Owens says he’s not broke, didn’t blow his money

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During his recent appearance on Dr. Phil, receiver Terrell Owens said that he has squandered most of the $80 million he has earned while playing pro football.

Owens now says he didn’t squander $80 million.

Appearing on 790 The Zone in Atlanta, Owens said that he isn’t broke, and that the suggestion that he lost $80 million was “skewed.”

“I’m not broke,” Owens said, via SportsRadioInterviews.com.  “My broke, for the normal person, is not their broke.”  (Call me crazy, but I always thought “broke” meant, you know, “broke.”)

“My circumstances have changed,” Owens said.  “That means I don’t make the same amount of money that I used to make.  With my financial situation, people are asking how did I blow $60 million or $80 million?  Those numbers are skewed.  If you just kind of factor in the numbers of what I made and how many years I’ve played.  Other than that, I don’t know what else to say. . . . I’m not an extravagant living-type person.  I didn’t blow my money.  My money was stolen and mismanaged.”

Owens said he wasn’t paid to appear on Dr. Phil, and that Owens did the show because he was accused of being in contempt of court after unilaterally cutting his child support payments.  (Call me crazy, but I always thought that unilaterally ignoring a court order meant, you know, contempt of court.)

He still wants to return to the NFL, but he stopped short of claiming that he has been blackballed. “To say I’m blackballed, that’s a strong topic,” Owens said. “I really don’t want to take it there.  My thing is, just let me have an opportunity to go out on my own terms. . . .  I know I can still play.”

It would be a shock at this point if anyone gives him a chance.  He hasn’t even gotten a workout since recovering from a torn ACL.

And so his best bet at this point would be to commence the process of transitioning to life after football, which is something that the NFL and the NFLPA should start helping all former players do.

88 responses to “Owens says he’s not broke, didn’t blow his money

  1. Someone ought to give hime a chance. He will still probaly blow a lot of these WR out the water. The Texans need another veteran WR.

  2. Ok. So now you’re not broke. You have some money and continue to work for much less then you use to. Why haven’t you paid any child support? You have money, make sure your kids can eat and have medical coverage since you are still working

  3. No one blackballed you TO. You blackballed yourself. Burn as many bridges as you have and that will happen. Don’t feel sorry for you one bit.

  4. I wouldn’t get too carried away hating on the guy just because he got fleeced. Owens was just 1 of several — including Floyd Mayweather, Clinton Portis, Roscoe Parrish — exploited by predators (esp. Pamela Linden & Jeff Rubin) introduced to Owens by his own agent, Drew Rosenhaus. And Owens isn’t claiming full victimhood when he acknowledges “I hate myself for letting this happen; I believed that they had my back when they said, ‘You take care of the football, and we’ll do the rest.'” But the man did create his own bubble, so it shouldn’t shock or awe when Bambi meets the wolves.

  5. His pride is going to cost him in court. His lawyers probably wish he’d stick with the broke theme until they get this sorted out. I bet he doesn’t live an extravagant lifestyle as long as the income stays at a certain level. Problem is those days are numbered if not over.

  6. If you’re not broke….but you’re not fulfilling your financial obligations….what does that make you?

    Being broke doesn’t make you any less of a man than NOT being broke and being an arse.

  7. You’re personally broke. You might have money, but you have burned every bridge behind you. You have 4 children growing up without a father. Anything you accomplished on the field is far over shadowed by your failures as a person, a team mate, a parent, or any kind of friend.

  8. A four year old kid that has already racked up $1,000,000 in child support and the mother is still going after T.O for more!?!? Absolutely ridiculous.

  9. Why should the NFL help him transition? he has been given enough funds to figure it out himself. I am tired of these clowns not taking advantage of the college education opportunities givena nd then crying thatthe nfl does not take care of them or prepare them for life after football.

  10. Whatever your opinion is of T.O., no one can deny the fact that he is a major victim of the child support system.

    Children do not cost the sums of $$$ money this man has already paid, and yet they still want more.

