DeSean Jackson: LeSean McCoy shouldn’t hold out

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Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson held out of training camp in a contract dispute last year. Now he has some advice for teammate LeSean McCoy, who would also like a new contract: Don’t hold out.

Jackson, who like McCoy is represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that in hindsight, last year’s holdout didn’t do any good. And McCoy’s best bet, in Jackson’s view, is to report to camp on time.

“I think it would be in his best interest to come” Jackson said. “Looking back now it really hurt me more than I thought it helped me. Hopefully he saw everything I went through, and hopefully Drew won’t have him go through the same thing.”

Jackson said that the men in the Eagles’ front office aren’t the type to buckle to contract demands that they view as unreasonable, and he suggested the Eagles might even become more skeptical of a player’s commitment if that player holds out.

“Them feeling like me holding out was more of a statement and trying to prove something,” Jackson said. “I just hope he doesn’t take it there with the team because the Eagles are a team you don’t want to try force anything with them or strong-arm them, because you know Joe Banner, Howie Roseman, Coach [Andy] Reid, they’re not the easiest people to force to get things with.”

Roseman, the Eagles’ general manager, said on PFT Live last week that he hopes to get a deal done with McCoy.

“LeSean’s a great player,” Roseman said. “[H]e’s a heck of a player, we want him in Philadelphia for a long time, we haven’t been shy about that.”

The Eagles already value McCoy. In Jackson’s view, the best way for McCoy to maximize his value to the club is to be there at the start of training camp.

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  1. He prob wont hold out hes not that type of person…. Not to mention the Eagles will be paying him early this year, this shouldn’t even be a topic because it wont be an issue….

  2. Strangely introspective and accurate assessment by Jackson about this situation. I wonder how that idiot Rosenhaus feels about his advice? haha

    Whether these guys realize it or not, holding out almost *always* leads to a poor season or an injury. They like to think they’re fine because they’re working out on their own, but it never works that way. Look at the year CJ1K and DeSean had last year…the NFL is rife with examples of the correlation between holdouts and a poor season.

  3. DeSean has literally zero credibility on this one… but he’s right.

    Hopefully Philly will continue their offseason trend of extending current players.

    Extend Shady NOW!

  4. I am looking forward to watching Philly this season, anyone who thinks they won’t win the NFC east is either a Giants or Cowboys fan, 12-4, book it.

  5. chew33 says:
    Now that he got his money he wants to set the example haha

    do as I say, not as I do.

    Isn’t it just precious: divas giving advice on responsibility to other divas! Of course, only after the diva giver gets his. Just beautiful.


    Amazing how even when Jackson comes forward and admits he was wrong morons can still climb out of the woodwork to find fault with it.

  6. “Amazing how even when Jackson comes forward and admits he was wrong morons can still climb out of the woodwork to find fault with it”

    I hope that he’s really sincere about what he’s saying, but only time will tell. Its natural for people to be skeptical, considering his track record.

  7. gtorlone says:
    May 12, 2012 2:09 PM
    Rosenhaus just loves sticking it to the Eagles. Next question
    —————————————————–when and where did Rosenhaus ever come out on top in a negotiation with the Eagles. as a player IF you wish to stay with the Eagles, and think you deserve more than their offer don’t bring in Drew he won’t win.

  8. rickastleydancemoves says: May 12, 2012 2:20 PM

    Or he could half ass it like you did for an entire season and still get paid.


    Exactly – I didn’t mind the holdout nearly as much as the lollygagging all season. He hurt the team by sucking.

  9. Holding out is a complete waste for the player. They have to come in or lose the year anyway, and no player is going to give up a year’s salary. Its a grandstand play, and does nothing to help them get a new contract.

  10. Remember what happened to Matt Forte last year..he went on and played too. How’d that turn out???

    Runningbacks take a lot more hits the wide receivers per game. They have to have their money. I hope the Eagles give him his new contract early so it doesn’t become an issue.

  11. Yeah, frequently players are over-rated when rushing for over 1300 yards at 4.8 yards/carry, 20 total TDs while fumbling only once…saying someone is over-rated is sometimes a disguised way of saying that you don’t like a player because of the team they play for.

  12. randallflagg52 before you make a dumb comment like that actually watch football…. Scare-crow man, only if you had a brain LMAO 🙂

  13. Non story . Shady has already said that he loves Eagles nation & wants to be here for a long long time . Howie & Reid know that McCoy is an elite back . Lesean won’t get Peterson money but will definitely get more guaranteed money then Foster and Lynch . Philadelphia will not let him walk cause Shady has the best feet in the NFL since Barry Sanders (not saying he’s better) but he’s as good as they come right now , and with the Eagles ridiculous salary cap situation right now the could give McCoy , Maclin , and Rodgers-Cromartie (depending on his year) extensions before training camp . Shady keeps defenses honest & is our best offensive best weapon , he will sign !

  14. randallflagg52 says:May 12, 2012 7:12 PM

    Two of the most overrated players in the NFL

    You’re kidding right? McCoy overrated? You don’t know football.

  15. *LG Evan Mathis = another Rosenhaus client . It looks like the Eagles & Drews relationship is perfectly fine….. the Eagles are winning the East this year . Last year’s 5-1 record will be 6-0 this year & Shady is only 24 ,Maclins 24 ,Deseans 25 and that D willl be dominate with a full off-season to come togetherm castillos D only allowed 10.3 ppg in the last 4 games) . I respect the Giants but from top to bottom , philly isthe team to beat in the East … GO EAGLES !!!

  16. jacksaysfu another one that doesnt know football!! Ok now you named one client of Drew= Mathis, ok now! He is not only soooo far away from Desean and Mccoy caliber player but you named ONLY ONE PLAYER in which everythings ok ! I can name 25 players who he had hold out! think before you type

  17. No disprect the Giantsv the Eagles beat n.y & the only time they bewut us was when we gave up sixth 4th quarter leads cause philly’s D didn’t have a defensive leader. But with Cox , Ryans , Kendricks , curry & Boykin our Defense will finally close out games n Mcnutt adds a redzone threat , Bryce Brown could either be a bust ior a star, brandon Washington willbe a starting G within 2-3 tyear’s , and I’ll never question Howard Mudd on his drafting OT . From top to bottom , phillly can matchup with ANY NFL TEAM

  18. Compare eagles vs nyg D-line. The Eagles had 50 sacks , 46 by the Dline , by far the most of any dline in the NFL . (Check the stats) and we finally have 2 press corners and a legitimate LB core. Our O is a force but our Defense will be a top 3…. non-story Shady & Maclin willl sign extensions !! Eagles 13-3 Super Bowl champs , times yours losers !

  19. Dear LeSean,

    A hold out is the only way to go. The career of a running back is much shorter than a wide receiver’s. Get every dime you can while you can. If not, demand a trade to Denver. You would look great in blue and orange plus a Superbowl ring would look great on your finger.

    Denver Fan

  20. Shaddup De$ean! You were an absolutely dreadful teammate last year! Where was the team-first attitude when the ‘Dream Team’ needed you last season? Clown!!

  21. wow so many haters, the guy admitted he was wrong. what ever happened to someone learning from their mistakes?

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