Fisher reiterates that there will be no defensive coordinator in 2012


When the Rams officially unveiled their roster of coaches for the coming season, neither the name “Gregg Williams” nor the title “defensive coordinator” were mentioned.

After Saturday’s rookie minicamp practice, coach Jeff Fisher confirmed that there won’t be a defensive coordinator in 2012.

“It’s really no different than it was when this thing went down,” Fisher said, via comments distributed by the team.  “It’s going to be a collective, collaborative effort.”

The coaching staff has three former NFL defensive coordinators:  Fisher, assistant head coach Dave McGinnis (pictured with Fisher), and defensive backs coach Chuck Cecil.

The Rams have faced only minimal pressure to part ways with Williams, even after last month’s release of audio from a defensive meeting occurring the evening before the Saints playoff game against the 49ers.  Williams has been suspended indefinitely, and he is eligible to be reinstated after the 2012 season.

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  1. I’ve been a Tennessee Oilers/Titans fan since 1997 when the team arrived in the Volunteer State. During my years of fandom, Coach Fisher has always been a head coach first and a brilliant defensive mind and motivator second.

  2. Fishers stance suggests he will either give Williams the benefit of the doubt and seriously consider his effort to hire him – or, at the least, he is electing NOT to pile on on the dude by tossing him under the ol’ bus like the rest of the world. I think that’s cool leaving the door open.

  3. You don’t need a coordinator to tell the defense to “get back on the field” 492 times a year after Bradford eats grass.

  4. The Rams are just going to ride this thing out and wait for Williams when he is reinstated next year. No better place for Williams to get reacclimated with the league than with his best bud Jeff Fisher.

  5. Cut ties now Mr Fisher. He’s not ever going to be coaching for the Rams. This is a PR nightmare.

    Aside from that, the team needs a DC, not a head coach wearing two hats.

    Move on.

  6. Fisher’s translation: my best friend Gregg Williams was “blackballed” by Goodell and he’s my defensive coordinator until he comes back after this season…there will be a hologram of my best friend Gregg Williams on the sideline for the 2012 season

  7. Florio, they made this clear months ago.

    There was no reason to think Fisher would suddenly change his mind.

    With Long, Quinn, Brockers, Jenkins, Mikell, Johnson, Fletcher, Laurinaitis, Finnegan, they have the talent. With Waufle, McGinnis, Cecil, and Fisher, they have the coaches.

    A DC by committee approach for one year isn’t going to break this defense. I guarantee it.

  8. Depends on the language of his contract. If he’s suspended by the league, the Ram’s most likely don’t have to pay his salary. If they fire him, without having certain provisions in the contract, they would be on the hook for a good amount of cash. I think they are going to ride this one out.

  9. @ramcountry

    Yeah because really succesful defense teams really use DC’s by committee…

    Oh wait, no they don’t. That’s why Baltimore and Pittsburgh will always be Baltimore and Pittsburgh and St. Louis will always suck. On the bright side at least you are in the Matt Barkley race for next season.

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