Ray Rice vows he’ll be ready to lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl

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Ravens running back Ray Rice is unsigned as the team’s franchise player and not participating in the offseason workout program, but he says there’s no reason for Baltimore fans to worry about whether he’ll be ready to go when the time comes.

In fact, Rice is confident that he and the Ravens are going to have their best season since he got to Baltimore.

“When we get to the season, I’m going to do my job and bring a Super Bowl back to Baltimore,” Rice said, via BaltimoreRavens.com.

Rice has been saying all offseason — starting with a January appearance on PFT Live — that he’ll be playing with the Ravens in 2012 regardless of whether he got the franchise tag or not, and regardless of whether he ends up signing the franchise tender or reaching an agreement on a long-term contract. Rice also says that his contract status will have no bearing on what kind of shape he’s in when he does report.

“I actually have the burning to desire to come back, not only for myself, but to come back ready to play,” Rice said. “My training has always been part of my routine. Nobody ever had to beat me in the head to work out.”

So even if it’s a few month before Rice signs, he says Ravens fans don’t need to worry: He’ll be on the field and at full speed for Week One.

32 responses to “Ray Rice vows he’ll be ready to lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl

  1. He would have led them there last year if he ‘showed up’ in last years AFC Championship game…

  2. “Pfft, everyone knows that I’m the one that carries this team.”

    -Joe Flacco

  3. Never did worry about RR. He’s a class act on and off the field. He’ll be ready to play along with Tsizzle and the rest of the flock!

  4. Cue the Rex Ryan haters,……oh wait that wasn’t Rex Ryan boasting about the Super Bowl it was just one of the many others around the NFL who do the very same thing yet nothing is said about them.

  5. RR is the classiest player in the NFL. With that much determination and moxie every Raven fan’s got to pumped-up for the SB run! GO RAVENS!!!

  6. Ray Rice is an elite player when he’s right. But if he wants to lead Baltimore to a Super Bowl, he better start learning how to play QB pretty fast.

  7. How much longer can the Ravens keep coming up short? It seems they are close every year… But at what point do the Owner and Coach realize that even though Flacco is an above average QB, HE’S NOT A SUPERBOWL QB

  8. Mr. Rice

    Welcome to the new and improved D-Line of the Cincy Bengals…here’s to you having a Chris Johnson holdout type of year, you deserve to be the highest paid RB in the NFL…now hold out till you get that whopper contract my man.

  9. randallflagg52 says:
    May 12, 2012 2:02 PM

    Ray Rice is better than your team’s running back.


    Not when my teams running back is LeSean McCoy. 1300 yards 4.8 avg and 20 total tds in 15 games

  10. randallflagg52 says:
    May 12, 2012 2:02 PM
    Ray Rice is better than your team’s running back.


    I’m a Jags fan. We don’t have much but we’ve got MJD. Rice is a poor mans MJD. Don’t make me laugh.

  11. Try again Philly cheese…1360 yards 4.7 avg & led the league in total yards. Wouldn’t trade Rice for McCoy EVER!

  12. Ray Rice had over 2000 yards from scrimmage last season (only player to do so), he also topped 2000 yards in 2009.

    McCoy gets to play weak defenses each and every year, Ray Rice gets to go against Cincy and Pittsburgh each year and still produces. Don’t make me laugh. Pittsburgh’s D only allowed two 100 yard rushers in over 50 games, both rushers were named Ray Rice. As for MDJ, he’s done. The amount of wear and tear on him is thru the roof, expect a Shaun Alexander type drop off after leading the NFL in carries last year, any fantasy football nerd will tell you that leading the NFL in carries is a death sentance for a running back. I think only 2 or 3 have had a decent season in the last 20 years after shouldering that workload.

    If Ray Rice ran the ball as many times as MDJ did in a season he’d have over 2000 yards rushing, but I guess when your only other option is Blaine “I throw the ball with my eyes closed because I’m afraid to get hit” Gabbert, you have to use your RB a lot. Keep in mind Rice had 3 games where he got the ball under 15 times last year due to Cam Cameron’s ineptness, so he easily would have won the rushing title if they actually used him.

  13. randallflagg52 says:
    May 12, 2012 2:02 PM
    Ray Rice is better than your team’s running back.
    Who needs Ray Rice when the QB on my favourite team is Tom Brady. Rice didn’t look so hot in the playoff game when he had to run into Vince Wilfork’s arms all game.

  14. I can see how you came to the conclusion that Rice would have had 2,000 yards if he ran it as much as MJD, since, you know, they averaged the exact same YPC, so that makes a whole lot of sense.
    I’ll credit Rice for having the same YPC as MJD both last season and throughout his career, but by the time Rice has finished the next 2 seasons my bets are his ypc is down. And although MJD has only played 2 more seasons he’s got over twice as many TD’s as Rice (more towards 3x). And your argument about Gabbert only serves as further proof that MJD is better. The guy faces nothing but 8 and 9 man boxes because the passing game is non existent. Everyone knows whats coming and does everything they can to stop it but MJD still outperforms your boy Rice.

  15. Its really not much of an argument; the proof is in the pudding as they say. Not only has MJD been a consistently better runner, he’s done it on some pretty bad offenses. Yeah Flacco sucks, but Flacco and Boldin and co. look like all pros compared to what the Jags have been working with at QB and WR.

  16. randallflagg52 says:
    May 12, 2012 2:02 PM
    Ray Rice is better than your team’s running back
    ———————————————————-didn’t see LeSean , mjd in championship games , nuff said

  17. chrisjohnston10

    It’s spelled favorite, not favourite. You must be Brittish therefore your argument is invalid as this is a football thread. If I want to know about soccer I’ll be sure to ask you, until then lets leave the real sports to the real men here.

  18. @randallflagg52

    Actually I am Canadian. That means I am your neighboUr to the north. And I am obviously a smarter fan than you as I have grown up watching and cheering for the patriots.

  19. @chrisjohnston10

    Canadian?! LOL, thats even worse! You ice backs need to go abOOt your business elsewhere. Isn’t there a canadian football talk website where you can talk about mooses, the metric system and maple syrup while us Americans discuss football? Run along now…

  20. @randallflagg52

    Not a chance. I’m going to continue to comment on every Ravens post because I enjoy reading your posts that make you look like an idiot. You can’t even talk football. The only comment you ever make to me is “it’s spelled favorite not favourite”.

  21. @7thyaddayaddayadda – funny, that overrated bum has been light years better than your running back Rashard Fumblehall who was chosen in the first round of the same draft. There is no one in the NFL that would take Rashard over Ray Rice that is unless they were the Squealers and were smoking crack.

  22. ppdoc13, seemed to remember RR fumbling to start a Steeler comeback in a playoff game where the Ravens were ahead by 2 tds in the 2nd half.

    What’s he done in the playoffs since?

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