Report: Campbell’s contract worth $55 million, $31 million guaranteed

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When word broke Thursday night that Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell signed a long-term deal that replaces his franchise tender (technically, he had to sign the tender first), no numbers were reported.

A day later, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the five-year “extension” is worth $55 million, with $31 million guaranteed.

Like many initial reports regarding the value of a big-money contract, there could be a disconnect between the reported numbers and the actual numbers.  In Campbell’s case, the real money needs to be considered in light of the $10.6 million in fully-guaranteed salary that Campbell earned the moment he signed the franchise tender.

The separate question is whether it’s a five-year contract or a five-year extension of his one-year franchise tender.

Either way, we’ll track down the numbers and break them all down, eventually.

9 responses to “Report: Campbell’s contract worth $55 million, $31 million guaranteed

  1. man…..this means Avril is looking for 10m+ a year. I just dont think he’s worth it…

  2. It sure lets you know ridiculous things have become. I am not a Cardinals fan, so I saw that headline that “Campbell’s Contract Worth $55 Million” and I thought “Who’s Campbell?” And now after reading it, I’m still thinking how preposterous the whole thing is–$55 million dollars for somebody that 98% of the fans have never heard of. Just totally out of whack.

  3. Theashleyguy

    Just because you somehow don’t know who he is, doesn’t mean he’s not great. The guy is a beast and as a niners fan, I was really hoping the cards would mess this up and SF could steal him as Justin Smiths eventual replacement. Congrats CC and Card fans. (ps. Can you name any centers, guards, tackles, fullbacks? Guess in your mind football is only about the skill positions that bring in fantasy football numbers. Moron)

  4. Theashleyguy

    Guy is a beast. Can’t wait for next year. The guy gets pressure on the offense all day, and trust me, O-Line opponents know who he is even if you don’t.
    We will be distributing sacks to everyone on that defense, Dockett, Campbell, Acho, Washington, Schoefield, and A Dub

  5. kleppnasty
    Why do insults for somebody you don’t know? I am an excellent fan and gee I even know quite a few guards and tackles and defensive ends. And that doesn’t change my comment in the least–$55 million dollars for playing a game is still preposterous. But again why insult people you don’t know?

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