The old Moss shows up in San Fran


Randy Moss has had so many iterations and incarnations that it’s never quite clear whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing for the “old Moss” to make an appearance.  For the 49ers, it looks like a good thing.

He still looks the same,” safety Donte Whitner said after Thursday’s pads-and-helmets-free practice, via the Associated Press.  “He never, ever since he’s been playing football has looked like he’s been running fast.  But he’s a long strider, and when you actually run against him, he’s really running really fast.  He’s running the same as he’s always run.  His body looks like a younger Randy Moss, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do on the football field.”

Quarterback Alex Smith agrees.  “It’s tough to tell that he missed a year of football,” Smith said.  “I certainly don’t see any rust.  He’s running well, catching well.  No surprise, he’s a pro and already has a good understanding of the playbook.”

The “old Moss” also showed up when reporters tried to get a word or two from him as he left the team facility.  “Work is over, baby, we’re outta here,” Moss said.

The new Moss is also wearing his old number, donning 84 instead of 81 — possibly since a certain high-profile pain-in-the-behind once wore No. 81 for the 49ers.  (Rookie Chris Owusu has T.O.’s number; maybe they’ll call the rookie “C.O.”)

Regardless of the number on his jersey, if the 49ers can get Moss to truly turn back the clock, it will end up being one of the biggest steals in league history.  Or at least the biggest steal since the Patriots finagled a supposedly washed-up Moss from the Raiders for a fourth-round draft pick.

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  1. If they could have landed Peyton, you could have penciled them in for the next 3 superbowls.

    Moss has a bit if a chip on his shoulder.

  2. After the referee’s made it open season on Moss while he was with the Raiders (Chargers game), Moss lost all desire to play. The Raiders would have been lucky to get a six-pack let alone a 4th rounder for that version of Moss.

  3. Ahem, which old Moss? The Vikings’ Moss, who dominated? Or the Raiders’ Moss, who was a loser, a cancer and a quitter? Or the Patriots’ Moss, who dominated, then got run out of town when he got too full of himself? Or the Moss who got unceremoniously waived by Minnesota (take 2) and Tennessee? Or the take-the-year-off Moss?

    He’s a crapshoot, at best; nothing more. I give his chances for success about a 3 of a 1-10 scale.

  4. When Alex Smith doesn’t get him the ball because the team is pounding the ball over and over, we will see if Moss will be good little soldier. Or if Smith underthrows a deep ball or throws a slant behind him, will he start yelling at anyone who will listen.

  5. There hasn’t been much question about Moss’s ability to get open and catch the ball.

    The real issue is what he does on the other 55-65 offensive plays when the ball isn’t coming in his direction. Moss has never relished the “decoy” role and he’s no Hines Ward when it comes to blocking. In fact, he’s not even a DeSean Jackson when it comes to blocking.

    It’s underwear football time. Let’s wait and see what happens when the games count.

  6. Of course his teammates are going to say he looks great, what would you expect them to say. We will see when the season starts, odds are against him

  7. I wouldnt be surprised to see him get off to a good start especially with SF’s running game and Vernon Davis taking an immense amount of pressure off of him. However, father time is undefeated, and Randy is 35 years old and hasnt played football in over year. Furthermore, he hasnt been an effective football player in about 2 years. I think that over the course of the season he will wear down and become a non-factor come playoff time.

  8. Love moss! always have. I was hoping cleveland gave him a shot! he seems to be back in beast mode!

  9. With so many WRs (I expect 6 to make the team) there will be a ton of different formations and packages. Randy will have to block and go hard on every snap or he will find himself on the outside looking in. Jim Harbaugh’s strong personality won’t allow for one diva to drive a wedge in this team (see Braylon Edwards 2011). Randy’s success or failure is completely up to Randy.

    Maybe Randy should hit ‘The Hill’ with Jerry and the Rookie. I hope Randy does well just to prove Cris Carter hopelessly wrong. (Hate that guy.)

  10. Randy I know you read this stuff do your job as a complete receiver run hard, block,catch, score TDs and distract the other team and with hard work the 49ers and you will have a ring. The past is history the present is a gift and the future is a mystery that’s up to you to show the world you can play…. Your are 49ers now let’s do this!

  11. Randy Moss is a diva, and he’s five years older that he was in 2007, and Alex Smith is no Tom Brady. Sorry, Niners fans, this isn’t gonna work out for you.

  12. randy burned revis for a one handed td his last season in the league. physically the guy can still play

  13. the only thing that will prevent Moss from winning Comeback Player of the Year is injuries.
    but with so much depth at WR, time to heal up shouldn’t be a problem.
    Still can’t believe the negative comments coming from media and fans against all the upside.
    For example, only Randy Moss can have his worst season of his career and still add to his highlight reel. check it out. the one handed grab v. Revis and the Jets, and another TD v. the Jets; catching Favre’s 500th career TD and then his last catch w/ Titans along sidelines. watch that one and decide if Moss couldn’t get it done. that play was incredible.

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