Tom Coughlin “very impressed” with rookie receiver Rueben Randle

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Giants coach Tom Coughlin isn’t the type to heap praise on players who haven’t earned it, so rookie receiver Rueben Randle must have done something very well at the start of the team’s rookie minicamp.

Randle, the wide receiver from LSU who was taken with the team’s second-round draft pick, was singled out by Coughlin as a player who looked particularly impressive on the practice field.

I was very impressed by Randle out on the field this morning,” Coughlin said after the team’s first rookie minicamp practice.

No matter how impressive Randle is over the summer, he’ll enter the season as no better than the team’s third option at wide receiver, after Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. But third receiver is an important position, it’s a position of need for the Giants after Mario Manningham left in free agency, and Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said that it’s a position Randle has the potential to excel at.

“But you need that third component so that when people start skewing over and clamping down on Cruz and Nicks, you’ve got a guy who, if he gets 1-on-1, has the ability to get over the top and hurt people like Manningham did,” Gilbride said.

We can’t tell a lot from one day of minicamp practice in shorts, but the Giants’ coaches clearly like what they’ve seen from Randle.

15 responses to “Tom Coughlin “very impressed” with rookie receiver Rueben Randle

  1. Sounds good, can’t wait for all of them to get together. The 3rd WR position should create quite a battle.

  2. coachknights says:
    May 12, 2012 11:18 AM
    3rd Wr? Cruz will be in the slot. Nicks and Randle on the outside.


    True, but it still is the 3rd WR. Nicks and Cruz will start, and one of the other WR’s (Randle if he wins the battle) would come in as the 3rd WR, then Cruz would move inside. Regardless Cruz is one of the starters, he just would be moved around.

  3. What did you say with your Giants’ draft review? “The best team in the NFL just got better.” I believe that was it & you are absolutely right, for once.

  4. Mario Manninhham who?? this is why the NYG never stress things.. next in line steps right up..

  5. Giants like other good organizations always find ways to improve by growing organically. Each year they get better and stay better due good draft research. Wish the Eagles would improve each year like their arch rivals rather than go 8-8 while Giants win another SB.

  6. Based on the fact that no one heard of guys like Victor Cruz, Jake Ballard or Kevin Boss I would say that Manning is probably the reason these wrs are successful more than them being the reason he’s successful.

  7. This Giants team is scary good. Better than the 2011 Team. Without any catostrophic injuries to key players, they will be the next dynasty. They have the all round team from pass rushers to WRs to Great Coaches to Great front office.

  8. Big Blue is looking tough. Unfortunately, they have a habit of mailing it in after a Superbowl year. Here’s to an injury free year.

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