Raiders unlikely to move to L.A., unless Mark Davis sells


With the Vikings staying put in Minnesota, the two teams that used to play in Los Angeles have become the subject of increasing speculation that they could be moving back there.

The Rams definitely should be regarded as a potential candidate, given that they currently are on track to walk away from their St. Louis lease after the 2014 season.  As Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News explains it, the Raiders should be on the short list, too.  But there’s a catch.

The prevailing opinion among the league’s power brokers is that the owners most likely would not authorize a move by the Raiders unless owner Mark Davis sells controlling interest in the team.

Ultimately, 24 of the league’s 32 owners must approve any relocation.

It’s unclear why there’s a preference that Davis not own the team if/when it goes to L.A.  But there is.  And it could make it difficult, if not impossible, for Davis to pull off the move.

Thus, if Davis remains unwilling to sell, the Raiders most likely will remain in Oakland, indefinitely.

71 responses to “Raiders unlikely to move to L.A., unless Mark Davis sells

  1. News flash Florio: Mark Davis has already said he wants the team to stay in the Bay area and his mom Carol Davis (who is actually the owner) doesn’t want to move the team to LA

  2. ya’ll tried to slide this in during a lakers game 7??





    all that talk about LA…

    LA still loves the Raiders, LA needs the Raiders,

    the Raiders are global,

    compensate AL STILL , because of his audacity to go to court back in the day and….WIN.

    look it up.

  3. Many of the league owners hate the Davis name and moving to LA would be a good financial move for Davis and the Raiders. That is why they’d vote against.

    If what you hear us true I just wonder if Davis could sue the league owners for collusion. His dad would move the team anyway. Mark should do the same. History does repeat itself.

  4. I’ll tell ya why. Because the NFL doesn’t want some pumpkin pie headed, bowlcut havin, chubbie-miwubbie as the face of ownership in LA. I have no doubt that this guy is a decent sort but he is certainly not a handsome man.

  5. They corporate-hub of the NFL (NY/Boston) is afraid of the new regime under Mark. Going to LA they would consolidate and become a financial powerhouse.

  6. Hello NFL “power brokers”. Al Davis died a few months ago. You can leave them the hell alone now.

  7. If you can help it Mark, don’t sell. I’m with the late Al on this one. I mean he could be like dad and say screw all of you I’m moving anywhere I want?

  8. Let me tell you something brother, if I were to get my hands on the L.A Franchise I’d rename them the Los Angeles Florios brother. We’d run wild on the NFL for years and have a killer homefield advantage at Florio Field. Mike Florio is the best, brother.

  9. Out of curiosity, why aren’t the Chargers on the fore-front of moving?
    It wouldn’t be that far of a move, only about two hours away.
    It’s a despondent fan base that can’t sell out games despite a lot of success over the years.
    I don’t see why they can’t just move down to L.A.
    They get a new stadium, the NFL gets a team in L.A, the passionate fans don’t lose their team, and neither does any other fan base.
    Is there something I am missing?

  10. It’s so nice not to hear the Vikings and L.A. being mentioned in the same story anymore. Good luck, Raiders/Rams/Chargers/Jags Fans.

  11. Its obvious. The rest of the owners are trying to back Mark out because they’re haters. They tremble in fear of how they will see their league pillaged by another Davis owned Raider franchise. They cannot handle this. The only way out is to try and blackball him. Its their only hope.

    Nah, they probably just don’t like the guy.

    Despite the sarcasm, I do like Mark Davis, and would love to see the Raiders prosper under him.

  12. Seriously, that’s his choice in hairstyles?
    Not one to inspire much confidence.

  13. Ahh, mr haircut is back. Isnt that nice. I know if youre rich, you have pple kissin your butt, but someones gotta tell him he has the haircut of a 3 yr old

  14. Very good point !!! My understanding which I may be wrong for I am not a raider fan but I understood that mark davis got controlling interest in the team from al’s wife through power of attorney or something but the estate taxes could play a role when she passes.

  15. Florio Mark Davis has commented on this when he had his press conf. to introduce Reggie. They are staying put, but wants a new stadium (Hopefully in San Jose!!) What you need to understand, and Ive told you this before, The Media here in the Bay Area is ALL 49ers and Giants biased through the roof. Purdy is in bed with SF. So is Kawakami, so is Mr. Yahoo Silver. There are MANY others. It all changed when the Raiders were kings of the Bay Area and left. The 49ers became good and the media has been theirs ever since. The A’s have 4 WS championships and the Giants are the media darlings even before their 1 WS

  16. It’s unclear why there’s a preference that Davis not own the team if/when it goes to L.A.
    I would say dad’s litigation against the league in moving the team to Oakland has something to do with it.

