Marvin Lewis hopes to strike right balance of older, younger players

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The Bengals have some of the most exciting young players in the league.  But they also have some veterans who are far closer to the end of their careers than the beginning.

Coach Marvin Lewis hopes to have the right number of both he prepares for a shot at the team’s third playoff berth in four years.

“We will keep seeing if there are guys who are released who can help us and make us competitive but we want to strike the balance of the young players too,” Lewis said regarding the fact that the team currently has five open roster spots, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.  “I don’t want to fill up our 90 spots with all old players.  We’ve got to have some young guys to help supplement the draft picks and so at the end of the day you have an opportunity of guys trending up.  We don’t want to have too many guys on the other side of their careers.”

In free agency, the Bengals have added players like running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis, guard Travelle Wharton, cornerback Terence Newman, and cornerback Jason Allen.

Last year, the Bengals took the AFC by surprise, landing the sixth seed.  Still, they were swept by the Steelers and the Ravens.  This year, the challenge will be to change some of those four losses into wins.

14 responses to “Marvin Lewis hopes to strike right balance of older, younger players

  1. Nice little jab at the end of this story. Can you guys ever have a story thats positive about Cincy?

  2. I need a job writing for these dudes. Even as a Bengals season ticket holder I find this article worthless.

  3. A sweep by the steelers and ravens won’t happen again this year. If they don’t win the north I see them at least being a wild card like last year.

    With a full offseason, Dalton and AJ are only getting better. These receivers that they picked up in the draft have lots of potential as well.

  4. Striking a balance between young and old players is a great approach.

    Better than his previous one, trying to strike a balance between criminals and the law abiding.

  5. Arrow pointing up. Bo knows the bengals put him out of football. Should have stuck with baseball .

  6. This is actually a decent team. Bengals fans should be happy that they made it into the playoffs, seeing as how a majority of people had them as the worst team on paper going into the 2011 season.

    So why the jab at the end? The steelers were swept by the ravens too and still made the playoffs.

  7. The team even has a balance of good coaches vs bad ones (I’ll let all of you out there figure that one out).

  8. nobody worried about Cincy!!!! ya’ll act as if yall the only Team that had a Draft!!!!! nobody draft better than PITTSBURGH!! get over yourdelfs!!! lol

  9. Steeler fans are afraid. They’re afraid they may lose the home field advantage they’ve had playing in Cincy over the last 15 years.

  10. Preston0036:
    Hey buddy, good job on using the English language correctly. If you didn’t notice you were under the Bengals tab, and there isn’t a person on here that cares about the Pittsburgh Steelers. So, that being said none of us wants to read your snide comments. Next time click on the Steelers tab and/or articles and leave comments on there.

    Thank you,
    From all the educated Bengals fans

  11. Last time I looked, the Ravens hadn’t got deals with either Flacco or Rice done yet.

    Either of these guys holding out will sure hurt the rat birds.

    Without Rice or Flacco, are we all sure the Ravens will win the north ?

    No; didn’t think so.

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