Ochocinco expresses support for his “Dad,” Roger Goodell


Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco, whose football career — and in turn off-field appeal — has been slipping into the chasm of irrelevance, has tried to get some attention by writing a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Here’s the letter to his “Dad,” as posted at Chad’s website, OCNNReport.com:

Dear Dad,

I know it has been a rough week, so I wanted to reach out. Players dying, players suing and on top of that my peers are just going off on you in the media. It does not help that ESPN has all of a sudden become Medical TV with damn near every brain expert on the planet. This has got to be the worst week ever. Since no one is showing any support, I figured I would be the first. You are in one big ass catch 22 and quite frankly, I am not sure there is any solution. One thing I think can help is killing the NFL PR machine.

Y’all do a darn near perfect job at portraying this game as one played by heroes.

But let’s be real dad. This is a nasty, dirty and violent game with consequences. Sign up or go get a regular job. Watch it or turn off the TV and go fishing with your kids. It is really that simple. I know there are probably legal and financial implications that prevent this blunt depiction, but am not sure if you have a choice. If you don’t say it now, the mounting evidence being revealed publicly will say it for you very soon. In all, I love you and if anyone can lead us out of this mess, it will be you. Oh by the way, I have a deal for you. Am having a rebound year and plan to do a lot of celebrating in the end zone. Can my fine money go to supporting ex-players suffering?


Actually, fine money already goes to player-related charities.  (With all the fines Chad has paid over the years, you’d think he would know that.)

As to the rest of the letter, if the message from Ochocinco constitutes “support” for Goodell, we’d love to see what it would have said if it didn’t.

Either way, it’s good that Chad is concerned about the plight of former players.  Since he advocates a “blunt depiction,” he needs to realize that, sooner rather than later, he’ll be one himself.

35 responses to “Ochocinco expresses support for his “Dad,” Roger Goodell

  1. Absolutely stupid. He doesn’t give a crap about anyone but himself. Self promotion, nothing more

  2. So when a black man shows admiration for a white man with power, it’s “pure coonery”. You should be banned from this site duane thomas, you racist. Get a clue. And this is coming from someone of mixed race with a black mother.

  3. Awesome!!!! Chad shows some wisdom here…give him credit. He’s right about the situation and right about supporting Goodell. The NFL is bigger than anything in the U.S. right now and Goodell is responsible for alot of this.

  4. Ochocinco hasn’t been a bengal for over a year, why do you have a bengal tag on him?

  5. we always hear Ocho saying hes HOF, or a super bowl champ and what not. Where is it Chad? It won’t be happening this time either with you talking like that.

  6. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, and I’d probably like him if he was my neighbor, but I sure wish he’d go away…

  7. yeah no one cares chad, no one. you’re a fading former semi-star and your antics are no longer paralleled by your old production that made it kinda funny and noteworthy.

    Gettin old buddy

  8. He will be cut by the Patriots or be thier 5th receiver and never see the field. Unless he completely learns the playbook and has an amazing training camp his Patriots career is over.

  9. You would think that the NFL would have some kind pension plan for players. Especially since not every player makes a million dollars a year.

  10. I wish Chad “Uh-oh Spaghettio’s” had a real dad to get him up off his ass and Twitter!!!!

  11. Chad is a fool man lol….That was pretty funny….and ESPN is so annoying now, every hour on the hour seems to either be dedicated to Josh Hamilton, Matt Kemp or Concussions….

  12. “Dad”? Is that his usual nickname for Goodell? I doubt it. The Steelers call 74-year-old Dick LeBeau “Dad,” but I’m guessing that at 53, Goodell would have preferred the 34-year-old Chad had just called him Roger. If he’d really wanted to write the commissioner a personal letter, he would have … well, written him a personal letter. This was the Internet equivalent of a neon sign. And as noted, #85 knows the fine money already goes to player-related charities, so that line was ridiculously self-serving.

    It’s not the first time Chad has thrown his fellow players under the bus to make points with the public. It’s just one of the smarmiest examples.

  13. Clever “letter”… but Chad’s act is wearing thin. He’s yesterday’s news, fading in talent and trying to stay in the newspapers with his antics, ’cause his skills and speed have diminshed. Time to retire, from the NFL and from being a sideshow.

    @AnthonyMunoz: Lighten up, Francis.