  17. La is only leverage… They are not, never have been and never will be a football town… The nfl is more likely to try london before la.

  18. Who cares if he looks like dauber from coach, he is a Davis. If Mark has any of his father’s genes he’ll move the team if he wants to and fight the owners in court.

  19. If any team moves to LA, it’ll be the DisChargers. The S&B stays in Oaktown.

    This ain’t you grandpappy’s Raiders.

  20. razic3k says: May 12, 2012 11:15 PM

    bye bye san diego chargers


    Another weak witicism regarding the Chargers moving to LA.

    The Chargers have had the opportunity to move for the last 5+ years and have stayed in San Diego.

    The current mayor, Jerry Sanders, who is termed out in the next election, is leading the way in getting a stadium built down the street from Petco.

    Educate yourself before putting both feet in your pie hole.

  21. If you don’t live in LA and are posting that other teams could fit here, your just plain wrong.

    LA is Raider Nation much more than even Oakland is. There are planes full of Raider fans every weekend from LA going to Oakland for games.

    If you drive around LA you see Raiders gear and car emblems everywhere. Much more than any other team. Even with all of the transplants that come they all become Raider fans.

    The Silver and Black will come back to their rightful place in LA.

    Mark – you saw first hand your dad not take crap from anyone in the league and its your turn now. If the Owners want to black ball you then take their ass to court.

    Even better, once Farmers field gets fully approved and is shovel ready. Call Anschutz and make a deal yourself without the NFL.

    NFL – you have been put on Notice. The Nation may not look strong, hasn’t been successful in years, but their is a reason why your scared of the Raiders in LA.

    Big Reg is building a team that can overcome the bias, a team that is regaining that “Commitment to Excellence”, a team that at its very core will have the Madden spirit. It won’t come this year but it is coming.

    Once the Nation finally has its own stadium, which has never happened, it will be loud, it will be intimidating, and it will become a living Black Hole where teams come to get pillaged.

    The Nation is going to start to rise from the ashes and we are gonna take no prisoners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. > Out of curiosity, why aren’t the Chargers on the
    > fore-front of moving?
    > It wouldn’t be that far of a move, only about two
    > hours away.
    > It’s a despondent fan base that can’t sell out
    > games despite a lot of success over the years.

    I can’t speak for the other Charger fans but I am not despondent at all. As you said there’s been some good success. We won the AFC west every year from ’06 to ’09. Yes, no superbowl. Honestly though any year you win your division, that’s doing well in my book and worth showing up for. Blackouts are not common. It’s not like they don’t sell out any games, I think I’ve noticed a couple blackouts in the last two years.

    LA and San Diego are very different cities despite being only a couple hours apart. San Diego has a “small town” feel despite being the 8th largest city in the US and the Chargers are the local team. If the Chargers move to LA I believe it will alienate a lot of fans. Move one of the teams that LA has already had back there instead!

  23. vikingsnorth says: May 12, 2012 11:08 PM

    LA Packers!!!

    Am I doing it right?

    No jerky, it was the Green Bay Raiders. Reggie was a Raider first and always. Just the facts mam.

  24. The Raiders dont need L.A. Theyre already a global identity and all they have to do is win to get back in the limelight. In reality, its LA that needs the Raiders but this isnt the NBA. An NFL team will thrive anywhere as long as theyre somewhat competitive. NBA fans are as fake as LA fans themselves…

  25. The reason the chargers wont be moved is simple…. The chargers already make Above average revenue playing in qualcomm…. No way the nfl elites will endorse a franchise leaving that much money behind…. They will find some bottom feeder franchise to move to LA .. It wont be the chargers

  26. So, the league owners would block the Raiders from moving to LA which would generate a ton more revenue compared to what the team generates now in Oakalnd just to stick to a dead man? Seriously? These owners realize that the money generated in LA by the Raiders goes into a collective pot as per the CBA, right? The Raiders already have a fanbase installed in said city and would make the most sense. LA is not a Charger town and none of the other teams have a brand name as big as the Raiders. This just shows the bitterness and immaturity of the owners.

  27. The Raiders belong in Oakland, stop messing with the fans of Oakland one and for all!

  28. The NFL’s dream of the Raiders turning into just another team when Al Davis died is now a nightmare.

    Just live it baby. 🙂

  29. The Davis family are an embarrassment to the league, and would NEVER be approved for ownership of ANY professional sports franchise in this day and age.

