Mikel Leshoure pleads guilty to marijuana possession

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Mikel Leshoure had a hard time getting arraigned on marijuana possession charges following his March arrest, but he came up with a quicker resolution of the charges.

Leshoure pleaded guilty to the charges on Friday morning and was fined $575 by a judge, according to Julie Mack of MLive.com. The charge carried a possible penalty of a $2,000 fine and/or a year in prison, but Leshoure avoided those more draconian punishments.

During the proceedings, Leshoure’s attorney told the judge that his client faced “collateral consequences” from the NFL and the judge agreed that the league’s drug testing program was more stringent than anything the court could put in place. Leshoure hasn’t faced any discipline from the league as yet for either of his two arrests on marijuana charges this offseason, but that could still conceivably happen.

Leshoure also pleaded guilty on his other marijuana possession charge, stemming from a February arrest. He paid a $485 fine in that case.

9 responses to “Mikel Leshoure pleads guilty to marijuana possession

  1. He’s lucky that the sentence wasn’t more severe. In this case it would appear that the judge realizes that there will be further consequences administered by the NFL. I hope Leshoure realizes the opportunity presented before him and takes full advantage of it by being the best NFL player and person that he can be.

  2. If I fail a drug test I loose my job completely. If NFL players do all they do is her fined a little bit of money and miss a few games. Something is wrong here

  3. Be nice to know his NFL punishment – how many games he’s going to be out.

    Whether or not he’s a success or a bust is on the line right now. It all depends on how hard he works this summer, and continues to work during his suspension.

    If he doesn’t take this opportunity seriously, he’ll vanish within 2 years.

  4. lks311: Well put. I hope that Leshoure gets it … and doesn’t look back years from now and regrets not taking advantage of the opportunity he was given.
    Besides, we need a running game. lol.

  5. @jamezz23

    Of course you lose your job, you’re replaceable. The worst NFL athlete is a world class athlete, which represents about 1% of the world. Of that 1% of athletes an NFL athlete who knows a particular system and has dedicated the honing of his athletecism to the mastery of football is an even smaller percent. Unless you play a professional sport that brings in billions of dollars you cannot compare your job to theirs. Life is not fair, buddy. If it’s any consolation, death is.

  6. Clean up your act mikel and get healthy..out of all the draft picks the last 2 years ive been most anxious to see you on the field.

  7. capitaloffense—–couldn’t have said it better. We see it all the time, average Joe’s trying to compare their jobs to professional athletes. Truth is, there is NO comparison. If you were a brain surgeon, you could get away with more at work without being fired because very few other people could do that job. Same goes with professional athletes, but even more so. So please, let’s quit with the comparisons—“at my job”….yea yea we all know.

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