Chris Kluwe talks all things (OK, some things) NFL

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe visited PFT Live on Friday, where he promised to share “amusing anecdotes.”

So I asked him for one right out of the gates.  And he said that, during the first phase of offseason workouts, he wasn’t allowed to punt the football at the team facility.  That’s right, punters can punt during the initial part of the offseason program.  So he had to leave the facility and go find a high school lacrosse field where he could punt without violating the new offseason workout rules.

There was more, including his reaction to the deal to build a new stadium, his admission that he was a little torn about the situation, since a move by the team to L.A. would have brought him closer to home, the shots that punters take after possession changes hands, whether he’s ever had a concussion, and other stuff.

But nothing about the mating habits of whelks.  Perhaps next time.

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