Mike Tice: If Devin Hester isn’t involved in Bears’ offense, fire me


Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice says any talk of limiting Devin Hester to kick returns and taking him out of the wide receiver rotation is crazy. In fact, Tice says that if he can’t find a way to take advantage of Hester’s playmaking ability on offense, then he doesn’t deserve to be an offensive coordinator.

“Devin is going to be on the field. If he’s not on the field, then they should fire me,” Tice told Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Tice isn’t putting a number on how many passes the Bears plan to throw to Hester each game, but that doesn’t mean he envisions any games when the Bears will limit Hester to special teams and not throw him any passes at all. It’s just that Tice says he learned the hard way as head coach of the Vikings that it’s foolish to say publicly how many times you’re going to get a certain wide receiver the ball. Tice invented the “Randy Ratio” for Randy Moss, in which the Vikings’ offense planned to throw at least 40 percent of its passes to Moss each game. In hindsight, Tice thinks publicly announcing how often he’d get one receiver the ball was unwise.

“I did the ‘Randy Ratio’; that came back to bite me in the ass, right?” Tice said.

It may end up biting Tice in the ass to publicly state that he should get fired if he can’t get the ball to Hester. But for now, Tice sounds confident in the Bears’ offense, and confident in Hester’s role in the Bears’ offense.

30 responses to “Mike Tice: If Devin Hester isn’t involved in Bears’ offense, fire me

  1. Alright.. let’s start naming it.. “The Devin Decimal” or maybe “Devin’s Digits.” Are they perfect? No, but let’s here some more.

    Besides, if Hester could run anything besides go routes, Tice wouldn’t have to worry about this.

  2. Hester should be used more in the backfield with Forte, get them underneath for some slants. Leave Marshall and Jeffery to run deep, Bennett as the possession WR and it can be an electric offense if the O-line can keep Jay upright long enough to let it loose.

  3. Mike Tice realizes he needs to get his playmakers more involved with the offense, so he’s asking Hester to put on 100 pounds to play along the offensive line, which is Chicago’s biggest weakness.

  4. Hester has been fine at WR, he’s just not a number 1. They have other guys who can take pressure off him so as long as the expectations aren’t crazy, he should contribute.

  5. I think Hesters is at his best at special teams. Just look at the record books. I wouldn’t completely keep him off the field on offense, but I would certainly limit his reps. Keep him as fresh as possible for kickoff & punt returns, he’s probably the best EVER in the return game. With the addition of Brandon Marshall along side Johnny Know and Greg Olsen, they can definitely afford to do that.

  6. @ football fan84.. You do know that Greg Olsen has been a Panther for over a year right?

  7. huge hester fan here

    the dude can’t catch and when he plays wr he uses all his energy on it and doesn’t return as well. Save him for returns and maybe use him a couple times a game for slants or percy harvin backfield stuff. It made sense to use him as a wr when the alternative was roy williams but not when weve got marshall.

  8. footballfan84, Greg Olsen is in Carolina catching passes from Cam Newton now. The Bears traded him to us last year for a 3rd round pick. We appreciate it!

  9. Olsen is on Carolina and Knox is probably out for the year and I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if he’s never the same again. That hit he took was brutal.

    I’d like to see Marshall, Jeffery, and Bennett with Hester as the 4th receiver. Bennett catches everything even close to him.

  10. Marshall and Alshon have an easier job if Hester is effective. Tice knows if he can over exaggerate Hester’s involvement then opposing teams may take that into account and Marshall and Alshon will see less double teams. Also Forte will have easier time in the Flats with either one on one with Safety or Linebacker rather than both.

    Think about it “why would Tice say Hester is NOT part of our game plan”. Randy Moss in New England had that monster year because of Welker’s effectiveness underneath. Same applies here.

  11. When you think of the time,roster opportunities for legit receivers,and a ridiculous salary the Hester experiment has cost,all for one reason,for Smith to insulate himself for the bonehead decision of making Hester something he was never meant to be.

  12. Why would they want to exhaust Hester any more then what he needs to be? They have enough wide receivers now. Let Hester return punts/kickoffs exclusively. Gzzz. Don’t over think the situation.

  13. Try the Hester ratio lol. That went really well here in minny with Randy! Give ya 2 years

  14. Hester is still the full time punt returner that is where he is the most dangerous. Kickoffs going out the back of the endzone or knee over 50% of the time now is what weems is for. Bears offense is bigger all the way across the field this year, which should be better blocking for hester to get free for big plays. The backfield is where he would be the most dangerous no one said he had to play only wr. Tice said hester is going to be lined up everywhere. Bears finally have a real offense that is up to date not stuck in 1999 very excited for this year.

  15. The problem is that they were lining him up wide instead of putting him in the slot where he belongs.

    Short dump passes to Hester and Forte, mid range stuff to Bennett with Marshall and Alshon Jeffery going down field will work.
    If Knox comes back then even better.

  16. He’s a playmaker… No one is trying to call him a #1 reciever. But he’s capable of scoring touchdowns when he has the ball in his hands. Why not throw him in at reciever? Morons. I’m referring to the comments not the article.

  17. First the Randy Raiot, now this. This guy will be fired, but it will be for incompetence, not Hester.

    Aftwer watching Tice as an idiot head coach in Minnesota, you’d think the Bears would have steered clear. What do they see in this clown!?!?

  18. As a Viking fan this is music to my ears. Tice the offensive genius will practically single handedly help the Vikings out of the cellar.

    Poor Bears fans. I really feel for you.

    No. Seriously. I do.

    I’m sorry, I just can’t keep a straight face.

  19. Mike Tice – the meatiest of all meat heads. What a meat head thing to say. He doesn’t deserve to be an offensive coordinator – people will ask him things like this. He should be the offensive line coach, he did a good job there and nobody asked him anything.

  20. This “We’re so glad to see you as an Offensive Coordinator again,” party has been sponsored by the defenses of GB, Minny, and Detroit.

  21. Hey Carolina, let us know when Olsen breaks his first tackle. Your third round pick was used to move up and snag Alshon Jeffery. Being from Carolina you’ve already watched him dominate, so I’ll skip the introductions. But now you can compare Olsen’s stats to Alshon’s. Winning!

  22. A lot of people giving thumbs down to comments regarding not using Hester as a receiver. Even comments stating he should be in the slot. All of these things require the ability to run precise routes, which is a skill he does not possess. He is a returner, the best that ever played the game, but his skill set is limited to that area. He is completely different to handle when coming at people with a full sprint and blockers in front of him. When starting from a stopped position and getting jammed he cannot produce.

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