Head of officials union says impasse has yet to be reached with NFL

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Most of you aren’t familiar with the name Tim Millis.  Hopefully, it’ll stay that way.

Millis serves as executive director of the NFL Referees Association, which currently is negotiating a new contract with the NFL.  The current deal expires on May 31.  According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, Millis is optimistic that a deal will be reached.

We’ll continue until we get it done,” Millis told Maske.  “Contrary to what I’ve read in some places, we are not at an impasse.  Sometimes it takes shorter.  Sometimes it takes longer.  It’s part of the process.”

Millis seems to be a little leery about the league’s effort to commence lining up replacements.  “It’s been done before,” Millis said.  “It’s a little earlier this time.  If anything made me wonder, it’s the timing of it. . . .  [But] we’re still negotiating. . . .  I’m sure the action [in negotiations] will pick up.”

Or perhaps the league has made its offer and if the officials don’t accept the NFL will apply the padlocks and move on.  If they’ll do it with players, they won’t hesitate to do it with the officials.

20 responses to “Head of officials union says impasse has yet to be reached with NFL

  1. I wanna be an NFL Official.. Preferably one that sits in a booth and reviews replays..

  2. Here’s the beauty of this. Replacements really can’t be any worse than the ‘part time’ refs we have now…and if replacements turn out to be better…I hope the NFL holds it in the face of the current refs and say “See? They’re better for less, so stop f*&#ing around and learn to do your damn job.”

  3. This is probably a good thing. Replacements can’t be any worse can they? This most recent post season was the sorriest excuse of officiating I have ever seen.

  4. Officials need to start being FINED for bad calls!! They cost teams games, PLAY OFF games and a run for the super bowl with horrible calls. NFL has no hesitation fining a guy 10 20 50k for what they deem a bad play how bout fining the Refs for horrible calls? A refs bad call has , more impact on a game and a team than a questionable hit or a guy taking his helmet off on the field

  5. The NFL is like every corporation … they want people to work for $1 an hour and be happy for it.

    Thank god for Unions.

    Of course, some of the idiots posting here don’t want you to know that if it wasn’t for Unions, non-union workers would be working for 50 cents an hour.

  6. Unions go out of their way to protect the lowest common denominator among them (weakest link) instead of reward the top tier for their excellence. This type of thinking brings the group down to the lowest contibuters level, instead of making the group as a whole excel, and strive to be better.

  7. Why don”t we have full time NFL officials? I am sure the NFl could implement an off-season training program for them.

  8. How about some full-time, younger and in better shape officials? Looking at some of these guys I question they can even see well enough with their terrible calls. It would also help teams for the refs to get the ball to the line of scrimmage faster or running down field watching the play.

  9. pull a ronald reagan and fire em’ all!
    the scrubs wouldn’t be any worse. in the limited number of games that i watch there were several times last season, on replay, that the live audience as well as the tv audience knew what the call should be and yet the ref got it wrong.
    is there any penalty for these guys when they screw up besides not getting to work the superbowl?

    also florio, how much do these guys get paid?

  10. Ill do it! For cheap too $500 per game. Give me a call NFL. The refs you have are horrible, and don’t deserve anything more than what they are getting.

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