    The entire issue has been forgotten here, the child support “corporation” is an extortionist system designed to allows the state to use children to as a weapon against their parents.

    TO may be a bad parent, that is his right. The fact of the matter is, he is a victim here….and just because most people don’t like his attitude he has become a target.

  11. He is at the end of his career. We ALL screw up some more than others. Let him contribute on a team somewhere. His career numbers are impressive. Put a clause in his contract for behavior and let him run deep routes. You could be glad you did.

  12. HUGE difference between blackballed and simply not even CLOSE to being worth the risk. The verdict is unanimous, he’s not worth it… if he was, he’d have a job. Look in the mirror if you want to blame someone, lord knows you spend enough time in front of that mirror anyway…

  13. “Appearing on 790 The Zone in Atlanta, Owens said that he isn’t broke, and that the suffestion that he lost $80 million was “skewed.”

    What’s a ‘suffestion’? Good job, editors.

  14. haha at all of the teams Tag in this article.

    Moss or Owens?

    just like Moss, Someone should give him a chance.

    i bet he would have caught that Ball instead of Lee Evans………

  15. I don’t know why people still hate on TO. He’s one of the best WRs to ever play the game! So what if he’s having money issues. He’s not the only one that doesn’t pay child support or blow their money! Get over it people!!!

  16. Sometimes I think more players should be like TE Chris Cooley. Just direct deposit in the bank and have a $21M standard checking account.

  17. Let Broncos or Pats give him a whirl. They have the QBs to handle every situation. I think the Pats are the better of the two. If it doesn’t work, cut him in camp. Drop either him or Chad. You have nothing to loose.

  18. I agree that going on Dr. Phil was a mistake no matter what!!!!

    However, if you listened to all four parts of the interview you would come off with a better feeling about Terrell Owens!!! Plus, NO ONE should judge a book by it’s cover!!!! If you heard his radio interviews you would feel better about him!!!

    Plus, our Country is a nation of lemmings. Lemmings pretty much follow any leader, no matter how bad the leader it. If Terrell Owens had the pitch men that Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb had he would have gotten a lot more love than he deserved!!! Not everybody is as bad as they seem; and with Favre and McNabb we’re now seeing that not everyone is as good as they seem!!!!

    Check the whole interview out and you will feel differently about him!!!

  19. Also, one more thing on Dr. Phil: his show was meant to be spin doctored toward women!!!! He kissed Oprah Winfrey’s ass for so long!!!! That itself can help you conclude that he does have a secret vagina!!!!!

    Men, don’t ever go on his show!!!! He betrayed us!!!!

  20. If it looks like hes broke, and he smells like hes broke …
    Hes probably broke

  21. @lobm1

    You must be about 12 if you think he is one of the best WR’s to ever play the game.

  22. I hate TO but he is like a lot of Athletes who have children with women and get stuck paying Child care cost that are astronomical.

    $25,000.00/month was fine when your income is 4 million a year.

    When your income drops to 0 and your bill is still 25,000 it adds up quickly.

    Your talking 600K over 5 years while being taxed in the highest income bracket around 40% the whole time you were making that money.

    thats why when you get some money, they have to think about after football, the next 50 years…not just the first 10.

    If you think about it that $12 Million home has a 10,000 month Maitnence bill. It all adds up.

    Same thing happens to dude’s making 60k /yr when the judge slaps the $1500/month Child support for 18 years because they have 30 saved in the bank…it goes fast if you don’t plan accordingly

  23. seatownballers says:
    May 11, 2012 2:23 PM
    Ok. So now you’re not broke. You have some money and continue to work for much less then you use to. Why haven’t you paid any child support? You have money, make sure your kids can eat and have medical coverage since you are still working


    T.O’s child support is $50,000 per month… How much do you make per month? Maybe, you could pay it for him. These judges are ridiculous… Is there any child in the world that deserves more than $5k / month? Glad I don’t have any “oops” out there.

