Chan Gailey loves Vince Young: Great arm, mobile, a winner

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Vince Young is heading to Buffalo, and although the team says he’s strictly competing for the No. 2 job behind Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills coach Chan Gailey gushed about what Young has already proven in his NFL career.

He’s done some great things,” Gailey said.

What are those great things? As Gailey sees it, just about everything a quarterback is asked to do: Throw, run, lead a team and win games.

“He’s got a great arm,” Gailey said. “When he worked out here, he threw it very well. Everybody knows his mobility. He brings you that, and he’s won football games in the NFL. That’s another positive.”

As an offensive coach, Gailey has always enjoyed tailoring his game plans to take advantage of the skills of athletic quarterbacks, and he said that if Young is playing he’ll adjust the offense to take advantage of Young’s strengths as a runner. Gailey and Bills General Manager Buddy Nix both said Young is being brought in as a backup, but they’re also both excited about seeing him on the field in a Bills uniform.

“[Nix] thought that was a great guy for us to bring in because we’ve talked all along about wanting to continually try to bring in guys who can compete for jobs,” Gailey said. “And he can compete for a job. I’m looking forward to working with him.”

42 responses to “Chan Gailey loves Vince Young: Great arm, mobile, a winner

  1. Sure Chan sure….and Ryan Leaf is a great QB too, why don’t you sign him too. If he loves Vince the Brain so much then it should be a no brainer that he is the Bills starting QB as he is for sure more mobile than Fitzpatrick, faster than Fitzpatrick, stronger arm than Fitspatrick. Save the kool-aid for the Bills fans Chan, the rest of us know better.

  2. When coaches or scouts call someone a winner, isn’t that just a different way of saying “He’s not real talented, but if everyone else is you might win some games”

  3. Is that Chin or Chan? Sounds like Chin/Chan wants another dream team. How’d that work out for the Eagles? Yeah, VY wins, then eats is own.

  4. The Juddstir must not be familiar with Fitzy. He’s not a slow guy himself. Here in Cincy we called him “crazy legs”. Anyways, if I were a Buffalo fan, I’d have mixed feelings about this. Ryan has proven to be a solid QB and had the Bills at 5-2 until he broke some ribs. They’ll have to watch it in Buffalo, or there might be a controversy.

  5. Never was a huge VY fan, but that’s cause I hate the Music City Miracles do when he went to Philly I thought he was ok…
    I feel that he has a few issues personally, but his ex coach didn’t like him and that was apparent by the way he treated a winning QB..
    Huge Buffalo fan and I don’t think Fitz is the answer to make the playoffs so, when we lose 3 out of 4 at some stretch this year why not see why VY can do!!

  6. Ya know… If you sign Mario Williams and you re-up Fred Jackson and Ryan Fitzpatrick and you bring back Stevie Johnson and THEN you sign Vince Young ya know what you’ve got?…. Well you’ve got the makings of a drea….pretty good team. 🙂

  7. Vince Young: 31 wins, 19 losses=.620 winning percentage.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick: 18 wins, 33 losses=.356 winning percentage.

    Just saying.

  8. If he actually thinks VY is great I’m beginning to see why the Bills have not done so well as of late. That’s not the greatest talent evaluator if he’s saying that. Here’s to hoping the Bills do well, but VY is not the reason for the optimism.

  9. Gailey did great things with Kordell Stewert….Stewert’s decline begun after Gailey’s departure.

  10. “Great arm, Mobile and a major head case with the emotional development of a nine year old.”

    In other words… a winner.

  11. Being that they just invested $2 million in VY, what is he going to say- that he is slow and inept? VY has a very fragile psyche (remember his days in Tennessee).

  12. I’d argue that Young is better than the starting QB for the Cardinals, Dolphins, Chiefs, Vikings, Browns, Jags, Titans and Seahawks. If I’m any of those teams I would’ve brought him in (except Titans).

  13. VY has talent. You can’t deny that. His problem has been his attitude and work ethic. He needs to go to a team with strong leadership. I don’t know if Buffalo if that place or not, but I’m sure we’ll find out.

  14. I’ve never been a VY fan, wouldn’t want him on my team, and think he’s a headcase….BUT..

    It wouldn’t shock me to see him play better than Fitzpatrick. I don’t think its outside the realm of possibility for Fitzpatrick to miss some games this heat due to injury, VY come in and win some games, and have a Qb controversy on their hands.

  15. Funny…i watched Chan’s interview at and came away with the feeling that Chan wasn’t excited, in fact i would better describe him as anoyed, by Vince Young being signed yesterday….seven questions into the news conference he snipped…guy’s you know we started rookie training today”…so in my humble opinion Chan is happy to have competition at backup and that’s about it…the bills are better with VY….and they have one more piece of the puzzle….but ‘love’….no way…that’s just the wrong word to use!

  16. Young is there to provide competition for the back-up Quarterback position, which he will win. He was also brought in to make Ryan Fitzpatrick try just a little bit harder. Gailey knows that Fitzpatrick has earned the opportunity to make this his team, there will be no Quarterback controversy. Fitzpatrick will be the week one starter and will have the reins of this team until he shows a big struggle or the Bills have a losing record come week 10-11. If Fitz shows no improvement from last year come late in the season, I can then see Gailey throwing Young in to see if he has what it takes to possibly be the future of this team. The reason Young was only signed to a 1 year deal is the fact that this upcoming draft will be one of the deepest ever for the QB position. If Fitz struggles, Young doesn’t pan out, the Bills will be in line to grab someone like Matt Barkley, Logan Thomas, Landry Jones or one of the other 3-4 second round QB’s. Smart move by Nix/Gailey.

  17. You can talk about VY’s record all you want, just know he is 14-18 against teams with a .500 record or better. Winner? Only when he plays losers! I’d call Favre, Warner, Marino, and Aikman out of retirement before I signed Young. And if those legends wouldn’t do it, I’d make my punter be the backup. Vince Young is the sorriest player still in the league.

  18. @2jus10jonez

    Kurt Warner is a legend? He’s a good story but I wouldn’t put him in any of those guys that you named category. Dude had like 3 good years in his career. Don’t forget about his disappering act in NYC. If he make the HOF he’ll be the least deserving player since Lynn Swann.

  19. People don’t seem to realise that Fitzpatrick was carrying a rib injury late last year – which really affected his ability to ram that ball in tight areas with good velocity.

    Alot of people erroneously connected his dip in form with his new contract.

    Fitz is a risk taker by nature, not particularly gifted – but is able to understand the part he has to play in any scheme.

    VY may bring some wildcat versatility to the offense but thats about it – if he couldn’t get anything done with the talent Philly have on offense he won’t get much done in Buffalo as a regular QB.

  20. explosionsauce says: May 12, 2012 10:45 AM

    “I’d argue that Young is better than the starting QB for the Cardinals, Dolphins, Chiefs, Vikings, Browns, Jags, Titans and Seahawks. If I’m any of those teams I would’ve brought him in (except Titans).”


    As a Bills fan, I’d love for your statement to be completely accurate but it’s not. Matt Hasslebeck lead his Titans to a 9-7 record and almost made the playoffs. He has had a better career all around than Young and was better than him last year; he’s the better QB.

  21. Vince Young has a single digit IQ and is mentally unstable. Aside from that he’s a great QB.

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