Kendall Wright gets his first playbook, ever


Titan receiver Kendall Wright, the 20th overall pick in the 2012 draft, has gotten a playbook.

It’s his first playbook.

Not just his first NFL playbook.  His first playbook ever.

Baylor didn’t use a playbook, and Wright’s high-school team didn’t have one, either.

“For me, it’s learning everything,” Wright said Friday, via the Associated Press.  “I was just out there.  We had a lot of different stuff we ran at Baylor.  But right now I have a playbook that I’m studying every night and going over with coaches in the meetings.  It’s a different learning process for me.”

Still, Wright had memorized 300 plays at Baylor, which were called in from the sidelines.  So he’s definitely got the brain power to pick up the plays that are reduced to writing in Tennessee.

“It’s a big book with a lot of plays in it, so I’m just looking at whatever position coach [Dave Ragone] wants me to look at,” Wright said.  “There’s a lot of different positions he’s got me looking at.  I’m just soaking it all in and going through it every day.”

So far, coach Mike Munchak likes what he sees.

“Kendall looks good,” Munchak said.  “He looks like we thought.  A lot of learning going on, a lot of teaching going on. . . .  It’s hard to get too excited over a rookie after a day or two, but I think all the guys look like we thought they would.”

For Wright, perhaps the biggest key to his impact will be the performance of receiver Kenny Britt, who is recovering from a torn ACL.  If Britt continues to command double coverage, Wright could find himself in favorable matchups — and he could end up catching a lot of passes, regardless of whether the plays are reduced to a playbook, communicated by hand signals, or drawn up in the dirt.

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  1. Having watched him a few times at Baylor, my guess is his role with Ten will be the same “catch the ball and run at a high rate of speed”… That seems to be his niche in the game.

  2. Wait a second

    ….so did the Redskins just draft a QB #2 overall that didnt have to memorize a playook?

  3. Does this mean RG3 didn’t have a play book either at Baylor? That would scare me to death if I was a Skins fan. He might not know how to even read……. a play book.

  4. “Kendall, on this play I want you to run as fast as you can in a straight line.”
    “As fast as I can?”
    “As fast as you can Kendall. Then we are going to throw you this oval shaped thing, just try and catch it. One day, if you can catch it real well, somebody is going to give you a lot of money to do this.”

  5. he’s either a steal, or a bust…I think R.G. III helped him more than he helped R.G. III….he has a good QB with a similar skill set (in Jake Locker). It will be interesting to see him develop.

  6. I don’t think Washington and Tennessee fans should be overly concerned. Recent Baylor pick Danny Watkins came in to the NFL and was starting by week 5 without an NFL off season. Baylor’s offense was simply but I don’t think you’ll see a repeat of the Tim Couch experiment.

  7. So you’re telling me that Baylor didn’t have a playbook, so RGIII did not have a playbook either! He is going to be a bust, no doubt in my mind, and everyone will blame it on the redskins.

  8. So….RG3 was the number 2 overall NFL draft pick and he’s never had a playbook before? Oh, Redskins…

  9. Danny Watkins started for the Eagles week 5 last year because he was :
    1. a first round pick
    2. worth a risk compared to the pylon they had in there (don’t u remember the eagles bad start)
    He was a first round G that took til week 5 to start (on a BAD eagles oline), just wait til everybody sees RGLeaf (who until a few weeks ago never seen a playbook either probly), poor Redskin fans. FAIL.

  10. Wow, you people are morons. Yeah, baylor didn’t have a playbook because the entire team can’t read. Art briles has coached a lot of qb’s including Kevin kolb at Houston. But there’s no way to comprehend an offense if it’s not stuck in a 3 ring binder.

  11. lol without a playbook RGIII won the trophy over A.Luck. Wit a playbook this kid gonna be the lord of the rings … I Love how haters always think other way around because they scared of him

  12. kernelreefer says:
    May 11, 2012 10:20 PM
    “It’s a big book with a lot of plays in it.”


    This made me laugh for a long time.

  13. couldnt be happier about the kendall wright pick … they need more weapons to take the focus of off cj

  14. Read the Damn article! It says he didn’t have a play book but he had memorized 300 plays. I’m assuming RGIII.had to memorize the same amount if not more. A lot of you people on this site seem to have a lot of animosity toward a guy who is the opposite of everything you all to criticize in a young Black athlete.

  15. An actual RG3 tweet from today:

    Let them say you won’t amount to anything. Then amount to everything you ever dreamed of as they watch.#Determined

    Tune in this fall haters…

  16. Why is everyone acting like not having a playbook is a big deal and now RGIII won’t be able to learn plays? The fact that Baylor didn’t have one says a lot more about how smart he is than if they had a playbook.

  17. Lol alot of bias on here , how can anyone say RG3 cant read a play book. The man got his masters degree pretty much in the time frame most people get there bachelors . It’s not like he went to an SEC school (excluding Vanderbilt) , Baylor is a pretty good university. I can bet that most people on here are not nearly as qualified as RG3 is in life outside the lines.

  18. I swear people are retarded. Can you people even read? In mind bending fashion there is 200 likes on a comment that says

    “Wait a second

    ….so did the Redskins just draft a QB #2 overall that didnt have to memorize a playook?”

    If you had put forth a rather small amount of effort you would know that all Baylor players memorized a 300 page playbook.

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