  24. Terrell Owens is broke – Terrell Owens isn’t broke … who cares?

    This is a tabloid story, not a football story.

  25. Not picking sides here but when did it take 15k per month to feed a child. If he is not currently earning 5 mil per season he shouldn’t have to pay support as though he is.

  26. He’s right. If he EARNED $80 million over the years during his NFL days, he POCKETED much less.

    1st Uncle Sam takes a bite.

    Then your agent.

    Then your manager.

    Then your publicist.

    Then your accountant.

    And so on.

    He probably pocketed about $40 million.

    Which is still a big chunk of change.

    But it ain’t $80 million.

  27. I wouldn’t offer this guy a cracker if he was starving. Bye bye Owens, no one likes you!

  28. what a clown, just can’t stand to be out of the spotlight. if he plays even one more down in the nfl, i’ll be very surprised. simply not worth the headache

  29. I LOVE IT!!!!!……couldn’t have happened to a better person (athlete)……he blackballed himself with his attitude and antics…..it’s over T.O…….bye bye!!!!…….oh, and he isn’t broke, I guess he just chooses not to take care of his kids…..I see he is just as classy off the field as he was on it……it’s over T.O…..you are irrelevant nowadays and it really bothers you…..hahahaha

  30. At least he still wants to play football, when he could just do reality TV and act a fool. Respect the love of the game.

  31. “I didn’t blow my money. My money was stolen and mismanaged.”

    He sounds like he paid some taxes.

  32. I once saw him in Chicago get out a limo with two women and go into McDonalds.

    Moral of the story: he saved some money on dinner.

  33. T.O. pays $535,200 per year in child support. That is absolutely ridiculous. He should see his children and pay some support, but 44,600 a month is an insane amount and his ex just seemed worried about the money on Dr. Phil.

  34. “To say I am blackballed, well thats a strong topic”

    Well, T.O. obviously you are blackballed. Now moving onto your football career teams aren’t conspiring against you they just don’t want to put up with personality and behavior.

  35. “I’m not an extravagant living-type person”

    I have only seen one episode of “Cribs”. It was years ago and I remember little but it was TO’s place…while still with the 49ers (I think) but likely after the big catch.

    I DO remember the swimming pool shaped in 81 and the ridiculous waste inside the huge home.

    I admit that I have usually defended TO, but I think those days are gone in light of all this crap.

  36. The list of talented Ex-NFL players with No Class is long…….T.O. you are #1

  37. Yea T.O. your not broke, every person with an once of self respect goes on Dr Phil to be humiliated about not paying child support to your different baby mommas. Where is your publicist that said you had 25 million reasons to be alive a few years ago?

  38. Still not sure why no one takes a chance on Owens after an injury takes place on the top of their depth… The last year the guy played he was the leading receiver on a team deep with talent at wide receiver..

  39. TO is developmentally disabled.

    This has been the case since college, where I remember reading about a foster family he lived with describing his coping difficulties.

    All of the shenegans in his career should be measured against this fact, but our hero worship/jealousy won’t allow us to factor in weakness when judging our superstars.

    I read the unrestrained glee with which people like bass1717 trounce all over this guy and wonder why.

    What do you expect to happen when you hand a man whose development is stuck in adolescence 80 million dollars?

    What would you have done with 80 million dollars when YOU were 21?

    The whole dynamic of the fan who worships football and goes to games with his fact painted YET takes every opportunity to trash the very people who play the game escapes me.

    How can you so love football yet so hate those who play it?

  40. Mike Tyson blew mo money than TO. Hey TO you’ll be loved one day too.

  41. “lobm1 says: May 11, 2012 3:07 PM
    I don’t know why people still hate on TO. He’s one of the best WRs to ever play the game! So what if he’s having money issues. He’s not the only one that doesn’t pay child support or blow their money! Get over it people!!!”

