Dwayne Jarrett resurfaces in Saskatechewan

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Receiver Dwayne Jarrett is back.  Sort of.

The former Panthers receiver, selected by the team in the second-round of the 2007 draft, cut in 2010, and out of football ever since, has signed with the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders.

“He was hoping for an opportunity last year and he didn’t get one,” Roughriders assistant G.M. Jeremy O’Day said Friday.  “We had to go through a bit of a waiting period while he worked out with some NFL teams.  Then he decided to take the opportunity.  What’s nice about Dwayne is he’s only 25.  He’s not one of those guys who is pushing 30. We still think he has an upside and he’s a big target.”

Jarrett also is under a three-game suspension from the NFL.  Once upon a time, the CFL didn’t want players who had been barred from playing in the NFL.  Apparently, those times have changed.

The Roughriders previously signed former Giants receiver Sinorice Moss.  Who has not been suspended by the NFL.  Yet.

27 responses to “Dwayne Jarrett resurfaces in Saskatechewan

  1. I remember this guy. He had some of the best hand in college.
    Then his hands got the medusa treatment and he couldn’t catch anything. I have no idea what happened.

  2. Couldnt care less about Dwayne Jarrett, but as a Giants fan who won’t hesitate to say Sinorice Moss was a terrible player, he will NEVER be suspended from the NFL. One of the nicest, classiest, bible-abiding players I ever met or followed. I hope he succeeds wherever he lands.

    As for Jarrett, well thanks to Carolina for taking him, and leaving his teammate Steve Smith for us.

    And Go Rangers!!!

  3. Saskatchewan is horrible.

    I used to work for a company based there. Had to go there 4 time a year. It’s so flat that when you’re dog runs away you’ve got 2 weeks to say goodbye.

    The cars have electrical cords hanging out the front so they can plug them in and keep the engine blocks from freezing.



    On the bright side, it stays light until 10:30pm in the summer, so you can start a round of golf after work and play 18 holes before it gets dark.

    So there’s that.

  4. Remember when Steve Smith publicly questioned Jarret’s work ethic…. well, look at him now! Shows what you know Mr. Smith.

  5. ‘has not been suspended by the nfl. yet.’ — what the hell? why would he be? bang it here and give us an answer

  6. The “another bust from USC” digs crack me up. USC has sent more than 460 players to the NFL. Don’t you think the odds of some of those players not panning out increase due to that type of volume? I’d be interested to see how the percentage of “busts” stack up to other schools. Hard to believe it would really be that much higher.

  7. Jarrett just never seemed to care. What a shame, great talent and no hustle. Maybe he can get back in the NFL but he has to change his attitude.

  8. Why always the hate for a player trying to make a comeback? He is just trying to make a living like you and me. I guess none of you have tried and failed at somthing on your first try.

  9. Dwayne Jarrett. talk about wasted talent. When he was drafted by Carolina, i was kinda happy. i really liked Jarrett as a player, i wasnt really happy because for some reason i liked his teammate Steve Smith better and thought taking him would’ve been interesting to hear about from Chris Berman, but what’s done was done and we took Jarrett, but i never thought he would bust THIS badly. one of the worst 2nd round picks in a draft. playing badly is bad enough, but he also had at least 2 dwi’s if i recall and his teammate Smith was better than him in the nfl.

  10. If he makes the team & contributes, & most former NFL players won’t… he will have a lot of fun playing football again. Most of the guys come up to Canada thinking they are going to dominate, & find out the hard way that they will have to work just to stay on the team.

  11. He may have to serve a 3 game suspension, I am not sure… but he has been out of football since 2010, so isn’t that enough time served? I think so for a guy whose actions pale in comparison to others that continue to play the game of football. I hope he does well, & finds happiness in life & football, & if the CFL can help with that, well that is pretty special:)

  12. I’m aware that USC may not have the highest percentage of busts, but they have alot of high profile busts. This is why I think teams should proceed with caution on Matt Barkley next year. He’s a great QB at SC but so was Leinart, and Marinivich for that matter. Oh and Sanchez.

  13. Sask is spelled “Saskatchewan”… There is some great football played in Canada. Many players from the U.S. come up here and have great careers. The CFL has been around for a very long time and continues to thrive.

    This is a good opportunity for this young receiver. Hes only 25 i think and hopefully has learned from his mistakes.

    I love the NFL as well but sometimes it really does reallt seem like the “No Fun League”….. Go Riders!!!! Go Cowboys!!!!

  14. @realitypolice….

    Everyone comes here for work these days, so we have that going for us too! Plus only the southern 1/3rd of Saskatchewan is flat the rest is boreal forest and rocky hills.

  15. edhochuli says:
    May 12, 2012 11:31 PM
    A bust from USC…should we really be surprised anymore?

    Bite your tounge

    Junior Seau , RIP
    Clay Matthews – both of them
    Brian Cushing
    Troy Polamalu
    Willie McGinest

    USC has had 65 first-round NFL Draft picks through 2005, more than any other team, and 162 Pro Bowlers all-time.

    Straight up goons come from Southern Cal….there’s a bust here or there….(i think some collegiate hate is leaking in)

    Hail to the Reign of Troy, hater.

  16. steel9456 says:
    May 13, 2012 8:16 AM
    Why always the hate for a player trying to make a comeback? He is just trying to make a living like you and me. I guess none of you have tried and failed at somthing on your first try.

    If he had come in and done all the right things, but it just didn’t work out, no one would be hating on him. But we spent a second-round pick on him, cut a still reasonably productive Keyshawn Johnson to make room for him, and he spent 4 years sitting on his duff. Steve Smith had to call him out in public just to get him to watch some film. Then he got busted for drunk driving during his 4th year as a professional (much less excusable than doing something stupid when you’re 18 and barely out of Mama’s house). He just had a lazy attitude.

    Oh, yeah, he couldn’t play either. I wonder how many times he dropped the pen trying to sign this CFL contract.

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