Three more concussion cases filed, with more than 180 former players

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And the wave of lawsuits against the NFL regarding the concussion issue continues.

Three more lawsuits were filed late last week in Los Angeles.  The folks at, have forwarded the documents to PFT.

The three complaints, all filed by Thomas Girardi, add more than 180 players to the ever-growing list of concussion plaintiffs, including:  Hall of Famer Art Monk (pictured), Hall of Famer Mel Renfro, Bob Kuechenberg, Thomas Henderson, and Dan Pastorini.

So why weren’t all of the plaintiffs joined in one case?  It could be that the lawyer is angling for a favorable judicial assignment, and that the first order of business will be to file a motion to consolidate the three cases before the judge whom the lawyer believes to be the most likely to issue rulings and make decisions that will fuel the lawsuit.

The first fight will come, however, after the NFL inevitably shifts the cases to federal court, arguing that the Collective Bargaining Agreement supersedes the court system, and that the players must make any claims through the arbitration process, which is typically far more favorable to business interests than a judge and a jury would be.  If the federal court decides to keep the cases, they will be absorbed into the mass litigation pending in federal court in Philadelphia.

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  1. The thing that bothers me most about this, is I get the feeling that for every 1 player dealing with severe health problems directly related to playing in the NFL, 10 are just making a money grab.

  2. These players ALL chose to play in the NFL and paid well for their services in most cases. They were not held at gunpoint and forced to play. I do not doubt that they sustained health problems, but that comes with the territory. I see this as a money grab for every last one of them.

  3. “The thing that bothers me most about this, is I get the feeling that for every 1 player dealing with severe health problems directly related to playing in the NFL, 10 are just making a money grab.”

    Careful, Mr Brees. Those old-timers don’t like when you say things like that.

  4. These cases make me sick. I used to respect many of the players involved but that respect is rapidly deteriorating. For players to sue the NFL for concussions means they must claim that they had no idea that football (at any level) was “dangerous” or could lead to chronic health conditions. A typical 10 year old child could reasonably determine that a physical sport such as football might have some lasting unwanted physical effects. I hope all these lawsuits lose and the plaintiffs are forced to pay all legal costs. If not, then a ruling similar to the USFL case would be fitting. These 2000+ money hounds and their lawyers can figure out how to split $1.00.

  5. It says right on the back of the helmet when you put it on “May Cause Serious Neck Or Head Injury”..So what are they complaining about?

  6. Why sue the NFL? All players know the life expectancy and what the chances of injury are. Maybe they should sue each other for individual hits. hy do you think you wear helmets and pads???

  7. I wonder why these aren’t being handled like any other worker’s comp case. If an employee is injured, he reports the injury and receives treatment through worker’s comp. If the injury returns, the workers comp case is reopened. Most states have caps and time limitations.

    Are these players alleging that there was a conspiracy to hide some portion of their injury? Have they named any doctors in the law suit? I would think that a doctor would have to be part of the conspiracy, right? There just has to be something more to this concept than “football is a dangerous sport!”

    Maybe we should recognize the fact that a waiver for these injuries in needed. Players need to protect their future earnings with their own insurance too. Has anyone sued their agent for failing to protect them from these head injuries? Why not? What NFL conspiracy has existed that prevents the union, their team representatives (Those not hunting players for a bounty), and agents from researching this on their own and advising their clients to get out of football?

  8. I understand that concussions are a cumulative thing. Is it not possible that some of the concussed NFL players could have had a previous head injury, say in middle school, high school or college, that went undetected? If it is possible that they came into the NFL with a pre-existing condition what does that do to the NFL’s responsibility in those cases, other than not having a proper medical protocol in place to look for those earlier conditions?

  9. As the attention of the injury issues surface some school boards could be ready to pull the plug on high school football programs. Why wouldn’t some of those greedy lawyers see another avenue for income?

  10. I might be going to far but I would like to know how many of these former NFL players are having money problems? I can’t help but ignore the fact that when a NFL player leaves the NFL more then half go broke. And if there is a huge class lawsuit it won’t change any thing. the NFL is loaded. They will pay them off and move on. Just like Big Tobacco did. Here’s some money for your troubles. Now go away.

  11. I am going to laugh so hard when these players beat the NFL in court and the NFL has to pay out $2 to each “victim”. So much for their big score.

  12. I wonder how many of these players are guys who barely made the teams practice squads for a few years and never saw any actual game action.

  13. seeing as it’s nothing more than a money grab anyways.. how long before the lawsuits spread to the ncaa, sec, big ten, etc, college programs, my local high school, and pop warner league?

    in other words, why will the lawsuits stop with the nfl? if the sport is prohibitively dangerous, then it probably is at every level. there are surely countless people who suffered concussions playing football at some level who are eager to participate in a slush fund. line up the lawyers!

  14. Whenever this comes to a conclusion, the funniest result would be the players win, but the judge rules the NFLPA has to pay the sum. They’ve been the party of the two that’s held back long-term insurances. The current players have historically wanted the entire player revenue pie, with little to no consideration for the past and their futures. I’d find it fitting (as everyone knows the dangers of football) and perhaps the funniest joke of all time.

  15. Of those names listed Art Monk is the youngest. All the other guys had most of their career in the 70’s.
    Seems odd they can substantiate a claim that back in the 70’s the NFL new and didn’t take action on the health effects of a violent sport. Really makes me wonder what these guys 60-70 years of age are hoping to accomplish by piling on.

  16. The number of plaintiffs is now up to almost 2,000 former players. Lets say that somehow a judgement comes back against the NFL for a staggering $100 million dollars. The lawyers would rake in $33 million dollars, and each of these players would get a one time payment of $50k.

    Heck, maybe they all do have head trauma.

  17. So will “Big Brother” pull this post a 3rd time? Censorship redeux? 🙂

    The Class can win in Class Action lawsuits – but no Q the Attorneys do very well. And I don’t think it is or will be just about concussions – but also about all the other serious/cumulative injuries these players have received.

    The early guys (who are still living) the ones who played in the 50′s and 60′s – have the most meager pensions/health care coverage and the NFL – who is making Billions – should take care of the guys who built the game and didn’t realize how much they were sacrificing their bodies/health.

  18. The reason they are not being handled as a standard Workers Comp. case is that very few if any NFL teams have Workers Comp. Insurance. It would be next to impossible to obtain standard Workers Comp. Insurance to cover injuries. Most if all sports teams would be self insured to cover injuries. The risk of injury is to high. On another note as I’ve said here before, funny how these players have piled on these lawsuits but what about race Car drivers? I’m sure Richard Petty, AJ Foyt, Mario Andretti, David Pearson, Bobby Labonte, Rick Mears, Bobby Rahall etc have lasting effects of injuries they sustained in crashes that occured while racing. Maybe they simply understand better than NFL players that driving a car at 200 + mph is dangerous.

  19. FinFan68 nailed it on the head! They know the risks and chose to play anyways. now they want to sure, ridiculous.

  20. Race car drivers don’t take 1 – one hundreth of the punishment NFL players do. Except for the very few who get killed – but those numbers are way down from a couple of decades ago.

  21. It is like going to Vegas for a weekend, having a lot of sex with a lot of strangers, and then complaining that you caught a disease. What do you expect?????

  22. These law suits are ridiculous. It’s like going to Vegas for a weekend without condoms, have sex with a dozen strangers, and then be shocked to come home with a disease. Huh? What? No one told me about this. Well, ok, they did, but I was having too much fun….

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