return of the Jets would be appointment viewing that would drive fans to subscribe to HBO.

But it’s also easy to see why the Jets wouldn’t be interested: Ryan has acknowledged that there were problems in the locker room last year that he needs to fix this year, and the presence of cameras for a reality TV show would be much more likely to serve as a distraction than to enhance the locker room environment. From the Jets’ perspective, turning down HBO is the right call.

So if the Jets aren’t on the show, who will be? HBO says that hasn’t been decided yet. Which probably means no NFL coach has been convinced yet that allowing cameras into his team meetings is a good idea.

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  1. Good. Once is enough Rex.

    Get the team back up to Cortland for camp this year and come together. Having training camp in NJ last year was awful but necessary. Getting the team back to upstate NY, focus on football similar to 2009, 2010 is the key to the path back to NFL playoffs.

  2. Tebow is the most popular player in the league? I guess the jersey sales and stuff like that would point to such a conclusion.

    However I have never talked to a person that isnt sick of hearing about the guy.

  3. The Jaguars have actually volunteered to be on Hard Knocks. I’m sure HBO is going to try every single other team before they settle on the Jaguars. In fact, they may cancel the whole thing rather than have the Jaguars on Hard Knocks.

  4. Make it the Vikings. Just got approved for new stadium, Ponder tries to be the new leader, AP’s working to come back strong after torn ACL and MCL, Jared Allen is hilarious, the GM use to work for ESPN so he’s not shy from the camera, and they aren’t going to do well this year, so it’s not like the team is scared that it could hurt their season.

  5. As much as I love this show, I have never understood why any team would volunteer to be on it.

  6. homelanddefense says: May 11, 2012 9:10 AM

    Tebow is the most popular player in the league? I guess the jersey sales and stuff like that would point to such a conclusion.

    However I have never talked to a person that isnt sick of hearing about the guy.

    The two aren’t mutually exclusive.
    I like Tebow a great deal but if you talked to me your streak would still be intact.

    I wish the Jets were on hard knocks this year though despite Tebow, Rex is fun to watch and anything that distracts and diminishes the Jets is fine by this Pats fan.

  7. What a disappointment. I told my nephew we couldn’t get to the circus this year but that we might see it on television. (He’s a big fan of Chuckles the Clown.)

  8. Lion’s would be great fun to watch, but they nixed the idea last year.

    Any coach that takes part in this show is putting personal fame before winning. No cheap reality show will give them as much fame as a Super Bowl ring, so I hope they all say no.

  9. I wouldn’t mind seeing a team such as the Houston Texans or even the Oakland Raiders. It would benefit the NFL to use a team that might not be the most high-profile. I foresaw this coming, teams are finding the situation to be very intrusive and huge distraction. They should do weekly hard knocks and include multiple teams, garner more attention maybe.

  10. Damn, I hate the Jets but I wanted this. It adds to circus that then becomes uncontrolable for old Rexy.

    I would have watched every episode. It would be quite interesting having Tebow (I’m guessing still a virgin) AC who can’t even name all his children in the same episode. Who knows, maybe those two could have been roomies.

    The episodes would have only confirmed the laughing stock that is the Jets under Rex. That I will miss.

  11. My vote goes to the COLTS. What could be more humorous than watching Irsay ham it up day after day while pretending that he isn’t drunk.

  12. Every team should have a show like this every year. Even if it is just shown in their home market. Fans would eat it up getting to know the players on a more personal level.

    Imagine NFL network showing something besides the 10 greatest comebacks 15 times a day when its not football season. I think it would increase viewership a ton. So you have a camera around showing stuff its not like your giving away your playbook. Shows like 24/7 and hard knocks are a good hype machine and a good watch.

  13. The Bengals went 10-6 after being on Hard Knocks. I don’t think the cameras being there hurts anything. In fact, it probably makes players push even harder.

  14. Put the Broncos on, Peyton coming back from injury, Tebowmania being over, Elway running the front office, Von Miller is an up-and-coming star. It’ll never happen since Peyton is so secretive but I can dream, right?

  15. The Jets act has been played. Time for something new and not another sequel even though it’s always fun hearing Ryan predict that they are going to win the Super Bowl. I’d rather see the mess that is the Saints. But the league would never allow it. Joe Vitt’s got a bit of Ryan in him too.

  16. It is a really interesting show, but a negative stigma has developed around it. Now every team thinks it would be a distraction and paint a target on their backs. The only teams that will consider doing it are below average teams that are looking to build interest in their team. Jaguars would be perfect.

  17. mushroommike says: May 11, 2012 9:37 AM

    The Jets were so desperate to appear on the show. It really was pretty sad.

    This comment doesn’t make any sense. If they were so desperate and sad to appear on the show, then why would they turn it down?

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