    Hopefully the league office will force the sale of the team, and move it out of that bankrupt craphole that hardly resembles a major league city.

    NFL teams shouldn’t be forced to play in that abomination of a stadium any longer. It’s an unsafe environment for players and opposing fans.

    Lamar Hunts gravest mistake in life was allowing someone like Al Davis to have a vested interest in his beloved league, the AFL.

  30. quicktaker says:
    May 12, 2012 11:36 PM
    I am surprised Mark Davis doesn’t have to sell the team because of estate taxes.
    This is the one reality that no one is addressing. Carol would have to sign off on a sale, but the estate tax will be massive without any revenue stream to leverage a deficit from another low budget year. The Santa Clara mayor really screwed them because they would make millions sharing the stadium revenue between the Niners (NFC) and Raiders (AFC) if they shared the Santa Clara facility as the Commissioner desired.

    (lack of sell outs, lack of the luxury boxes not being sold, and the absence of a state of the art facility)

  31. Didn’t Mark’s dad move to LA WITHOUT the other owners approval? What are the chances that Mark feels the same way as his dad?

  32. One option for the NFL is to put a team in LA with a new franchise. Now it all works, scheduling-wise, in clean way with 32 teams, but the LA franchise could be assigned to a west coast division. An interesting twist would be to allow it to be in the AFC West one year, the NFC West the next. It would give the franchise a bit of a “wild card” persona, which fits in Los Angeles.

  33. The Raiders and or Davis don’t need the leagues approval to move to L.A. If they choose to move they will do it with or without the N.F.L.’s blessing.

  34. The Jaguars are not leaving Jacksonville. Kahn is investing in a new locker room and practice facility. It will be either the Ram or Chargers in the City of Angles.

  35. It’s not as if it matters to have the other owners vote for approval. It didn’t stop Al Davis at all. He moved the team, sued the NFL, won the case, and then won the Super Bowl.

  36. The Raiders need to stay in Oakland. That’s where the team’s identity was forged. That identity is a tough, talented, hard nosed football team that fears no one. Sorry, that doesn’t fit in LA (i.e., front runner city and city of glam). The Raiders wone three Super Bowls in Oakland. Yes, I know the Raiders technically had moved to LA for the 3rd Super Bowl win, but that was a team of players that came from Oakland and the identity was created in Oakland. The Raiders lost something as the years went on in LA. That’s one of the reasons AD brought them back, not just for a renovated Colisium.

    Reggie Mac and DA are building the monster again. Keep the team where it natually belongs and, let’s get another 3 Super Bowl wins in the next decade of dominance.

  37. chazsunderland says:
    May 13, 2012 9:24 AM
    The Jaguars are not leaving Jacksonville. Kahn is investing in a new locker room and practice facility. It will be either the Ram or Chargers in the City of Angles.
    That’s like saying someone won’t sell their house because they just replaced the windows.

  38. Los Angeles has already had, and lost, three different teams (Chargers, Rams and Raiders).
    What makes anyone think a move there by any team would be successful THIS time?

    The NFL wants a team there to increase the revenue from TV contracts.

    Most people who live there couldn’t care less.

    THAT”S why the idea will fail.

  39. Let’s face it, LA is not going to get an existing NFL franchise. The NFL does not want any current team to move. They will continue to “use” LA as a means to get stadium deals and better leases for current teams. Once every current NFL city is fleeced and a new TV contract is up for renewal, look for LA to get an expansion team. Greedy owners will then divy up billions of dollars for 2 new expansion teams instead of a few million each for a relocation fee. The developers of Farmers Field have stated they want to buy a team to make the project viable. What egotistical owner is going to sell his team or partner up and share his profit and power with them? Not going to happen. Right now the NFL doesn’t need LA to physically have a team that they may or may not support. They need LA to continue to be the boogey man.

  40. Why is this even a story?

    Chargers would be the best team to move to L.A. Either the Chargers or an expansion.

    The 49ers probably have more fans in L.A. than the Raiders do these days.

    The best thing for L.A. is ONE expansion team so the whole city could get behind it, or the Chargers.

  41. slickster35 says: May 13, 2012 6:25 AM

    The Davis family are an embarrassment to the league, and would NEVER be approved for ownership of ANY professional sports franchise in this day and age.
    Lamar Hunts gravest mistake in life was allowing someone like Al Davis to have a vested interest in his beloved league, the AFL.