    People “hate on TO” (a stupidly ridiculous phrase if there ever was one) not because of his money troubles, but because of his antics over his entire career. It has nothing to do with him being one of the best players ever either. The “hate” has everything to do with him being one of the all time biggest divas, d-bag, and selfish players. Recall the time he ran to Cowboy star at Dallas and raised his arms, not once but twice, the second time starting a brawl. Recall the other times when he selfishly celebrated TDs with ZERO acknowledegement of this teammates. He was fined and penalized time after time and still put his team in bad field position. Recall all the time he threw his QBs under the bus. I could go on and on.

    Face it, the “hate on” TO is well deserved.

  42. “which is something that the NFL and the NFLPA should start helping all former players do.”

    You know Florio there’s this thing in journalism called fact checking. You might try it. Lots of teams do this as well as the NFL. I can’t say for the NFLPA.

  43. irishgary says:
    May 11, 2012 3:43 PM

    You must be about 12 if you think he is one of the best WR’s to ever play the game.
    Yea, your right….#2 in all time receiving yards and touchdowns, he’s terrible.

  44. geniusesq says: May 11, 2012 4:17 PM

    At least he still wants to play football, when he could just do reality TV and act a fool. Respect the love of the game.
    He did do a reality show and act like a fool, Genius.
    The T.Ocho show

  45. He has a fat pension coming to him in the near future (age 50) I believe

  46. He is blackballed. Jerry Rice played into his 40s and Terrell is more productive than he was at this point. It has to be off-field issues that has taken him off several teams’ radar. Maybe a good showing by Randy will help him.

    T.O. is a headcase, but he’s a good player, and he’s never gotten into any real trouble–i.e. legal trouble. I think I’d rather take the 38yr old Terrell on my team, than the 28yr old T.O.

    I hope things play out well for him. Either that, or marry a D List celebrity and start a reality show.

  47. Voiceofrealism

    Try hooked on phonics. I never said he didn’t do reality TV, I’m saying he could do it now, but he’s trying to play while he has the ability. If you don’t respect that, then your life probably sucks and you suffer from Hate-itis.

  48. Why should the NFL or NFLPA help players transition to life after football? Didn’t they already goto college for free? I’m never going to feel sorry for anyone who is to stupid to not take advantage of a free education. I’m going to find it especially hard to feel for over the next several decades as I’m sending in my student loan payments.

  49. Guy runs around the country knocking up women and then running the other way, and some of you are defending him because he shouldn’t have to pay anything more than to feed and clothe his unknown children? And somebody actually called him a victim? Wow. Sounds like a few of you aren’t happy with what the judge makes you pay for your unwanted children. If you’re too stupid to spend 5 bucks on condoms then you deserve to get screwed after being screwed.

  50. “…his best bet at this point would be to commence the process of transitioning to life after football,…”
    Excellent idea. I’m sure he still has a couple of mil laying around he’s not doing anything with . Now, I have this little grass cutting business I’m starting up and with the right backing…

  51. The next time he take responsibility for his situation will be the first time.

  52. @BackStageAtAPuppetShow- You are absolutely correct. If nothing else I hope T.O on Dr. Phil raises some kind of awareness that the child support system is a disaster. It takes two people to create a child. For a good person, that guy has some terrible luck!

  53. irishgary says:
    May 11, 2012 3:43 PM

    You must be about 12 if you think he is one of the best WR’s to ever play the game.
    your brain must be partially damaged if you honestly think hes not.

  54. There is no shortage of WRs that are substantially younger. There are also more than enough highly talented ball catchers looking for employment as well. It simply doesn’t seem as though there is a place for anyone as old, much less someone who has caused so much strife over the years of a career. Why can’t T.O. understand this? Can’t a person who is some type of a friend or relative explain this to him? It does not seem as though this is a complicated concept. As for being broke or not, I wonder why he thinks ANYONE not impregnated by him would be interested? Somebody pointed out that he is developmentally delayed. I completely concur!!