  14. @AnthonyMunoz. Don’t get your panties all in a bunch sweetie. Banned from this site? Lol!!!!

  15. chad is an entertainer i don’t understand all the dislike and insults he gets from people…he worked hard on the field his entire career and almost never complained when he was in Cincinnati and he was stuck with terrible teams year in and year out…he didn’t get the benefit of a full offseason with tom brady no real training camp OTAs minicamps or anything so he wasn’t able to develop a repor with brady…he’s gonna get that this year and i’m confident he’ll not only make the team but he’ll have a great rebound year and help make this offense even better…and he’s still one of the most entertaining figures in sports he likes to have fun and doesn’t take things too seriously so he’s extremely fun to watch

  16. If he was sincere …

    It would have been kept private.

    I welcomed him onboard the Pats with open arms and no preconceived notions…

    But he’s official become a CLOWN.

    Dear Bozo Cinco

    Does Gillette Stadium look like a Shriners’ Tent to you ?

    The circus train is leaving Foxboro ….don’t forget your clown nose and suspenders.

    Sincerely ,

  17. It’s sad, all of these folks who commented before me, minus are few are very unaware of football as a whole. I don’t care what you say about Ocho but this letter is right on! Everything he’s talking about is true, the NFL is in a huge spot right now. National Media is only getting bigger and more aware of player situations. If Roger Goodell doesn’t change the NFL’s image within the next 10 years. I personally believe the NFL will cease to exist. The concussion issue is obviously out of control at this point. Rodger will be lucky to figure that one out. A lot of players that played in the 90’s will most likely start seeing similar situations to the late Junior. Possibly because of players size and strength drastically improving from “PEDS.” Causing bigger injuries and harder hits. Then adding in Pain killers that don’t make you you drowsy but take all your pain away. If you took the pain sensors out of your body yet still function fully, I bet you could take a beating to. As Emit Smith said recently, i’m worried about my health. I can believe he’s right.. Maybe Ocho is right though, the NFL is might just be a modern version of gladiators of Rome.

  18. As a Pats fan I could take or leave Ocho. This “letter” just smells of ball washing. It’s like the kid at school telling the teacher how smart he is and how much he likes is class. We all knew someone like that and shook our heads.
    I’m shaking my head.

  19. TO Voice” That’s my 15 catch WR, muwah, wah, wah!” ” Leave Ocho alone!”

  20. Deb says: May 12, 2012 11:07 PM

    “Dad”? Is that his usual nickname for Goodell? I doubt it.
    I don’t know if he’s always called RG “Dad” but it’s been at least since his last year in Cincy he’s called him that.

    Sometimes he’s eyeroll inducing for sure but he’s been a good soldier in NE. Not sure BB would be a big fan of drawing the commish’s attention to the Pats this way though.

  21. People are posting complaints on other sites about the moderation here. What are the rules anyway? I post a comment that contains no obscenity, no profanity, and is completely on topic, yet you keep removing it. Why?

  22. Typically, I don’t condone Chad’s publicity stunts, but I think this is hilarious. He basically is saying to Goodell exactly what those, who’ve played the game at any level think. ITS FOOTBALL, not pillow fighting. These guys get millions to play this game for a living. I mean they get paid a ridiculous amount to take hits and they have more than enough resources as far as doctors, trainers, surgeons, and OH YEAH LIFE TIME HEALTH CARE!!!!

    Bring back leading with the helmet, actually getting to hit QB’s, and oh yeah bring back kickoff returns. Increase the roster sizes if you are that worried about health.

    I love football and physicality of it. The hits and physical nature of football are what make it “AMERICA’s SPORT.” No one wants to watch baseball anymore, all the standing around and they make more for doing less.

    Either someone steps in and stops Goodell from ruining Football or America will change the channel eventually. And players need to be held accountable as well for their actions.

    Many of the concussion cases are great examples of athletes blowing their millions and jumping on the bandwagon for more handouts! Players 9 out of 10 times want to return to the game regardless of what the doctors say. How many of these former players were told they had concussions and returned to games anyway….

    Players you are ruining the game! You are a bunch of spoiled overpaid #ussies! You make more money in 1 season than most of us will see in a lifetime. And Goodell needs to quit catering to the spoiled brats!!!

    Ochocinco maybe goofy, but I will say he never shied away from the middle, or contact. He also played hurt a lot. Well said Chad!

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