Courtney Upshaw: You can’t replace Terrell Suggs

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When the Ravens lost linebacker Terrell Suggs to an Achilles tendon injury, they were considering themselves lucky that they drafted Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw the day before Suggs got hurt.

But that doesn’t mean Upshaw sees himself as Suggs’ replacement. Upshaw doesn’t think anyone can replace Suggs.

“The coaches told me to come out here this mini-camp and learn the defense, come out here and compete,” Upshaw told Ian Rapoport of “Honestly, speaking on Suggs, there’s only one Suggs. You can’t replace Suggs. Everybody’s got to come in as a team. The veteran leadership on this team is not going to allow slacking on my part or anybody else’s. Everybody’s gotta step up.”

Upshaw is right, of course, that no one can replace everything Suggs does in the Ravens’ defense. Suggs wasn’t named Defensive Player of the Year last season because he’s expendable.

But the Ravens, who are optimistic that Suggs will play at some point during the 2012 season, got a rookie who has many of the same skills that Suggs brings to the table when they drafted Upshaw.

17 responses to “Courtney Upshaw: You can’t replace Terrell Suggs

  1. “But the Ravens, who are optimistic that Suggs will play at some point during the 2012 season, got a rookie who has many of the same skills that Suggs brings to the table when they drafted Upshaw.”

    Except he doesn’t. He was drafted as a run stopper, similar to Jarrett Johnson.

  2. What happened to the OLB they took a few years ago, S. Kindle? Oh wait he is a bust already.

    Why do guys like Newsome and the Cheat always get a pass on their poor drafting? They live on rep like 1/2 the pro-bowl squads.

  3. Anyone else shocked that a rookie is unsure if he can replace the AFC defensive player of the year after one minicamp?

  4. How can you call Sergio Kindle a bust when he has barely played yet? He fractured his skull as a rookie before training camp. This is his first full year and hes healthy so now we can see what he can do. Also Ravens are one of the best drafting teams in the NFL you idiot.

  5. KenOwest your an idiot. Sergio was mot a bust he fell down stairs and was hurt before he started. The ravens are a class act. Everybody looses but look at the ravens starter on defense. Reed McLean ngata Cody Webb Wilson Suggs Lewis all draft picks and starters. Upshaw krueger McClellan all backups not bad drafting. Won’t go over offense which is full d draft starters also

  6. Your an idiot who just wishes your G.M was half as reliable as Newsome. Like everyone has already said he got hurt, and is now back to full strength……and to be honest coud win DROY because he is that talented. Go learn your stuff moron

  7. All you Ratbird fans jumping up to defend Kindle, please read some of your own local papers. He didn’t just ‘fall down the stairs’, he has a history of alcohol problems (DUI in 2006, DWI in 2007) and fell down the stairs DRUNK after partying with friends. He has since been arrested yet again for DWI (2010).

    Look, I hope the guy turns his life around and can be a good football player and role model, but there’s no point in acting like this poor guy is just a victim of bad fate. He’s made some very poor CHOICES in his life and he’s had to suffer the consequences.

  8. Kid better put a little more muscle on those arms. Look more like sausages right now.

  9. Injury isnt a defense against a player being a bust. Someone drafted in the second round 2 years ago should have made a tackle by now. Regardless of the reason, that says bust.

    How about Michael Oher? The guy cant even play the position that made him famous. Last time I checked great GMs (i.e. Newsome) dont spend first round draft picks on RTs.

    As for Upshaw, of course he cant replace Suggs. Theres a reason he fell to the second round and everyone saying the Ravens “coveted” this guy, you dont trade down hoping a player that you covet drops to you in the second. Everyone they wanted was taken so they traded back and got a good second round player plus an extra pick. Stop acting like Newsome is Kevin Colbert or something, because hes not. Sorry.

  10. @Steeley McBeam

    Ted Thompson has drafted 2 RT’s in the first round is back to back years, he’s by far a better GM than Colbert. As for Oher, he may not be an elite LT, he was the 23rd pick after all, but he’s still far better than any lineman currently on the steelers. Maybe your team should draft a tackle who can actually play somewhere so Ben isn’t getting hit every single play.

  11. @Steeley McBeam

    Once again the Steeler troll at it again. Listen up child, Steelers were swept. In case you can’t comprehend, your team could not manage a single win vs my Ravens. Your playoff game? Wow, so much for that defense. Do you know what a backup QB is? That’s the guy who carries the clipboard. Yup, he’s also the guy who is consistently criticized as a sub-par QB but hey, he managed to look pretty awesome vs your team. One and done. Do you know what that means? It means your team wasn’t even worthy of a playoff spot. Just a small blip in the pool of the true elite teams. Well get I hope you enjoyed it. Steelers won’t even make the playoffs next year. How old is that defense? How many contracts have been restructured on the company credit card? It’s sad. The fans of this team can’t even come to the realization that in 2 years, half their players will be cut due to cap casualties. Keep drinking that steel reserve, I hear it does wonders for intelligence.

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