Whitney Mercilus hears the talk that he’s Mario Williams’ replacement


The Texans spent their first-round draft pick on pass rusher Whitney Mercilus after losing pass rusher Mario Williams in free agency, and Mercilus knows what that means.

“A lot of people are saying the Texans drafted me to replace Mario,” Mercilus said on NBC Sports Talk. “I’m a new guy coming in and I have to learn the ropes, use my talents and what is taught to me to become a great player, and eventually I’ll try to attain my goals to be great, just like that.”

Mercilus was the NCAA leader in sacks at Illinois last season, with 16. Expecting Mercilus to be the kind of player Williams was in Houston would be a tall order, but Mercilus knows he has big shoes to fill, and he says he’s ready.

Here’s the Mercilus interview:

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13 responses to “Whitney Mercilus hears the talk that he’s Mario Williams’ replacement

  1. You people are delusional!

    Mario Williams wasn’t even “Mario Williams” while he played here! Mario disappeared in virtually every fourth quarter of almost every game! There were plenty of times we saw him get worked over and finally get a piece of another guy’s tackle and act like he did something.
    He was NOT the leader of this defense, that was DeMeco Ryans, and he’ll be missed in the huddle and on the field more than Mario ever will be.

    When DeMeco went down for his Achilles tear, our defense went right along with him in 2010. When Mario went out last year, our defense got only better! Mario’s “greatness” can mostly be attributed to his co-defensive linemen.

    He was often injured and didn’t want to stand on the line and in the end wasn’t going to buy into the 3-4 system.

    Good luck Bills, the return on your investment will NOT get you a Freeney or Ware, not even a Bruce Smith. Mario just suckered you into his vortex of average.

  2. Mario Williams can just be Mario Williams. He is Aaron Schobel’s replacement and the leader of the D is Kyle Williams. We aren’t expecting Bruce Smith either. We had gaps that needed to be filled and we filled them. I would rather over pay a lineman than a corner back and have a primadonna.

    I would have loved to have built through the draft and avoid this sort of move but there are no guarantees in the draft and too many holes to fill.

    PS. We are trying to become the organization we were before Wade Philips hung us out to dry.

  3. Mario Williams doesn’t have to be this godly super-start like everyone has expected of him. Yes, he was the first pick, and yes and he was going to a Texans team that really needed whatever they could get. And when he finally started playing good against the Saints in week 3 or whatever it was that year against Reggie Bush and had a few sacks and “outplayed” bush per say, (obviously they are a different position so it’s hard to perceive if someone outplayed the other) everyone was saying he was totally worth the first pick, because he FILLED A NEEED. In Buffalo, we have a good supporting cast on Defense, so if he can just play his role and not try to be the superstar everyone was making him try to be, he will be able to flourish and have more success then he ever has in the past. In Houston, he was great until he got put in a 3-4 scheme which he obviously wanted no part of. If you don’t WANT to play where you are, you won’t be. so the hopefully the “real” Mario Williams will show up in Buffalo.

  4. But I’ve always kind of liked the Bills so I do hope he flourishes there especially for the money he’s getting. Always rooting for Buffalo or Miami to finally take that division. Bored with the Pats and well….. The Jets just plain suck.

  5. Even without Mario, the Texans are going to be the team to beat. Hopefully Cushing fills Demeco’s shoes and Whitney Mercilus and Jared Crick add more stamina and depth to this crazy defense. I’m a Broncos fan till the day I die, but I always have a soft spot for a killer defense which is why I’m loving the Texans and 49ers right now.

  6. Mario Williams will be a good above average player for the Bills, which is good if he wasn’t the highest paid defensive player in the league. Don’t expect him to be a dominant game changing player, even though it’s not crazy to demand that given his ridiculous contract. He is not a DeMarcus Ware or Julius Peppers type of player. I’m just warning Bills fans, don’t expect greatness.

  7. wwwmattcom says:
    May 12, 2012 10:00 AM
    We had gaps that needed to be filled and we filled them. I would rather over pay a lineman than a corner back and have a primadonna.
    How about overpaying for TWO linemen, because in Mark Anderson you got the softest passrusher in the league. He was doing nothing until the Pats did everything in their power to open it up. And even then he was a “clean up” rusher, he got the sacks that were flushed in his direction from the other sides pressure. He did nothing at all in the first half of the season and then had the most inconsequential sacks on the team. There is a reason the Pats wouldn’t go over 3 million for him. He is a pure situational passrusher who has never set an edge in his life. Can’t tackle a running back, and can’t contain the sweep. You paid 3-down money for a 1-down player. Between him and Mario sucking up your cap room, its all or nothing this season.
    And most likely, it will be nothing. After all, it IS Toronto, er Buffalo, we are talking about, right?

  8. When did an average of 9 sacks a year become average de performance? To the Texans fans, you’re just pissed he’s moved on. It’s not his fault that the team went to a 3-4 scheme. He’s not built for that, most talented 4-3 ends aren’t .

    If he can get that 9-10 sacks a year, and keep pressure on Tom Brady, the Bills will have gotten what they needed.

    P.S. I don’t think he was worthy of that contract.

  9. Y’all know so little about my team that it’s hilarious.

    1. Mario and his fiancé loved Houston and she was becoming distraught during this season when the team was excelling WITHOUT Mario because she wanted to stay in Houston. So any random fan-Dom from Buffalo about Houston being bad to Mario is ridiculous and wrong. We hate Reggie Bush in Houston, you idiot.

    2. We couldn’t afford Mario and we knew it from the start. Mario going to Buffalo for $100 million was the BEST Case scenario because he goes to a trash team for a price we were NEVER going to pay.

    3. Wade has a system defense, Mario’s upside didn’t fit our system. So a guy with 75% of Mario’s talent, can produce 95% of his results for $90 million less.

    Bills fan, why do you think the Texans are bitter or care about your team? Good luck with Mario, he is a good character guy. We just don’t need him and definitely not for that absurd price.

  10. As a Texans fan, I can assure all of you outside of Houston the following, no one hear hated Mario, but no one here will miss him either, good luck Buffalo, can’t wait to play ya’ll this year

  11. Lastly, as a true Texans fan, I listened to Wade Phillips comment on how the team was interested in moving up to secure Whitney Mercilus because the grade Phillips and his staff gave to Whitney was higher than all the measurables they had on Brooks Reed last year.

    Simply put, Wade Phillips sees more talent and potential in Whitney Mercilus than Brooks Reed and we all saw what he did with Brooks Reed & Barwin last season. I can’t wait to see the production from these 3 OLBs.

    So basically the Bills spent $100 million to fill the GAP of not having a true SYSTEM.

    Your DBs will save your season though, I like that group of corners.

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