  55. @philyeagles5

    A philly and TO fan thinking someone else has brain damage is hysterical

  56. “And so his best bet at this point would be to commence the process of transitioning to life after football, which is something that the NFL and the NFLPA should start helping all former players do.”

    The problem’s not “transitioning to life after football”.

    The problem with T.O. has always been, “transitioning to life as a grown man from being a carefree, careless, immature kid.”

    Right now, he needs a good attorney that he’ll listen to more than anything else. You don’t stop paying child support, go on national TV and say you’re broke, and then within 48 hours or so, go in front of national media again and say that you’re not broke. That’s insane.

    Memo to T.O. – there is such a thing as involuntary bankruptcy. If I were being stiffed by T.O. for payment of anything, I’d sure try to round up some likeminded creditors and let a judge have the final say on the “brokeness” issue. I’d wager that T.O. wouldn’t like that process or the outcome.

  57. You can rant on TO all you want but he did take the eagles to the Superbowl and McNabb is the one who blew it. McNabb should have taken more blame for all the things that happened during that season. TO just said what most of the team was thinking.

    The child support laws are ridiculous. It is so easy for the mother to get them raised and nearly impossible to get them reduced. I watched the Dr Phil show and it looked to me there was 1 father who was trying his best to support his children and 4 women who felt like they hit the baby lotto.

  58. It’s called financial disclosure and child support is based upon percentage so as to have a fair chance at equality lifestyle. It’s not an option, it’s a RESPONSIBILITY AND THE LAW. Responsibility is the ONE thing TO never displayed as he failed to complete ANY contracts. Which, I’n and of itself cost him AND his kids, MILLIONS. He’s a low life DOG when it comes to his kids. I worked my rear end off for years to single handedlu raise my daughter and PUT her through college I darned sure didn’t have 50-80 mil to do it with either. One years salary could have set those kids for life. Or 1/2 year or even a 1/4. Hrs definitely a deadbeat dad. One that should be used as an EXAMPLE of what NOT TO DO. take what he has left and disperse between his kids. Note, I didn’t say mothers. Court dispensation between them. What makes him better than the millions of fathers that are forced or willing to pay. Football. Not

  59. It’s funny all the big mouthed playboys (to,moss,ochocinco)come back begging for another chance or just to be on a team I guess life after nfl really is hard for these dudes when they’re used to being in the center of media with their mouths barking ,then when the candle is out they become depressed and suicidal ,if I owned a team I would give TO a chance to be the mascot at least ,just so I keep him alive that boy is fishy man .

  60. The internet aka a gala of underachieving self righteous humans passing judgement on an individual only because he lives a better life than them. Face it folks, like it or not T.O. is one of the greatest wideouts to every step on an NFL field. He worked very hard at his craft and one always credited at being a hard worker. He isn’t a Pac Man Jones or Tank Johnson, he keeps his “nose clean”, has never had any run ins with the law. T.O.’s only flaw in the game of football was HOW he chose to voice his opinion when something was not going right. Several of his teammates in Dallas and Philly came to his defense and he never had any issues in Buffalo or Cincy. As far as his financial issues, he was screwed out of money by financial advisers and child support in a whole. While I agree the child support payments are extreme, he still made a choice to pro-create, so he has to deal with that. Owens saying he’s not “broke” makes sense, in the traditional sense “broke” means he can’t afford to carry out his normal day to day lifestyle, not that he has no money what-so-ever. Owens could probably liquidate all his assets and invest his money wisely and live fine, IF he gets those child support payments reduced. All in all, I think T.O. is a good guy, he just needs to be there for his kids and start a life without football. If he keeps himself in shape and a team calls him this season, go play!

  61. His baby mama’s need to get off their backs and get a job. A job that doesn’t include having kids by rich men or professional athletes. It doesn’t take that much money a month to keep a child, not even close. Child support is for supporting the child not these groupies lavish lifestyles. I’m not a TO Fan nor am I a gold digger Fan.

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