    The AFL wasn’t Hunt’s beloved league, it was his consolation league. And Davis was a benefit to Hunt, not a mistake. Haters are cool, but ignorant haters are just lame.

  42. He should move it to SF – great city, great fan base, and their team is about to pack the moving vans for some place called “Santa Clara.”

  43. @slickster35- Al Davis is responsible for the league that you enjoy today. If you don’t realize this, then you are much more inept than I thought previous.
    Al Davis was going to crush the NFL before Hunt and the other cowards cut a deal behind his back.
    The NFL would have been absorbed and would have become the AFL. After winning the SB teams would have been presented with the AL DAVIS TROPHY. Al was the best thing to EVER happen to this league.
    Coach, Head Coach, GM, Owner, Commissioner- there will NEVER be another Al Davis.
    The game is better because of Al. He CREATED and marketedmthe RAIDERS. The RAIDERS are GLOBAL and are recognized as one of the Greatest Franchises in the History of Sporting Franchises.
    The chiefs are not, the chargers are not, the broncos are not.

  44. And furthermore- it just shows that it was/is 31 owners and then Al Davis. Al created an empire while the othere owners either inherited or bought their own. The owners/league has always hated Al and Al has never backed down, instead choosing to hoist the middle finger and carry on.
    From Al getting stabbed in the back, to Rozelle blocking the trade that would have brought Elway to the RAIDERS, to the “tuck rule” getting “phoned in” on a snowy day in new england- the RAIDERS have never had it easy.
    Despite it all-The RAIDERS- 3 Superbowls and a Global Brand that will NEVER die.
    Choke on it haters.

  45. If and when the Raiders move back home to L.A., I’ll be there to greet my team with open arms.

  46. Hey Raider Rob/Mullman,

    First of all the Raider brand in nothing to be proud of whether it is here or abroad. Just because people are attracted to trash doesnt make it right. Take a look at the Raider nation on the road. It is the ultimate loser in every town that is attracted to Raider nation. As far as the Raider ever dominating the bay……. again just the trash and a great team. Still think you were on FM radio so that tells you how big your audience was. You are and have always been the Niners bitch with your crowds of 30,000 low lifes! Be proud Raider fan neither LA or Oaktown wants you! Nice Haircut Dumb and Dumber Davis!!

  47. I live in Los Angeles, and I’d love to have a local team, but as a diehard NFL fan, I don’t want to see a repeat of the “franchise free-agency” and ensuing domino effect that happened from the late ‘80s through the late ‘90s. A team moved, then that vacancy became an attractive alternative for another team with stadium issues, etc.

    For this reason, the Raiders are the best fit for Los Angeles, not to mention their already-present fan base from their previous SoCal stint. It’s unlikely that Oakland would attract another franchise to town. Jacksonville would be a similar case, making the Jaguars a less disruptive option, league-wise, for Los Angeles.

    St. Louis would instantly become the destination of choice for teams threatening to move, just as it was when the Cardinals left in 1988. Same with San Diego.

    Expansion would be awkward, given the neat balance of eight four-team divisions, but it’s probably inevitable eventually (London?). Until then, the league should look back at the numerous team relocations of the past two decades, and encourage, rather than block, a Raiders move.

  48. The Raiders never belonged in L.A. in the first place, I don’t get why so many Raider fans feel they belong in L.A. more than Oakland, the Raiders have been in Oakland for almost 40 years, they were only in L.A. for 13 years, more than half the Raiders history is in Oakland.
    The Raiders identity was forged in Oakland and those three Super Bowl trophies came from Oakland. Yes, I said three. The team that won the last trophy in 1983 was a team forged in Oakland. Most of the players on the 1983 team were drafted in Oakland or came aboard as free agents, or acquired in trades before the move to L.A. Because the Raiders moved to L.A. in 1982, in barely their second year in L.A. they won a Super Bowl, so it was pretty much an Oakland-Roster, except for Marcus Allen, and Vann McElroy.

  49. @pantherpro- With the RAIDERS brand so recognizable the unsavory portion of the fanbase gets exposed to a higher degree. Every team has an element in their fanbase that they could do without. For instance, I’m sure Richardson would prefer it if you had a different handle so your ignorant rants don’t tarnish the brand he is trying to create.
    Either way, the RAIDERS brand is SOLID, don’t kid yourself.

  50. can’t wait to see a team move to LA, and Mark Davis prevails in the courtroom. haters will keep hating, but everybody knows what the commisioner said under oath” The raiders paid for the rights to LA”

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